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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wroblewski Family Jam Night

You never know what you'll come home to around here

Tonight I went out for some shopping and coffee therapy with my friend Michelle. (Because my husband is awesome and knows it's necessary) When I got home everyone was in a really good mood (this isn't rare, but well.. yes it is) They were all very excited to tell me about the rock concert that I had missed. While I was away for some quiet time they turned our playroom into a jam room. We are a very musical family and there is always someone playing guitar, banging drums, or singing. I'm all about it and it makes me smile (almost) every time. Loopy has been in bands since I've known him. (except these last few years, that might change soon though) His rig is impressive to a non-musician like myself. To see it in the play room is shocking at first, but I'm glad they had a great time. Lucky for us, they made a few movies!By the way, he's an awesome dad! Enjoy.

Its hard to get a 6yr old and 3yr old ready for rehearsal. See what I mean? Props for the patience, dad!!

I like this next one the best because the kids are really into it but Loopy isn't in the shot. :( Kendal was way excited that she knew the words..

And the final take was Loopy's favorite. Kendal gave up and laid down on the floor. Being a backup singer makes her "reeedy reeedy tired"

They have a couple other songs in the works.. I'll try to keep you up to date on their progress.

Monday, July 30, 2012

A little free style writing. By Logan

Mario Bros

This one time in a magical land called Mario Land there were two friends named Mario and Luigi. Their favorite thing to do was fighting Bowser because he is a king coopa and coopa’s are mean! They are on the red team. One day on the way to fight Bowser they found Toad. Toad is a mushroom head and he’s nice and he is very funny whenever he is on games. Toad went with Mario and Luigi. Then out of nowhere jumped a GOOMBA! The Goomba almost jumped on Mario and Luigi and once he got down on the ground Mario and Luigi jumped right on him and kicked him right to the ground.  After defeating the Goomba they went on to go find Bowser. When they found him he didn’t see them coming because they were sneaking there and they actually sneaked up behind him at his back door. Bowser said RRROAAARRR!! Luigi said hahahha we GOT you! And then Mario said hahaha we found you and we snuck up on you. Toad said quit messing around and lets show this Bowser what we’ve got to get him.


Chapter 2

Mario and Luigi.

After Mario and Luigi got Bowser they took him back to Mario and Luigi’s house and then they really defeated him because he was about to kill them. Before he did that they had to tie him up with chocolate because Bowser loves chocolate and then he ate the chocolate and it was on a mouse trap. Then it smacked him right in the face! And then he’s dead. And so then King Koopa never came back again. So Mario, Luigi, and Toad decided to have a party and went to the park. They had the party at the park. Then Mario Luigi and Toad ate some food and after Toad ate all his food he went to play on the playground. At the playground had slides, a pole, and a pond which is very beautiful. There is also a bridge that is very wobbly. The same thing toad did was what Mario and Luigi did.


Saturday, July 28, 2012



There are some things that you just can't put a price on. Like standing next to a friend of 25 years and watching your kids play together and read stories to each other at bed time. That is what we did the last couple days and it was awesome. 

Me and Caitlyn really have been buddies for a 25 years. Living pretty much on opposite ends of the country doesn't phase us much. Caitlyn, her hubby Joe, and adorable little man Noah (4yrs old) are on a cross country road trip from CO and stopped here to enjoy time OUT of the car for a day. We thought what better way to stretch your legs than to blow up a giant ass water slide in the back yard! It is impossible to NOT have fun on this thing. Here's some pictures...

 Joe was a trooper keeping the kids entertained. I was tired just watching him splash around and toss kids like pillows. Everyone eventually got tired and grouchy. So to prove that our husbands are the most awesome in the world, here's a picture of them cooking us dinner. Seafood boil anyone?!
Loopy was thrilled to have a prep cook!

After dinner we lounged on the couch and got ready for the Olympics opening ceremony.. (which we can all agree was just plain weird)

Last night after the weird ceremony (although the kids were stoked to see Mr. Bean)  it was time for stories and bed. Everyone was exhausted from 7 hours on the big slide. Both Logan and Noah love anything to do with outer space, so Logan decided to read Noah a bedtime story. This might have been the cutest thing EVER. Noah kept chiming in with facts that he knows and Logan was getting frustrated and losing his place in the book. He was trying so hard to be nice to Noah, who just wanted to impress Logan right back with awesome facts about Jupiter and Mercury. At one point Noah was petting Logan's head and nuzzling him with 'Baby Jaguar". I loved it!

