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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Weird Ass Keyword Searches..

Well... I hope you found what you are looking for... 

Blogger lets me track lots of stuff like blog hits, what type of browser people use, what country people are from, how people get to my blog, and my personal favorite, Keyword Searches! I have been saving them all and will post them now for you're amusement.

I'll start with what I assume were successful blog searches. Most of these were either linked to my first post ever or my most recent posts. 

why kids are great blogspot kara wr
kara wrobleski palm kids blogspot
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wrobleski kids are great palm coast
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Quite a few searches were linked to the post about Ben when he was still missing. I wish the result of that had a happier ending. It is still searched once a week or so. I should probably go edit that to let people know he passed away, for people who are still looking it up... 

benjamin gallas
"ben gallas" mi
benjamin gallas bridgman
ben gallas bridgman
Ben Gallas missing
Missing persons Benjamin gallas

These were image searches and the pictures they were linked to... 

handsome firemen

Oh, is this not what you had in mind? 

Naked in the Grass

You should have been more specific...

bowser fighting

Mario and Luigi hunting for Bowser in the back yard

squirrel pictures

Heh heh heh. This is what all squirrels look like to me 

Kids taller than parents

Well, she IS taller than me.. but you can't tell cause I'm sitting on her lap. Sorry we don't have a better comparison for you.

Hairiest college kid ever

Ok, he probably isn't the hairiest college kid ever, but he could use a shave. And the fact that I babysat him and now he's even a little hairy and a college kid makes me both depressed that I'm old and proud that he's smart and in college. 

Here's some good and random searches..

couch from "big lots"

you can't beat the price/ comfort ratio!

stick cute girl

I assume this was an image search.. I have no idea what it linked to.

christmas spritz cookies

I should have included the recipe I guess. Sorry googlers!

the neverending story
water never ending story

Yeah, we had a phase. Also, Gmorks are still considered cute.

puffball googly eyes

This is totally relevant to my life. THIS is why kids are great.

pee pants
"stole his pants"

These are both also totally relevant to my life.. it can't always be rainbows and unicorns..

rainbows and unicorns

well... there are lots of those references lately. But it has nothing to do with the pants-less epidemic in this house.

kara blog kendall logan aci

I am not sure that I care to address this search. I will say that it was entered more than once in a couple similar variations. In our past life this was relevant to our lives but it isn't anymore and we are happy now. I hope the searcher found what they are looking for. These days you are way more likely to find me under "rainbows and unicorns." Also, Kendal has one L. Not two.

sit on lil sister lap
sit on sister lap

Why would anyone need to search for this? 

mom blogs that use canon ti4

No, I don't. I use my crappy camera phone or a cannon point-n-shoot that I bought because it has a lifetime warranty that covers whatever my kids will do to it. 

That's all for now! Check back in a few months for another edition of 

My Weird Ass Keyword Searches..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's new? Not a dang thing.

People ask me this all the time. How does one answer this question when there is nothing new to report but still keep the conversation going? I guess I can reply with "not a dang thing" then ask the same "what's new?" question right back. Then we can stare blankly at eachother for a while. Am I the only one who has this problem?

Sunday, January 13

This morning Kendal learned the joy of practical jokes. She woke up first and brought all her blankets and Horton into my bed. Then ran into Logan's room to wake him up.
Logan: Nuh uh, I'm sleeping.
Kendal: Ok, but you are late for school you gotta get up and get to school!
Logan: OH CRAP
He got up and dressed at warp speed and came in to show me how his new belt looks with his uniform and was ready to go... When I told him it's Sunday he was NOT happy. Kendal was already snuggled between me and Loopy. Dozing off with a smile on her face. Watch out world, Kendal's on a roll.

Later we took the kids to the park for some swinging (Kendal) and skateboarding (Logan). This park has a wooden walkway and some trails. We will have to explore those another day but we did see a bunch of turtles and a cute gator in the pond. They were all pretty sure we were going to give them bread or something but we didn't bring any. And the signs EVERYWHERE tell you not to do that. Judging by the way they came right up to us nobody follows that rule.

