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Saturday, July 28, 2012



There are some things that you just can't put a price on. Like standing next to a friend of 25 years and watching your kids play together and read stories to each other at bed time. That is what we did the last couple days and it was awesome. 

Me and Caitlyn really have been buddies for a 25 years. Living pretty much on opposite ends of the country doesn't phase us much. Caitlyn, her hubby Joe, and adorable little man Noah (4yrs old) are on a cross country road trip from CO and stopped here to enjoy time OUT of the car for a day. We thought what better way to stretch your legs than to blow up a giant ass water slide in the back yard! It is impossible to NOT have fun on this thing. Here's some pictures...

 Joe was a trooper keeping the kids entertained. I was tired just watching him splash around and toss kids like pillows. Everyone eventually got tired and grouchy. So to prove that our husbands are the most awesome in the world, here's a picture of them cooking us dinner. Seafood boil anyone?!
Loopy was thrilled to have a prep cook!

After dinner we lounged on the couch and got ready for the Olympics opening ceremony.. (which we can all agree was just plain weird)

Last night after the weird ceremony (although the kids were stoked to see Mr. Bean)  it was time for stories and bed. Everyone was exhausted from 7 hours on the big slide. Both Logan and Noah love anything to do with outer space, so Logan decided to read Noah a bedtime story. This might have been the cutest thing EVER. Noah kept chiming in with facts that he knows and Logan was getting frustrated and losing his place in the book. He was trying so hard to be nice to Noah, who just wanted to impress Logan right back with awesome facts about Jupiter and Mercury. At one point Noah was petting Logan's head and nuzzling him with 'Baby Jaguar". I loved it!

All the kid-bickering aside it was a good time. They were best friends again this morning. Only arguing about whether Noah's new truck is really a truck or not. Logan said no cause it doesn't have a cab and bed. Noah said yes because he really wanted to get a white truck for the road trip, and he did. Logan is a little neurotic  about stuff like that. Poor Noah. But this morning they were buddies and Logan made him toast for breakfast. 
Aren't they cute!?
Logan: I have a song I wrote for you. Wanna hear it?
Noah: YEAH!! OK!
Logan: Who built the ark? YOU did YOU did.
           Who built the ark? YOU DID!
           YOU built the ark!
Noah: Oh, man.. This again. Yeah. I know, I get it. I'm Noah.

Maybe he is sick of being compared to the guy with the flooding problems...

And of coarse here's the proud mamas. 
Aren't we cute?
We were sad to see them go so soon, but the thing about long time buddies is that next year we'll just pick up where we left off.

Leftover fun

Since the slide was still outside we decided to blow it up again. Why not, right? Plus Kendal was all about it and she had no interest yesterday. 
SO excited
Giraffes in the pool...

Logan wanted you all to see a video of his most awesome trick. And Kendal was just plain giddy to be in water. So here you go. 

Then Kendal did this for a while. Which is hilarious every time.
That's all for now folks! :)

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