All the kid-bickering aside it was a good time. They were best friends again this morning. Only arguing about whether Noah's new truck is really a truck or not. Logan said no cause it doesn't have a cab and bed. Noah said yes because he really wanted to get a white truck for the road trip, and he did. Logan is a little neurotic  about stuff like that. Poor Noah. But this morning they were buddies and Logan made him toast for breakfast. 
Aren't they cute!?
Logan: I have a song I wrote for you. Wanna hear it?
Noah: YEAH!! OK!
Logan: Who built the ark? YOU did YOU did.
           Who built the ark? YOU DID!
           YOU built the ark!
Noah: Oh, man.. This again. Yeah. I know, I get it. I'm Noah.

Maybe he is sick of being compared to the guy with the flooding problems...

And of coarse here's the proud mamas. 
Aren't we cute?
We were sad to see them go so soon, but the thing about long time buddies is that next year we'll just pick up where we left off.

Leftover fun

Since the slide was still outside we decided to blow it up again. Why not, right? Plus Kendal was all about it and she had no interest yesterday. 
SO excited
Giraffes in the pool...

Logan wanted you all to see a video of his most awesome trick. And Kendal was just plain giddy to be in water. So here you go. 

Then Kendal did this for a while. Which is hilarious every time.
That's all for now folks! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lost Quotes

From 2009

March 21

Logan is "ring bringer" in a wedding today. I hope this goes well.
Practicing his strut

The real deal! 

He was pretty sure he married this girl that day
My dance partner, I was 8 mo preggo

2 awesome people who deserve to be happily ever after.

August 30
Fed Kendal cereal for the first time tonight. she was mad because I was too slow. Then took the spoon and fed herself. I don't think this kid's gonna be a follower...

August 20

Success!! Fed her a bottle and put her in the swing. aaah, peace and quiet for a minute while Loopy teaches Logan about tube amps, cables, peddle boards and how to restring a guitar.
This isn't video from THAT day, but I like it and its music. Here you go. 

September 21

How does Kendal know when I am about to sit down to eat? She wakes up EVERY time. And Logan ate 2 corn dogs and doritos. I guess his appetite is back.

September 27

Logan asked if he can work to make money for "a truck with a trailor that has a boat on it from walgreens"... is 3 too young for allowance?

December 21

Watching Kendal eat stuff off the floor. I think they are pieces of golfish and she really seems to love them.

December 27

Its been snowing non-stop for 3 days. Logan is in heaven with snow pants and coats and gloves and boots.... I am SO cold that my goosbumps are tired.

From 2010

October 1

Logan told me this morning that it was cooler outside today because he left the door open too long yesterday and he let the air conditioning out. He is shocked that it REALLY does get cold outside when he leaves the door open. I hope this doesn't backfire when it gets hot again.

October 19

This morning Logan asked me if he can wear the same shirt every year for picture day until he graduates high school. "That way everyone will REALLY see how much I've grown."

October 29

Both these kids are so tweaked on sugar!! Logan took a shower (thats new) and Kendal jumped off the ottoman, bounced off the back of the couch and smacked her face on the wall. (not new) She laughed, signed hurt, head, wall then did it again to demonstrate.

November 5

Logan: I have good news and bad news.
Me: What's the good news?
Logan: We have a door.
Me: The bad news?
Logan: We don't have a rainbow and I like rainbows.

November 6

I need to get Kendal a pull toy. She is dragging the old bottle warmer around the house by the cord.

November 8

Note to self, buy Kendal more grippy socks. Florida kids don't know how to walk on slippery floors without them. And its pretty dang funny to watch.

November 14

Fun time at the beach with Logan's buddy Sean. Then we went on a "date" to steak n shake. He even opened doors for me. When we left he said "I sure miss Kendal when she's not here, but sometimes its nice to be with just my mom." My little man is SO sweet.

November 16

Kendal fell off daddy's amp. Fat bloody lip and it didn't phase her. She signed hurt, let me clean her up, said 'all done' and went on her way. Seriously, blood everywhere.

November 19

Logan is watching Pippi Longstocking. She made her grand entrance whistleing away on a polka dot horse, wearing huge clown size shoes, braids sticking out, monkey on her shoulder ect.. Logan said "WHAT!? are you kidding me? That kid knows how to whistle??"

November 22

Kendal is sitting on the kitchen table. Seems pointless to take her down since she'll be back up there in seconds. She is pretending to poor ketchup into a candle (not lit)

November 25

Every year Logan names our turkey. When he was 2yrs old its name was Gobbler. When he was 3yrs old its name was Jesus. This year the turkey is named Butter. That's right, Butter the Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

December 1

Logan cried for 1/2 hour that he didn't want jelly on his sandwich. (he asked for peanut butter and jelly) So Loopy told him the Jelly is power up and will give him super speed energy. Worked like a charm.