Monday, January 14

Logan was up most of the night coughing and sniffling. He was SO tired in the morning and asked me to go to Walgreens to get him some medicine before I pick him up from school. Something that you need to know about Logan is that he despises medicine. It doesn't matter what kind. Crunchy, meltaways, liquid, pills he hates it ALL. This means he really felt crappy. You can read about his disdain for the Tylenol with Codine that was prescribed for him after his tonsil/adenoid surgery in THIS POST somewhere around Feb 5th.
After several doses of ineffective cold meds it occurred to me that this is probably an allergy issue.. back to Zyrtec. He will only take the generic chew-able tuti fruti version. And only if I let him chase it with something like soda and a tootsie roll.

Today was take everything you own that is yellow to pick up Logan at school day

Tuesday, January 15

Ok, for about 6 years now we have been trying to get Logan to be less... spazzy. For example, he freaks out to the same degree when stubbing his toe, getting a splinter, or slashing his head open on a gate. We NEVER know if it is as bad as he makes it sound (except the gate/head thing, that was really bloody) Anyway. I sort of told him that if he wants to be a skater and do awesome tricks he needs to be more of a (don't judge me, I'm out of ideas) Bad-ass. If he's going to sport a mohawk and hang with the big kids he needs to take risks, not be afraid to fall, and stop freaking out like a crazy toddler when he scrapes his knee. We agreed to change the word "bad-ass" to punk because he is the bad word police. So now if Logan tells you he is a punk, he kid he is trying to be cool and brave instead of whiny and screaming all the time.
Part of being punk is apparently letting your sister beat you in the head with a toys on the swing. Kids are weird.

Wednesday, January 16

Kendal does not crack open peanuts, she hatches them. Also... we need to learn to enunciate "PEA-NUT". She is clearly saying Penisssss. And she also describes them as yummy and salty. It just goes downhill from there. I am still working on my 'misspoken' post about Kendal's experimental use of the English language. 

She is also having sellers remorse. One night last week when she was WIDE awake at 10pm she decided to go through her toys and sell some things that she doesn't play with. This included about 1/2 her My Little Ponies. Now she is incredibly sad and wants them all back. Sorry kid. Doesn't work like that.

I took all my books off my old nook and gave it to Logan. He LOVES it. I put a few of his favorites on there and a couple that looked like something he'd like. I LOVE! I told him that once he fills up his punk point chart he can choose a new skin and cover for it. This motivation seems to be working better than cash bribes.

Thursday, January 17

We've been watching quite a bit of 'old school' stuff on TV this month. I love Animaniacs and I've always known there were adult-ish jokes that I didn't totally get at the time. Now I get it and understand more my my mom made her signature "I disapprove of that" face quite often when we watched cartoons and sitcoms of the 80's and 90's. Me and Loopy just giggle to ourselves then justify leaving it on because they ARE teaching lessons with 50 States and their Capitols.. and the Countries of the World song. We must not forget the Wheel of Morality. Now I want to go watch Animaniacs.

Later that night I was channel surfing.. which RARELY happens because we are always watching stuff on the Wii and Netflix. ALF was on and I was super excited because we used to watch that as a family on TGIF back in the day. Good times. And I never understood my mom always had the "I disapprove of that" face. How can you go wrong with an alien that eats cats and lives with a tight knit family who accepts him as one of their own?
Well in this episode ALF had amnesia. He thinks he's an insurance agent and called into "the office". The lady who answered at this insurance office said "Why do you sound weird? Is your wife with you? Listen buster, I waited at the motel for over an hour! Where were you!?" Hmm.. maybe that's why. For the record my kids thought the show was lame and decided to go to bed early because I wouldn't change the channel. Which was an unexpected bonus.

Friday, January 18

This morning my awesome kids let me sleep in (in the got up 3 times sort of way to help Kendal in the bathroom, make breakfast, and breakup a headbutting fight) because Logan had the day off. They kept sending me back to bed. Once I found my phone (under the bed of coarse) I realized I had forgotten my friend Kari's daughter's party was moved to today. Seriously. I don't know why this lady still talks to me. I did however get Grubbs to work on time and even had time to stop for donuts. 

I've starting to go through the kids stuff and sell what they don't use. Biggest stuff goes first! Kendal is proving that she still uses her little people house by filling it with toy snakes.

Logan just did a cannon ball off the bed in the playroom and landed on the big wooden IKEA storage shelves. He said "I am really trying but I just can't be a brave punk right now! Please get me a bandaid, it hurts too much" He has a foot long scrape on his side, nasty bruise on his shin and hip.. and his foot is swelling nicely. DOH! From the location off the injuries I'd say he had pretty good form though. So that counts for something, right?

