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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wroblewski Family Jam Night

You never know what you'll come home to around here

Tonight I went out for some shopping and coffee therapy with my friend Michelle. (Because my husband is awesome and knows it's necessary) When I got home everyone was in a really good mood (this isn't rare, but well.. yes it is) They were all very excited to tell me about the rock concert that I had missed. While I was away for some quiet time they turned our playroom into a jam room. We are a very musical family and there is always someone playing guitar, banging drums, or singing. I'm all about it and it makes me smile (almost) every time. Loopy has been in bands since I've known him. (except these last few years, that might change soon though) His rig is impressive to a non-musician like myself. To see it in the play room is shocking at first, but I'm glad they had a great time. Lucky for us, they made a few movies!By the way, he's an awesome dad! Enjoy.

Its hard to get a 6yr old and 3yr old ready for rehearsal. See what I mean? Props for the patience, dad!!

I like this next one the best because the kids are really into it but Loopy isn't in the shot. :( Kendal was way excited that she knew the words..

And the final take was Loopy's favorite. Kendal gave up and laid down on the floor. Being a backup singer makes her "reeedy reeedy tired"

They have a couple other songs in the works.. I'll try to keep you up to date on their progress.

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