December 3

Logan told me I can't take a nap. I should drink coffee instead. So I guess that's what I'll do. *sigh.

From 2011 (in no particular order)

April 15

So, 99% of the time my kids dont like to be together. Since they have been so close these last few days, they have shared croup with eachother. Yay for that. I have a house full of heavy breathing barking seals. Anyone have an extra humidifier?

April 12

I learned two things last week. 1) Holding Kendal in a restaurant while trying to eat is like holding an angry cat while trying to eat. 2) My daughter will dip anything in syrup, including dried chocolate covered cranberries

April 5

Kendal has a notebook full of grievances. If you make her mad she 'writes' it down in one of her many notebooks. So far today is is upset about getting a bath and Logan not letting her watch Tinkerbell.

April 5

Logan: Making fresh sqeezed orange juice is like milking an Orange!

March 30

Kendal is drinking milk out of a shot glass and chasing it with juice from a sippy cup. she's hardcore.


March 25

Logan: I wish i was in puberty.
Me: Why?
Logan: So I can make armpit farts.

March 24

Logan: Mom, I'm pregnant
Me: Oh yeah? Anything else you need to tell me?
Logan: Yes, I am allergic to sawdust.

March 6

Just made puppy chow with the kids. I will regret this in about 10min.

10 Minutes Later:

February 11

Sooo, there is cartoon on netflix instant watch. It is called Happy Tree Friends or something like that... THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW!!! Whoops. My 4yr old might be scarred. Shoulda read the description on that one! Or perhaps looked at the rating. So THATS what TV-MA means. Parent Fail.

February 3

Logan: If I was a dollar, someone would find me and put me in a cash register.

January 27

Logan informed me that today is Elerphant's 4yr old Birthday. That's his favorite stuffed animal he's had for a long time. Our house is decorated and brownies are in the oven and guests are here (Scarey the Snake, Black Sheep and Shelly the Turtle) Happy Birthday Elerphant!!

January 19

Kendal chugged my cup of coffee when I was in the bathroom. She's a little tweeked right now. Yikes.
Here she is making her own coffee.

January 7

Kendal has started using a fork to comb her hair. Thanks Little Mermaid. Logan said "Kendal, its a fork, not a dinglehopper!"

January 6

Logan got an award on his Leapster Explorer. He was so excited and said "A major award!? Is it a leg lamp!?" I love this kid.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just another day in the life

Just another day in the life

I wasn't going to write anything today because it wasn't all that exciting. I cleaned the kids rooms.. that's an undertaking. The problem with cleaning a kid's room is that they find everything they've been looking for and its no longer put away. I even got them clean enough to vacuum. I took pictures for proof that it was done at one point
Kendal modeling the toy room
Kendal's room
Logan's room

 I will update these photos in a couple days so you can see how fast this gets trashed. It is remarkable really. Here's the thing though. Its THEIR room. I will really clean it up every so often to vacuum, but if they want to spend the day digging and walking on things, that's fine by me. I'll help anytime they ask but for the most part, its your space, you deal with it. They do get crazy rowdy when the rooms are clean though.
Dance party on the bed
Jumping off something tall onto something hard

The real reasons I cleaned up a bit is because A)one of my bestest childhood friends is on her way here from CO. Her and her hubby have a wedding to hit in Jacksonville (an hour north of here) and they are crashing for a night or two at our place. I know she doesn't care if my house is clean or not but it really was bad. And B) I got a Dyson on Ebay for really cheap and wanted to see how much dirt it would clean up compared to my old one. The results were both amazing and disgusting at the same time. Seriously.

While I was doing all the cleaning the kids were doing this:
Elephant, Giraffe and a boot, no good can come of this.
He got a new astronaut costume "this is how they prepare to take off, Mom"
At least they were keeping themselves busy. Logan was also practicing his drumming. Here is a video. He wants you all to know that he lost his count in a couple spots but tried to recover instead of panic.

Before I forget. Our dinner/date conversation:
Logan: If there is Oxygen in H2O why can't we breath under water?
Me: Because of the 2 Hydrogen atoms (I failed biology and never made it to chemistry)
Logan: But if they Hydrogen atoms were separated just a little maybe we could...
Me: Maybe...
Logan: What would happen to a drop of water in space? Would the atoms separate? Would it just become water vapor?
Me: I am not sure. I think it would freeze. 
Logan: When I get to space I'll find out and let you know.
Me: I honestly believe that you will and please do. This conversation is way over my head, dude.
Logan: Sorry Mom. I'm very curious.