Saturday, January 19

My kids are doing Yoga on Wii Fit. I would take pictures for you but they aren't wearing pants... come to think of it, this is why there are pretty much no pictures in this post. 

Sunday, January 20

Logan only wanted to stay for the cake..
One of Logan's pre-k friends was having a birthday party that I had RSVP'ed for. That is unusual for me, I'm terrible at RSVP's. So the day of the party when Logan had a meltdown because he didn't feel like getting up and dressed I just wasn't having it and made him go anyway. Of coarse he ended up having a good time with his friends (except for the 3 times he came out of the bounce house crying) and didn't want to leave.. that's just the way it goes I guess. 


As a parent, this particular game of beat the Pinata was terrifying. Partly because all the kids were WAY too close to the dizzy, blindfolded, stick wielding child and partly because if ANY kid is going to get clubbed it would be mine. As you can see, Gaetano's mom was in the wrong place when the angry pig finally fell. There was trampling and screeching .. yay birthday parties.

Then Rita decided we should start drinking. I LOVE this lady. She is an incredibly witty and sweet full blood Italian who is the matriarch of the whole big family that was at the party. She had one of the 'boys' (her god-son I think) make us the house special. 'Nona' chugged hers before I had begun sipping mine. I'll miss her when we move!

Monday, January 21

Today Logan told me that its Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and we celebrate that because he is really important. I asked him why and he said because he changed the whole country. He thought wasn't right to have 'colors only' and 'white only' signs on everything. So he did the right thing and helped change all that. But someone shot him with a gun. But he still made a difference anyway. Isn't that amazing?! yup, it sure is kiddo! ♥ my smart boy

We spent most of our afternoon at the park with friends. It was actually relaxing! Logan was off with the other kids and didn't bother me. Kendal thought it was her job to bring me all the mulch on the playground while I sat and talked to OTHER GROWN UPS!! Ok, I had to push her on the swing a few times but it wasn't as high maintenance as usual. The kids were wearing pants, but I didn't take pictures. Damn.

Tuesday, January 22

This morning I had a screaming crying spoiled kid who didn't want to go back to school after a 4 day weekend? Even Kendal said can we PLEASE get him outta here? I like the things Logan's says to get out of school..
"I don't need to go to school. I know enough"
"I'm too tired"
"My throat/ ears/ stomach/ toes/back/ head hurts!!!" (you know from all that yelling)
"No. I'm. Not. Going"
When that doesn't work he tells me other ridiculous stuff.
"I refuse to learn ANYTHING today"
"I don't want to be a punk anymore"
"I'm never going to go back to Disney"
We don't have passes anyway. but Kendal was appalled at such a claim. she said "You're NEVER going to ride Dumbo!? Logan! Don't say that" Then more unintelligible muttering in disbelief.

Most people don't know that
Hell freezes over at least once a year..

It's been a little chilly here the last few days but nothing a light jacket or sweatshirt won't solve. Turns out my friends to the North are getting their first real snow of the year.

One of my favorite places in MI is the beach. The pier and lighthouse are something I really miss because they are beautiful all year round. (almost anyway) Here is what it looks like this week...
 Even Lakeshore and St. Joe had snow days. Back in MY day we NEVER got snow days! Heaven forbid I had to drive up the hill downtown because that is impossible on black ice in a Chevette! Even with the turbo engine my dad added. I would try to get some momentum and still fishtail and slide back down. I think they've all gone soft. Either way. I'll take the chilly 65 degree sunny Florida weather any day. Maybe next year we'll be able to go up and enjoy the snow. I sort of want to go sledding.

Wednesday, January 23

Me and Kendal went down to Ormond to meet Uncle Chris for lunch at Steak N Shake and return his mom's computer (Loopy had to overhaul it a bit) Kendal was shockingly well behaved and even ate some french fries. One day next week I'm hoping to find a daytime sitter so Me and Chris can go for a bike ride. It's been too long since I've been riding and I'm starting to get twitchy about it. 

We stopped over at Party City to pick up a bag of balloons to make MORE balloon animals, hats, and swords and Yankee Candles were 1/2 off. Bonus. Kendal wanted to pose with this giant M&M and show off her big bunch of tootsie pops. Which I plan to use for poop bribery.. if you don't understand then you don't have a 3yr old.

