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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some days...

Some days just drag on. There was nothing particular to accomplish today, aside from the usual dishes/laundry/ kids maintenance. Yet I feel exhausted. I am pretty sure Logan didn't stop talking for 14 hours strait today. No, I am definitely sure. You know when you go to a loud concert or a dining hall that echos real bad, then your ears ring for hours after all the noise and chatter goes away? That's how I feel. Maybe its just because I've been trying very hard to pay attention to what he is talking about so I don't miss anything important. Mostly because of something I read on THIS POST from one of my favorite blogs ever. Its about listening to your kids and trying not to zone out on auto pilot.

 Well, that's what I've done for a couple days now and and here's what I have learned. It turns out that roughly 10% of what my 6yr old says is legitimate questions that need answering, 5% is needing help with a task or asking for food, 5% is REALLY funny observations/conversations. 5% is explaining something in painfully accurate detail (usually about one of his inventions) 75% is nonsense jabbering. Its the jabbering that gets me. Just talking to talk, nonstop for hours on end. Loopy said that  is the Styf in him. And he's right. Wroblewski's just don't talk much. 
To you and me, its a Frisbee, to Logan its a flying disk with super powers
and a special name, and a 2 hour explanation.
A Logan invention. You thought the Frisbee was complicated!?
Go ahead, ask what this is and how it works. Bring a comfy chair. 

I also tried to listen to what Kendal says. This is what I have learned. 5% is begging for candy, milk, sprinkle cookies or marshmallows. (we are trying to cut back on bottles, we'll discuss that another time) 5% is needing help with a task or telling me she's not hungry. 5% is telling me in broken English/toddler about something that happened moments, days, or weeks ago. 10% is repeating what everyone else just said. 75% is not English at all, but excited nearly words that make no sense to anyone but her toy elephant.(who agrees with her MOST of the time)
When she is quiet, its usually when she is doing something she isn't supposed to, Like turning everything on the counter into "A CASTLE, TADA!!"
What castle, mom? I don't know what you're talking about!

Yeah... it was me!

I'll post something more interesting next time. My ears are still ringing and I need some wine. Night all!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love reading your observations about your kiddos and family life. Sounds like Logan and Kendall give you some good material to work with! I'm glad you can still make me laugh, even from afar. Love you!