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Friday, August 10, 2012

Recap of the week

The last couple days have been a sort of miracle.

Both kids are shockingly well behaved and polite. Even Logan has had minimal meltdowns. This can't be the kid who freaked out so bad at his check up last month that the Doctor asked me if Logan has "issues with anxiety". We successfully went to Target, the library, and grocery shopping without incident. Kendal requested blueberries at Publix then ate the whole pint. This happened last year and she quickly went back to eating only sausage, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. I have to go to the store later to get more blueberries and hope for the best I suppose.

Right now they are taking turns in the pool practicing their Olympic dives. The water is about 18 inches deep in the kiddie pool and Logan has his new boogie board in there with him. Keep in mind the pool is about 5'x3', so its a tight fit.

Kendal's specialty move involves an angry bird launcher that is intended for little 2 inch toys on top of a stool. She yells KENDAL BALL and launches herself with gusto. She doesn't do ANYTHING half ass. I hope this is a personality trait that sticks with her.

Logan's specialty is the cannon ball onto the boogie board.

By the way, its raining.

I haven't written in a couple days but here's what you've missed. 

Monday 11pm

Logan is in his room singing Final Countdown at the top of his lungs. WTH, seriously child, go to sleep. I don't have a picture of that. But here is a picture of the "Jam room" after practice. At one point last week Logan told me he's turning his amp to 11 and rockin out with the window open. Sorry neighbors. Every time he starts drumming Kendal comes running from across the house to watch with all her stuff. (Today its 3 dinosaurs, 2 giraffes, 2 elephants and a goat) She jumps and cheers the whole time. Tonight's concert is mostly cowbell. I gotta feeva!!
So much for that nice clean room from last week, huh?


8:30 at night and the Logan Combo is setting up for band practice. I'll get the wine... and maybe the video camera. Loopy got some new equipment and he's a little excited. He's been practicing hard all week to get better at singing/drumming at the same time. As you can see, we've moved the jam room to Logan's bedroom and the Previously clean bedrooms aren't so clean anymore.

Take 1

Take 2

And then it got a little crazy. Turn down your sound. (video was processing when I posted this, check back later if its still not working)


There is a torrential downpour outside and Kendal just asked if she can go swinging. No, babe, not right now.

Logan spent the afternoon fashioning a new sort of tool bench using lots of tape. MAN he loves scotch tape!

Next Week...

This next week will be pretty hectic. Tomorrow Logan has 1st grade orientation and we meet his new teacher. Monday we are heading to the zoo with some friends. Tuesday me and Loopy are going to a Jason Mraz concert in Tampa and spending the night there. ALONE. (I am crazy excited about this!) Wednesday we are putting the kids to bed early because Thursday IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Although the kids have been amazing this week I am SO ready for this. Me and Kendal miss our mornings snuggled in bed snoozing and talking about what to do while Logan is off getting smarter. 

She doesn't know this yet, but we are also gonna start potty training next month. I've been lazy and she hasn't been all that excited to start, but I think its time. Please leave all potty-training-hard-headed-toddler advise below. Logan was way easy. It happened like this when he was 2 1/2:

Logan: Mom, we need a talk (this means pay attention, its serious)
Me: Ok, what's up?
Logan: I'm done with my diapers, I'm a big kid now.
Me: Alright, wanna go buy some underwear and a potty?
Logan: Ok Mom, lets get rid of these diapers! (proceeds to throw them ALL in the trash)
(you know how I told you he was an early talker? Yeah, he also planned his 2nd b-day party, too)
We never looked back. I don't think this will be the case for Kendal. Stay tuned for all the fun details on THAT matter! 

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