Night everyone! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reason #154 I love my kids

Reason #154 I love my kids

One of the many reasons I love my kids is that they let me sleep in the morning. Both of them wake up around 8:30 after hubby leaves for work. What's more is that they entertain themselves for quite a while before coming to get me out of bed. I have made it so these kids can be self sufficient. There is a basket of healthy(ish) snacks in the pantry as well as cereal and bread where they can reach. Logan knows how to work the all the electronics so he turns on a movie for Kendal or plays games on the Wii while she tinkers around in the playroom. He also makes his own breakfast, which is awesome.We have more toys than we need so there is always something for them to do. 

Every 15 min or so a kid will come ask me a random question. Kendal usually needs her apple juice and cereal or can't find a particular toy. I'll get up for that, but they tell me to go back and lay down. OK!  Logan might need help opening his granola bar. Stuff like that. But for the most part, I am happily snoozing the morning away somewhere between dreamland and listening for a crying kid. From time to time the kids will try to take advantage of my 1/2 asleep self. 

For instance. Logan knows that I won't say no to a granola bar or toast, so he doesn't wake me up for that. This morning he came in and asked if he could have Oreos for breakfast. He knows what the answer will be but just MAYBE I'll say yes and he won't get in trouble when I find the wrapper. Sometimes I say yes so that he keeps asking and doesn't try to get sneaky. This is key.

Kendal tries this too. This morning she was hoping for sprinkle cookies and candy for breakfast. I told her no. Since she is 3 and has no self control, those are on the top shelf and she can't get them even when stacking chairs (she tried). This morning she caught me off guard with this one.

Kendal: Mom, I like some fire please
Me: Fire?
Kendal: Yes. Put it in kitchen. I like fire. 
Me: Why? What are you going to do with fire? 
Kendal: /Shrug. Never mind mom. I go play circus with my elephant. 
Me: Good idea. 

They think its a privilege to make the coffee and fight over who gets to help me. When we sit down on the floor to play cars, dinosaurs, or a game they make sure I remember to bring my coffee cup with me. Ok, that was a few reasons why I love my kids.. but he's another one. 

From Logan

"This is my jingletar, Its really mellow and very jingly. I decorated it with 2 happy faces and 2 hearts and 2 lightening bolts and 9 ruby reds. It should be in Operas because Operas are pretty mellow bands. This is what it sounds like (jingle jingle) Ya got all that? Mom would be my date to the Opera (who's name is Kara Wroblewski) Ok that's all." 
I don't have plans to hit the opera anytime soon, but we are going on a date tomorrow for dinner and school supplies. I'll bring a camera. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Epic Birthday Weekend

My kids are half Syf

This means that half the time when we go somewhere something crazy will happen. Not everywhere, but most places. This observation was also true this weekend. We weren't going to be ritzy (obviously) we were trying to have a good time without spending a ton of money. (my bank account says "FAIL") But we had a great time and the kids will have something to remember.. or block out.

1st Stop: Cracker Barrel (all the way to Ormond Beach, 20min away)

Cause you have to even on a short road trip. Or at least we do. This went off without a hitch. Kids found a couple little fidget toys for less than $4 in the store to keep them occupied. Both are little robot guys and they went everywhere we went. 
Kendal getting ready to jump off something tall onto something hard

2nd Stop: Wonderworks 

I-Drive. This is normal here.

I have always driven by and just glanced at it. This was a sort of landmark before we turned into the Marcado on family vacation as kids or perhaps my parents just didn't want to pay for all 6 of us to go to an arcade.. (I don't blame them, but its ok Mom, I had a coupon) Its more than just an arcade there's other stuff too.. Like this thing that makes your body disappear.

Being attacked by the robot

A piano floor, Bubble room, And space travel stuff, which Logan LOVED

The top floor had an arcade. This is where things got a little crazy. We don't travel with much cash, ever. So both kids got about 6 tokens each. Kendal won 3 tickets playing Wack a Mole and kiddie basketball. She had a BLAST and should not be trusted with a mallet.

 Logan found a machine that is sort of like the big wheel on Price is Right. It costed 4 quarters and being the Dutch mom that I am, I advised against this machine that will steal your money give you nothing. Being the gambler he is said BIG MONEY and spun that wheel. Then this happened:

Look MOM! I told you!!
Its still goin!
1000 tickets takes about 10 minutes to  feed out