By the time we got home it was almost time to get Logan from school but I was REALLY tired. Like inexplicably tired. I had to set my phone alarm cause I kept dozing off. After we picked him up Kendal was passed out on the couch and I think I slept for 2 hours while Logan played games. No idea what that was all about. 

Thursday, January 24

This morning I actually made it to coffee time at Panera Bread. Luci did too so that means that hell really did freeze over because neither of us like morning. At. All. To top it off we decided to go for a walk around the lake in Town Center. Look at us being all motivated! I was going to suggest she come over and sit around the house with me and let the kids play. Turns out we are all just as content being outside and one of my goals is getting more exercise. It was a win win I suppose. We are planning to make it a weekly thing. Stay tuned to find out if that actually happens.

Logan is having an epic meltdown for unknown reasons. I think it has something to do with making him nachos. I took some audio for you because I can't even describe the ridiculous of it. It was going to be a video, but Logan yelled louder and ran into my bathroom when he saw the camera.

I also asked Kendal about what was going on with her brother..

Today I received a random box of stuff from my dad. It was addressed to Kendal so Logan instantly lost his shit again and started screaming about the injustice of it all and the world hates him and proves it by addressing boxes to his little sister ect ect ect. I told him that Grandpa must have heard him all the way in MI and screaming crazy kids don't get presents in the mail. This was not an acceptable explanation at ALL.
Anyway, in the box was:
1. A platter and 3 matching coffee cups that go with our dish set
2. A pair of lacy undies that were meant to be a stocking stuffer
3. A beach bag that says Lake Michigan. Unsalted and Shark Free
4. for Kendal: a care bear, nemo purse, monster pencil holder that unzips into a rope, and a pj shirt because she doesn't wear pants anyway
5. for Logan: 2 books
6. for Loopy: a belated b-day card, a birthday songs dvd with a Little People them (the toys, not the midgets) and a book to help him at the new job.
It came with a note explaining that he just wanted to see how much he could fit into a small flat rate shipping box. "If it fits, It Ships.

Overheard from the play room...
Kendal: Logan, please help me put Elephant up here.
Logan: no, I don't want to.
Kendal getting a little frantic: But Logan, PLEASE! He wants to watch this.
Kendal: YEESSSS!!! (loud thud)
Logan: YEEeeOOOCCHHH (smacking noises)
Kendal running into the living room: MOM! Logan his me here on my foot.
Logan screaming from the other room: BUT MOOOM!! SHE JUMPED ON MY HEAD!!!
I have no words..

HEY!! Who wants to go out for dinner/ coffee/ strong drinks with me and NO kids this evening?!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another week of parenting anomalies..

Monday... Yuck.

For some reason I shut off my alarms instead of hitting snooze this morning. Got a rather grumpy Logan to school 1/2 hour late, missed meeting up with Kari, my house is trashed, there is laundry EVERYWHERE. It can only get better, right?

I am trying to clean some of Kendal's toys to sell. What in the hell are baby dolls made of!? She literally has not played with some of these since she was 1.. or ever. Yet they are covered in dirt and sort of look like battered little children. Clorox helped but they still look like they have bruises on the head. and hands..

Just looked over and Kendal was chugging a Mt. Dew. I have no idea where she found it.
Also I just got a random text from Loopy
 "This job is fun! Its crazy! SO different :-D"
I love that I get a text like that at least once a week.

If this is true then Logan is going to be a really strong person tomorrow. He is currently mad at me for sending him to bed without TV and stories because he wouldn't do his chores. He yelled at me and tried to hit me. He also said he doesn't love me anymore. When I gave him a kiss, he 'took it off and threw it in the trash" Harsh.


Got Logan to school on time. He got himself up and dressed. He told me that he loves me again. I said he better go get that kiss outta his trash can. Me and Kendal went home to get some cleaning done. That never happened because I was tired. 
<------This happened instead. Then I took a nap. I had a tentative "morning coffee date" with my friend Luci. One of my favorite things about Luci is that her ability to function before noon is quite similar to mine. We finally both got up, dressed and out of the house at 1:30. Now THAT'S my kind of morning coffee date!! As an added bonus our friend Darla was there and joined us. Her kid stayed home from school with a tummy ache but was feeling much better. Kids learn how to play hooky young these days!

