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Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012 more birthday shenanigans 

Let me start by saying that Logan did indeed get his personal business checked yesterday. It shouldn't have been nearly that traumatic but the Dr is very affectionate (in a non-creepy way) and that was the icing on the proverbial birthday cake, he was freaked out. This will probably be discussed in therapy some day. He also had his ears checked, which are fine. He really does have selective hearing, I have proof. His eyes are just fine too, which is shocking because both me and his dad got glasses in 1st grade because we can't see for shit.

Favorite present: new magic wand. He has been casting spells on us all day. Confundus and Stupefy are his favorite. I have spent my day confused about why I am stiff and a board. 

Other favorite present: A Nerf Machine gun. Here is a demonstration:

Most expensive present: Electric drum set. This was as much for Loopy as for Logan I think. And for me, because he has always wanted drums and these can use headphones. Yay for that. 

Growing up we went out for dinner on our birthday. So I asked Logan what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner. He said. "MAC N CHEESE OUT OF THE PAN!!"  Awesome, cheap, easy.... done.

Yes, he just turned 6, yes that is a #5 candle. Round here we improvise. No #6 candles at Publix, that's cool, we'll just tell Logan it's because we are celebrating making it through 5yrs. He totally bought it and its Totally true. Who knew I could keep a human alive for 5 WHOLE years!?

Tomorrow we head to the Motel 6. That's the part he's REALLY excited about. Weirdo.

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