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Monday, August 19, 2013

Grown-ups love shenanigans too!


I left a couple events out of the other summer related blogs. A couple times this summer we might have gotten into some adult related shenanigans that involved copious amounts of alcohol, parties, and/or concerts. All were done reasonably responsibly, so don't go getting all judgey on us grown ups who need a break a couple times a year. Our kids were taken care of by other responsible babysitters/ husbands/ first aid trained teenagers at the time. We had a DD in all events documented herein. You all know I don't like judgey so if you are going to make that face (mom) just pretend you don't see this. 

Nissa's Party

My beautiful hilarious friend Nissa was having a little get together to celebrate her birthday and overcoming some serious health stuff. This is her sweet 16 party. As in 16 years since her doctor said she wouldn't be alive. So Happy Birthday Woman!! We love you! 

She had been planning it for a year or so and it involved decorations, themes, and a fantastic desert table. Most of which I didn't  remember to document. I blame all that dang wine. Luckily someone else took some good ones. 

This is what it looked like before we ate everything on the desert table... 

Loopy, Me, Luci, Mark, and Bag o' Wine

BYOB, with class.

We brought a couple bottles of wine as requested. But NOONE thought bring a wine opener. We tried to be classy and not drink the twist off stuff. Terrible idea. Luckily we brought Mark. Mr. Ingenuity, the Macgyver of parties and hermetically sealed beverages. Instead of a paper clip and bubble gum it was car keys and a plastic spoon. So resourceful. 

Things escalated pretty quickly. 

When you look closely at the walls there are some shapes carved out of stone and built into the decor. This one was nice.. But then we started to look around and notice some other shapes.. By then we were a couple bottles into shenanigans.... 

This is the butt wall. I like big butts. I cannot lie.

Now for the rest of the pictures you can't unsee the giant ass on the wall. You're welcome. 

There was also a penis on the opposite wall, but none of those pictures came out so well. again, you're welcome. 

Moving on.

Everyone has a story to tell
All stories are better
after 3 bottles of wine

And these shwetty balls

Hey, there's an ass behind you
One does not simply
drink moderately

Uncontrollable giggles

Attempting a decent picture of us..

Then my phone started taking random pictures on its own because it recognizes the word "Cheese" or anything similar.  This one wasn't as bad as the others...

My cupcake was tasty.

So I shared it with Nissa

Then there was some dancing.. Luci only dances in chairs, which is pretty much the most awesome thing I've ever seen, but the video won't post here. So use your imagination.

Didn't get in on the conga line,
but it was impressive
Sir Mix a lot also likes
big butts. 

Some sort of air guitar thing... 
The Robot.

You know when you're out drinking and you sit down with a good friend (after copious amounts of wine) and you feel compelled to express your love for each other? Yeah.. I don't but Luci does. Loopy had my camera to document our 'moment'  I really do love Luci.. Clearly.

Luci: Have I ever told you how musch you mean to me? I mean it, bitsh,  I really looooove you, man.

Me: I love you too.

Luci: No, realllly. I jusht could kiss you

Me: ok...


We had a moment.

Then we got another mad case of the giggles

That's my girl

I guess you had to be there, but these pictures still crack me up.

Nissa was still speaking to us by the end of the party.. so that's good.

She got some love too 

We helped put away tables and chairs afterwards. When I came out of the bathroom Mark was on the floor doing the worm. 

This happened to be the same night that the verdict for the Trayvon Martin trial was wrapped up. I didn't follow this at all because its not my thing. I don't do over publicized court stuff with excessive drama and speculation. But Mark was ALL about it and made an annoncement (after the worm)

On the way home we stopped at the bank and my most awesome buddy here was hanging out the window yelling 

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. 

Concert Shenanigans and vanginas

We are HUGE concert junkies. Live music makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. We've seen everyone from The Doors to The Dead including but not limited to Alice in Chains, Black Crowes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, Jason Mraz, Poison,  Cypress Hill, Slightly Stoopid, Further.... you get the idea. This summer we gathered a crew and got tickets to see Sublime with Rome. I've seen them around 4 times now and they are still amazing. Our plan was to drop the kids off at Adriana's, meet at Luci's house or "home base" and carpool in Christine's mini-van. Its no limo, but we all fit!

Christine, Me, Luci, Heather, and Heather

We met up with another mini-van full of people to do some tailgating. 

Then the rains came. We tried to tough it out with umbrellas and actual tailgates. 

There was a sort of flooding situation

We were forced to retreat to the mini vans for cover...

 Luckily we had ample amounts of tequila and beers to sustain us until the doors opened or the rain let up.

Because I am also a known facebook junkie and status updater, I thought I'd let the world know what was going on... This is a really bad combination of booze, and autocorrect.. but mostly autocorrect.

Yeah... I might never live that one down. My phone has turrets. 

After a failed attempt at clearing that mess up it was time for the concert. The rain was starting to let up but there are no umbrellas allowed inside or paddle boats provided. We'd have to wade through it. 

I was surprised to find out that Julian Marley was one of the opening acts. He looks and acts JUST like his Dad. I would have LOVED to see Bob Marley. This might be as close as it gets. (except that once we happened upon a Ziggy Marley concert...)

These guys were pretty awesome too. 
Love me some Reggae

This girl with hair to her knees danced with Santa. For a long time. I took a picture so that there would be proof, not just tequila vision. People watching at concerts is half the fun!

This guys was NOT ok. And also being watched closely by security

The girls

Scott ALWAYS goes to concerts with us. He is a fantastic concert buddy!

We are probably plotting something here...

I had never heard of Pennywise, but I think Mark knows who the are. So did the people in front of us that knew every word to every song. 

Drinks inside were expensive and were forced to share this bucket of something rummy

This is Heather's $7 beer. 

As for Sublime I'd say it was a great show. They played almost everything popular off of 40oz to Freedom and Sublime. A couple newer songs that they wrote with Rome. BUT I'd have to say that all band members pretty much stayed in their designated areas for the whole show and weren't animated at all. The other times I've seen them they looked more 'into it'.

I don't really expect to see them touring again.

There, that is my dirty little mom blog secret. 

We like to get out and pretend we don't have responsibilities occasionally. Everyone needs a chance to unwind and kick back from time to time. It is a RARE occurrence that we get out of the house as a large group, sans children. Infact a couple of these girls had given birth recently and were celebrating freedom. I am pretty sure Heather T had NEVER left her kids for a concert evening without her hubby and/or kids.

But that's not all!!

In October we are going to see the Black Crowes again. We went to a Crowes concert at Hard Rock when I was pregnant (and sober of coarse) with Logan. I am SO excited. Me and Loopy will be with a slightly different group including Scott (of coarse), Diane, Carol Ann and our new neighbors Sarah and Nick.. That is assuming they haven't read this and decided not to speak to us anymore.. We just met and I've never been good with first impressions... If you are reading this HI!! Please still come to the concert with us. 

Anyway, Its 2:30 (again) and I need some sleep.