Me: I think I'll make lasagna for dinner.
Logan: I want pizza or Mac and Cheese.
Me: You can't survive on pizza and mac n cheese.
Logan: Well sometimes I like to eat steak.. and toast with butter.

Logan's homework assignment was to write down 10 verbs on a piece of paper, cut them out and mix them up, pick a word and act it out. One of Logan's words was Dancing. My word was Running. As a parent I always tell the kids to stop running in the house. So what happens when I do this for the sake of homework? I take a corner too fast and nearly knock myself out on the door frame. Ouch.


I took Kendal to Adriana's house while Loopy took Logan to school then renewed his licence. I had planned to go to our Survivor's Breakfast by myself but Loopy was able to stop in for a bit before heading out to work.They are still dumbfounded at how different and relaxed he is.This is NOT the Loopy they knew. I prefer this one!!
Shiny happy people!!
It is always good to see smiling faces and hear about the new opportunities and job interviews people have lined up. We were all in a pretty slap happy good mood. Judging from the texts and messages I got all day I think we all stayed pretty giddy all day. This needs to happen more! I hope more of the "Club" will be able to make it next time! 

Kendal thinks that she is the real Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh. She has a stuffed Eeyore and tied a balloon to his tail. Then she decided to play the Pooh games on and watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie. 

My friend Nichole came over to buy some of Logan's old clothes and return a set of bed rails she had borrowed for her son. I used to have her middle boy in my daycare room when he was 1yr old. He is pushing 6 now and cute as ever. 

Her youngest is the same age as Kendal. Zaiydan was brand new and Kendal was 2 months in this pic. 5lbs 5oz vs. 8lbs 5oz. She looks HUGE next to him.. But 2 months before this she was only 5lbs 2oz!!

Today's kid-sims:
Kendal: Mom, did you buurrrp?
Me: Yes.
Kendal: Well then excuuse you. 
Me:Oh sorry, excuse me.
Kendal: Did you haaave too many pears?
me: um, No.
Kendal: did you haaave too many crumbs? 
Me: um, No.
Kendal: Did you haaave too many strawberries?
Me: Um, No. Strawberries are yummy though.
Kendal: Stop it mom, I have to figure this out! Did you haaave too many blueberries, or grapes or oranges?
Me: Nope. 
Kendal: Hey! Are you drinking soooooda? I will try some of that.
Me: Nope. 
Kendal: Nuts, I like to burp.


Logan: Did you know that gold is a metal? If I had gold teeth on the bottom row and silver teeth on the bottom THAT would be metal. And I'd be a real gold mine in there! 
Me: What if someone was showing you a big strong magnet?

Loopy is on his way home from 'another fun day at work'. Not because they are making him work late, but because they were understanding that he had to renew his tags this morning. AND I just took a nap. Life is good. 

The only problem with napping when the kids are both home is that you aren't constantly 'reminding' them to pick up all their shit. I was sleeping in the corner there.. all that stuff was piled on me while I was 1/2 asleep. 

This is what Kendal's room looked like when I got up. She wanted to read ALL her books with ALL her squishy animals. (Kendal's bed was a swip swap find by the way!)


Logan had himself up and dressed on his own again today. Kendal was NOT please that morning happened so soon. JUST when she showed up in my room with her Horton, Eeyore, and 2 blankets I told her it was time to get dressed and drop off Logan. She was begging me to come back and snuggle just a little longer. As you can see it was already 8:03. the school gates close at 8:25. We weren't even close to being ready. Poor Kendal!

Kendal's day just went downhill from there. She was trying to eat her breakfast at the counter and tipped over her bar stool and somehow hurt her.. um..  girl bits. Then she was showing off on the couch, did an accidental back-flip and landed on a tiny guitar magnet she had left on the floor. 
To top it off she was really excited to go get Logan and came running into the garage as I was opening the car door. Her forehead smacked right into the edge of the door and she went down. I am really surprised it didn't split open. Judging by the bruise that popped up instantly I think it was close. She cried for a minute said "that'll be a mark" and climbed into the car. These are the moments that can make the most involved and loving parent feel like shit.

