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Monday, July 30, 2012

A little free style writing. By Logan

Mario Bros

This one time in a magical land called Mario Land there were two friends named Mario and Luigi. Their favorite thing to do was fighting Bowser because he is a king coopa and coopa’s are mean! They are on the red team. One day on the way to fight Bowser they found Toad. Toad is a mushroom head and he’s nice and he is very funny whenever he is on games. Toad went with Mario and Luigi. Then out of nowhere jumped a GOOMBA! The Goomba almost jumped on Mario and Luigi and once he got down on the ground Mario and Luigi jumped right on him and kicked him right to the ground.  After defeating the Goomba they went on to go find Bowser. When they found him he didn’t see them coming because they were sneaking there and they actually sneaked up behind him at his back door. Bowser said RRROAAARRR!! Luigi said hahahha we GOT you! And then Mario said hahaha we found you and we snuck up on you. Toad said quit messing around and lets show this Bowser what we’ve got to get him.


Chapter 2

Mario and Luigi.

After Mario and Luigi got Bowser they took him back to Mario and Luigi’s house and then they really defeated him because he was about to kill them. Before he did that they had to tie him up with chocolate because Bowser loves chocolate and then he ate the chocolate and it was on a mouse trap. Then it smacked him right in the face! And then he’s dead. And so then King Koopa never came back again. So Mario, Luigi, and Toad decided to have a party and went to the park. They had the party at the park. Then Mario Luigi and Toad ate some food and after Toad ate all his food he went to play on the playground. At the playground had slides, a pole, and a pond which is very beautiful. There is also a bridge that is very wobbly. The same thing toad did was what Mario and Luigi did.


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  1. Nice story Logan! I like it when the good guys win.