There were sirens, bells, lights ect. He reveled in the awesomeness of winning more tickets than a 6yr old can hold. Until it was time to choose a prize. The only issue with having 1003 tickets to spend is that you can't afford the REALLY awesome stuff on the back wall, those take 2000-3000 tickets. He was rather disappointed with selection of stuffed animals in his price range and was not excited about getting 68 sticky hands, 20 bouncy balls and 5 sets of vampire teeth. That wasn't cool. So he had an epic meltdown due to indecisive-ness. After several attempts and a looong 1/2 hour of trying to calm him he left with nothing. Thou Shalt Not Be A Whiney Spoiled Child at Wonderworks. They should make a sign with that on the wall. We left with a printout of our ticket count, a sticky wall walker, jumping frog, and an Angry Bird toy for Kendal. She is obsessed with Angry Birds. On the way to the next stop we passed Fun Spot. They have one of those human slingshot things. She was so excited she tried frantically to get out of her seat. She said "I WILL DO THAT!! Yes, right now. Get in it and fly!" This girl has no fear.
Sure toddler, sign this waver and climb in!

3rd Stop: Ponderosa Steak House

Yup, keeping it classy! The highlight of this stop is that Kendal ate free. Which is good, cause all she had was 2 crackers, 3 bowls of Rice Crispies and 1 bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Roughly one bowl of Rice Crispies made it INTO her mouth. The rest hit the floor. I didn't have too much guilt, cause that is easy enough to sweep up, right? Until Kendal spilled her cup of strawberry lemonade on our seat. So the Crispies started to snap, crackle, and pop then melt to goo. The sugar from the Cinn Toast Crunch made a gritty sticky stubstance and my ass was SOAKED with all that mess stuck to it. Not Kendal, she eats standing up.. now I know why. I had to walk out to the car with my butt dripping wet. Its a buffet, so you have to walk ALLLL The way around the restaurant to find the exit. Awesome. I go to the car and get changed. Meanwhile, while Loopy is maintaining the kids inside Logan managed to spill HIS lemonade mostly just on his crotch. He got a change of pants too. I wonder what the other patrons were thinking of this wet butt family walking around the restaurant. Lesson for the evening, don't judge, you never know what is going on at the table next to you. Also, only accept a kids cup with a lid. 
After desert we went outside to run in circles. What else can you do after ice cream and sprinkles? I took pictures of that, but they were blurry. So here is a picture of the Fidget Robots waiting patiently on a bench.
Kendal's is "Robot" and Logan's is "Timber-Tron"

4th Stop: MOTEL 6!!!

The main event ladies and gents. He's waited a whole year (or so) for this. We got checked in by a very friendly staff. Joked with some folks in the lobby and made our way to the room. The place was completely booked up so thank God for reservations! Here's a couple pics from the party.

The party Guests.
Shelly, Pilly, Sheep,
And of coarse Elephant!

Everything was going as planned. we hung out, we watched some tv, the kids passed out, I read my nook for a while and dozed off. I have no idea what time it was, because there are no alarm clocks supplied at a Motel 6.
This is where things went downhill. Sometime well after 2am I woke up to the sound of a VERY angry hooker with a thick Jersey accent outside in the hall. At first I thought it was just some drunk lady mad at her boyfriend, cause that happens in any hotel. Then she started to tell him why she was mad at this man. I won't go into details, cause there is no age limit on this blog, From what I gather her John, which, ironically, was his name, (or at least what she called him when she wasn't calling him other hilarious names) Did not pay her for "Services Rendered". I know this because she listed them. Which was also pretty dang funny. This went on for the better part of an hour. (I am guessing. because, again, no clocks) I thought I was the only one awake, but I asked Loopy about it in the morning and he heard it too. The kids didn't mention it. So we just left it alone and packed up. 

5th Stop: Wet N Wild

After recovering from a mad case of the giggles over the previous nights shenanigans we arrived across the street at the water park. Got our tickets and found a couple chairs. (Rare find after 11am) They recently added a kid's section which was the main reason we went. (And the awesome FL discount) Its pretty much a castle with water slides, wading pools and water guns everywhere. As soon as we got there Logan was lotion-ed and disappeared into the chaos. After a little warming up to the place Kendal was fearless and took multiple water cannons to the face and didn't have any problems going down the big slides alone. We didn't bring in the camera, but this is what I'm talking about.

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. About 1/2 way through the day Loopy started to panic because he's a red head who once got REALLY burned at Wet n Wild on a class trip. I give him credit for getting over that fear. It's a legitimate one. He got a UV proof shirt and some SPF 5000 sunblock. He even felt good enough to take Logan on a ride with a giant raft big enough for 6 people. Logan isn't the most brave child in the world, I can't believe he did it! Yay for overcoming fears. 

There's other awesome stuff that happened this weekend, but I am SO ready to sleep on my own bed without a 3yr old sideways on my pillow. And of coarse without being woken up by pissed off hookers outside my door. 

Thanks for reading Ya'll!!