We also made it to Target for birthday cake supplies for Loopy and Logan had some Tooth Fairy and Santa money burning a hole in his pocket. He found a new monster truck and a LEGO storage box. Kendal found a new firetruck toy (sympathy gift for jacking up her face on a car door)

Logan asked me if Chuck Norris is a famous skateboarder. I told him no, but if he wanted to skateboard he'd go pro without even practicing. Because he's Chuck Norris.
Logan also told me that a famous football player read to his class today. When I asked who he said it was Tim Tebow and he read Green Eggs and Ham. I was like what? Tim Tebow came to your class and read you a Dr. Suess book? He said sort of.. it was on YouTube...

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the floors, doing laundry, and dishes. Kendal loves to mop! This girl is learning to earn her keep faster than Logan!


Today was Loopy's birthday and we had a lot to get done. First stop was dropping Logan off. Then we came home to get dressed. PJ's in car rider line. Always. After that we headed down to Flagler for coffee and breakfast with friends at the new pier restaurant. 

Although the company and scenery was fantastic, the food and service was questionable. The fact that Kendal was content the whole time was shocking. Perhaps it was the beautiful sunny 80 degree weather and birds, and ocean..  

These are my Friday coffee girls (Carol Anne, Heather, and Jodi). I met them all on Swip Swap and I love em!

Jodi's husband is powering through his soggy french toast

Outside they have a couple giant wall sized chalk boards. Kendal spent a while coloring and practicing her shapes before we headed on to the next stop. 

We stopped at Walgreens for some wrapping paper, a card and some cash before heading to pick up Loopy's present. While in line at Walgreens, on this beautiful 80 degree day in Florida I noticed a display of snow brushes. Why?

We got home, gave Kendal a bath (she asks for a bath at least once a day) and had some fruity pebbles. I got up to use the bathroom and when I got back she was so proud to show me that she refilled her bowl of fruity pebbles all by herself. Yay Kendal!

After we cleaned up that mess, she decided to take Squishy Horton Hears a Who outside for some swinging. She was teaching him how to go "All Wibbly Wobbly" 

She wanted me to take a lot of pictures. 

Logan was in charge of streamers.

So after picking Logan up from school we had to pick up some party supplies for Loopy, come home to bake a cake, wrap the presents, and decorate the house. Doing all this with 2 kids is nearly impossible because they simply are not capable of staying focused on anything ever. 

At some point we went from whole house decorating to just the kitchen and dining room.. I prefer it this way for clean up purposes. Unless it is a party with more people, then we'll go all out.
We went to dinner at Red Lobster and came home for cake.

Have I ever mentioned that Kendal loves fire? Cause she really really does.

Logan was so twitchy after cake that he couldn't hold the camera still to take pictures. It was pretty funny. He was also in charge of the hats.

This is the really big Grateful Dead picture that we got Loopy for his birthday It is an oil print on canvas. Fancy. (from swip swap) when I took the picture of him admiring it I realize that everything pictured was from swip swap... So I took some updated pictures of my SS decorated house. 

Wall between living room and kitchen. The baskets and table are from Ikea. Lamps, pictures, and decor was from SS

Updated living room picture... Entertainment center from Ikea, couch from Big Lots, Wii drumset borrowed from Ian. Everything else (TV included!) from SS.

Bookshelf, Dead picture, desk, and I think the chair are from SS. 


Today we didn't do a dang thing. I had a couple swaps in the morning that got pushed to late aftrnoon. I got up about 1000 times this morning with the kids because they needed stuff. Pesky dependents that they are (snark) On the weekends we have an unspoken agreement with the kids that we get to "sleep in". Yes, we get up to get them necessities like breakfast and M&M's after Kendal goes pee but for the most part we get to sleep. This morning Logan who has had a cold all week woke me up to ask for some sausage and coughed right in my eyeball. Gross. I am pretty sure I'll be sick next week. Yay. Loopy eventually got up around 11 and stayed up with them while I slept until get this... 2:30!!! I was pretty delusional with over sleepiness when I got up but I felt rested, that's for sure. Also, Kendal wrote made up her first original knock knock joke!
Kendal: knock knock
Me: Who's there
Kendal: Kendal 
Me: Kendal Who?
Kendal: Playin' puzzles!

Time for bed.. its 3am.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I got distraced, so I am gonna try to get back on track here before I get too far behind again. 

New Years Eve

Kendal's hand was sticky. Scott was startled.
My plan was to get a buzz and write some meaningful blog post about the new year. But I didn't get around to it. Instead we just hung out here at the house with our friend Scott. We love Scott because he's awesome and is usually up for whatever we drag him out to do with us. Movies, Concerts, Coffee, Bars ect..

Conversations between Logan and Scott involved something about "what do feet like?" and being abducted by aliens. 
Logan: Since you were abducted by aliens, does that mean that you are really an alien now? 
Scott: Well my brother spent a lot of time trying to convince me I am. Do you believe me? 
Logan: Oh yeah! *faints dramatically.

We also made funny little elf videos that I didn't care to purchase the rights too, and you'd have to make an account on to watch them ect... just know they are funny and made us laugh for a long time. Try it! Go Elf Yourself. (that sounds rude..)

Jan 2

This was a really good day! Logan got a WOW his first day back to school. Kendal was calm and didn't burn down the house or cause anyone great bodily harm. Logan did his homework without complaint. We ate dinner together and had a relaxing evening. Then it was bedtime....
Logan is getting a little big for me to pick up and put in bed mid-tantrum, but CAN be done. However someone is bound to get hurt when this happens. He went all tantrum floppy so I would drop him and his chin hit my arm on the way down. He bit his lip (no blood) but he was pretty sure I'm evil. 

Look kid! If I tell you 5 times to go to bed and you ignore me or yell at me I'm gonna put you there. It could get ugly, but it's gonna happen! 

Jan 3

Me and Kendal dropped Logan off at school, stopped home to change out of our of our jammies. Yeah, I drop Logan off for school in my pj's pants and a t-shirt every day. HOPING that I don't have to get out of the car for any reason. Then we headed to Starbucks for what would be the first of a whirlwind of coffee and breakfast dates for the next week. Amber's son is Kendal's age and they are ADORABLE together. It went shockingly well. You never know with two 3yr old red heads. Plus it was cold that day so we had to eat inside at the big table. Which made me laugh because of the video posted below.
At some point the kids started arguing about what to watch or play on TV. Kendal started jumping up and down on the couch. That makes Logan yell at her to stop it, which gets her more riled up, leading to more yelling, then the hitting, scratching, headbutting starts. (Kendal head butts HARD) This usually happens around 5:30 when Loopy is 1/2 way home from work and takes place in about a 2 minute time span. I decided I'd had enough and shut everything off and told them to find something else to do. Both started to protest loudly until I suggested we make a fort in the living room

That got them all excited and they were best friends again. They got all their toys and pillows in there after we finally convinced Kendal you can't walk on the roof. Of coarse when I got the chair to prop up the tent it fell on my foot. Now its all bruised again. Ouch.

I let them play in there for a while and I sat on the couch to grumble to myself about my hurt foot and bipolar children. I was chatting with a friend who linked me to this youtube video. I LOVE Brain Candy and this clip makes me laugh every time for reasons I can't begin to explain. We watched the movie once with our friend Chris and he thought we were nuts for laughing so hard. Anyway.. as always, this cheered me right up. 

Later that night Adriana had some stuff to do and I took Sean for a little while. My kids were still in bed so he passed out on my couch. I am going to miss being able to help out a friend or vise vera at the last minute once we move. It's incredibly convenient!

Jan 4

Me and Kendal met some friends at Panera for breakfast. We met through Swip Swap and have become friends over the last year. I think I was the first person Jodi ever swapped with or something like that. She showed up in my driveway at the same time as about 3 other people. Anyway her and some other (former) swappers and friends invited me to join them on Fridays. I don't always make it because mornings suck and Kendal wants to be under a care bear blanket until at least 11am. When I DO make it over there, we have a good time.

On the way to pick up Logan there was breaking news on the radio (yes, I listen to the radio) that a plane crashed into a house in Palm Coast. There was a woman home in a back bedroom. She was talking on the phone to her daughter and said "A plane just crashed into my house, call 911." Then climbed out the back window unharmed. 

Random Logan-ism!
Logan just told me that way back in 1983.. or maybe a few years before that a guy invented electricity with a key and a compass... um... I was too tired for a history lesson but My witty friend Eric pointed out that it happened 2 yrs later and involved a Delorean. GREAT SCOTT!!!

When Loopy was on the way home from work I sent him a text. It was a little heart. Loopy is still convinced that < and 3 put together means flashing boobies, not a heart ♥ He used to get mad at me for texting him on the work phone < 3. he thought I was flashing him. I don't see it but whatever ♥. I mentioned this on facebook. I won't tell you all the details, but as always, that conversation deteriorated rather quickly. You can make A LOT of dirty symbols with letters and numbers. We used to think we were witty because 55378008 spelled boobless on a calculator with you turn it upside down. Lame.

Dec 5

Adriana took my kids for the day so me and Loopy did a little kid-less shopping. Which is rare. He needed new shoes. First we went to Kohls. He tried on 1/2 the shoe section while I wandered the store. (It was boring, sorry) There was nothing suitable there as far as clothes go but we did find Kendal a Horton Hears  A Who book and stuffed animal because 1) They are $5 each and all the money is donated to Kohl's for Kids 2) You can never have too many books and 3) She LOVES Horton or anything to do with elephants. 
We went to another shoe store where he proceeded to try on another rack of dress shoes. Its not so much that he tries on A LOT of shoes. Its that his selection process is grueling. There is lots of walking, putting on and off of the shoes, sitting cross legged, sitting in driving position, more walking, light jogging, and jumping up and down. For the record the ONLY time I have ever seen him jog aside from chasing a child in the parking lot is when he is trying on shoes. Also jumping? Who does that is dress shoes. Anyway, after about 7 hours of shoes testing he settled on a pair of slip ons. Its his first pair of slip on dress shoes so the risk factor is a major issues here. ...

After the shoe shopping game we stopped in Books a Million to grab the Do It Yourself book from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (His entries are hilarious and he takes it quite seriously. I'll fill you in on that another time.) From there we headed to Carrabas for dinner. One just opened in town and it was SLAMMED. Did you know that you can go sit right up by the cooks without having to wait for a table? SCORE. AND we got free appetizers from the prep cooks. 
Pardon me while I rant for a moment. If you are a waiter ANYWHERE and you are always barking orders at he cooks to hurry up, make mine first, I've been waiting on the tiramisu.. You are being an rude ass hole. There was an hour wait for a table. EVERY spot is filled with people and you are pissed that you're salad didn't come up immediately? Do you not SEE the line of tickets they are working on. Seriously, I almost beat down a rude waiter. Those cooks were so stressed out and busy. Wait your damn turn douche bag or it might just keep getting bumped to the back of the line. If you are being an asshole customer who wants eat RIGHT NOW, then go to Steak n Shake. You are not anymore entitled to your food than the person who got there 2 seconds before you or an hour before you. Knock it off, they will spit in your food. Anyway, OUR food was great as always and I am way excited to go back. 

Adriana always texts me picture of the kids being cute while we are gone. I think its a trick to get us to come back eventually. Here they are eating dinner as LEGO guys.

Logan and Sean were in Pre-K together and they met at orientation. They were INSTANTLY best buddies. Here they are as cute little 4yr olds on the first day of school.
Its a good thing they like eachother cause me and his mom have become peas n carrots. 

Here they are as cute slightly bigger 6yr olds. They saw the picture above on Ms. Joan's facebook and wanted to recreate the moment. 

Jan 6

Kendal fell madly head over heals in love with her "Squishy Horton Hears a Who" and hasn't put him down. She carries the book around and makes everyone read it. Logan was instantly enthralled in his Do It Yourself book. Although some stuff isn't original I am happy that he is practicing writing and drawing. He needs to work on that part of his creativity. He can read books and TELL stories but isn't much into writing. 

I had some stuff to sell in the morning so I got that out of the way and we spent the day relaxing around the house. Sort of. Kendal took all the shoes out of the cubbies and through them into the kitchen. Then spend a couple hours throwing them back and forth in the kitchen yelling BOMBS AWAY!! (pantsless, of coarse)

Loopy insists on turning up the stove to high when cooking sausage so water is boiling and splashing everywhere. He said it sounds like the Sims.
Me: Do you have to do that? It leaves a black ring around the burner. Even though does sound like the Sims are cooking.
Loopy: What, I turned it down a little.
Logan: Maybe we ARE Sims....
Me, Laughing: Um, we aren't and I don't like cleaning the stove.
Logan: MAAAAYBE we are! Wait.. what are Sims?

Ok, its almost 2am and I still have to pack a lunch for tomorrow. I'll have to get caught up on the rest of the week tomorrow or something.

I'll leave you with THIS

because It's funny.