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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I got distraced, so I am gonna try to get back on track here before I get too far behind again. 

New Years Eve

Kendal's hand was sticky. Scott was startled.
My plan was to get a buzz and write some meaningful blog post about the new year. But I didn't get around to it. Instead we just hung out here at the house with our friend Scott. We love Scott because he's awesome and is usually up for whatever we drag him out to do with us. Movies, Concerts, Coffee, Bars ect..

Conversations between Logan and Scott involved something about "what do feet like?" and being abducted by aliens. 
Logan: Since you were abducted by aliens, does that mean that you are really an alien now? 
Scott: Well my brother spent a lot of time trying to convince me I am. Do you believe me? 
Logan: Oh yeah! *faints dramatically.

We also made funny little elf videos that I didn't care to purchase the rights too, and you'd have to make an account on to watch them ect... just know they are funny and made us laugh for a long time. Try it! Go Elf Yourself. (that sounds rude..)

Jan 2

This was a really good day! Logan got a WOW his first day back to school. Kendal was calm and didn't burn down the house or cause anyone great bodily harm. Logan did his homework without complaint. We ate dinner together and had a relaxing evening. Then it was bedtime....
Logan is getting a little big for me to pick up and put in bed mid-tantrum, but CAN be done. However someone is bound to get hurt when this happens. He went all tantrum floppy so I would drop him and his chin hit my arm on the way down. He bit his lip (no blood) but he was pretty sure I'm evil. 

Look kid! If I tell you 5 times to go to bed and you ignore me or yell at me I'm gonna put you there. It could get ugly, but it's gonna happen! 

Jan 3

Me and Kendal dropped Logan off at school, stopped home to change out of our of our jammies. Yeah, I drop Logan off for school in my pj's pants and a t-shirt every day. HOPING that I don't have to get out of the car for any reason. Then we headed to Starbucks for what would be the first of a whirlwind of coffee and breakfast dates for the next week. Amber's son is Kendal's age and they are ADORABLE together. It went shockingly well. You never know with two 3yr old red heads. Plus it was cold that day so we had to eat inside at the big table. Which made me laugh because of the video posted below.
At some point the kids started arguing about what to watch or play on TV. Kendal started jumping up and down on the couch. That makes Logan yell at her to stop it, which gets her more riled up, leading to more yelling, then the hitting, scratching, headbutting starts. (Kendal head butts HARD) This usually happens around 5:30 when Loopy is 1/2 way home from work and takes place in about a 2 minute time span. I decided I'd had enough and shut everything off and told them to find something else to do. Both started to protest loudly until I suggested we make a fort in the living room

That got them all excited and they were best friends again. They got all their toys and pillows in there after we finally convinced Kendal you can't walk on the roof. Of coarse when I got the chair to prop up the tent it fell on my foot. Now its all bruised again. Ouch.

I let them play in there for a while and I sat on the couch to grumble to myself about my hurt foot and bipolar children. I was chatting with a friend who linked me to this youtube video. I LOVE Brain Candy and this clip makes me laugh every time for reasons I can't begin to explain. We watched the movie once with our friend Chris and he thought we were nuts for laughing so hard. Anyway.. as always, this cheered me right up. 

Later that night Adriana had some stuff to do and I took Sean for a little while. My kids were still in bed so he passed out on my couch. I am going to miss being able to help out a friend or vise vera at the last minute once we move. It's incredibly convenient!

Jan 4

Me and Kendal met some friends at Panera for breakfast. We met through Swip Swap and have become friends over the last year. I think I was the first person Jodi ever swapped with or something like that. She showed up in my driveway at the same time as about 3 other people. Anyway her and some other (former) swappers and friends invited me to join them on Fridays. I don't always make it because mornings suck and Kendal wants to be under a care bear blanket until at least 11am. When I DO make it over there, we have a good time.

On the way to pick up Logan there was breaking news on the radio (yes, I listen to the radio) that a plane crashed into a house in Palm Coast. There was a woman home in a back bedroom. She was talking on the phone to her daughter and said "A plane just crashed into my house, call 911." Then climbed out the back window unharmed. 

Random Logan-ism!
Logan just told me that way back in 1983.. or maybe a few years before that a guy invented electricity with a key and a compass... um... I was too tired for a history lesson but My witty friend Eric pointed out that it happened 2 yrs later and involved a Delorean. GREAT SCOTT!!!

When Loopy was on the way home from work I sent him a text. It was a little heart. Loopy is still convinced that < and 3 put together means flashing boobies, not a heart ♥ He used to get mad at me for texting him on the work phone < 3. he thought I was flashing him. I don't see it but whatever ♥. I mentioned this on facebook. I won't tell you all the details, but as always, that conversation deteriorated rather quickly. You can make A LOT of dirty symbols with letters and numbers. We used to think we were witty because 55378008 spelled boobless on a calculator with you turn it upside down. Lame.

Dec 5

Adriana took my kids for the day so me and Loopy did a little kid-less shopping. Which is rare. He needed new shoes. First we went to Kohls. He tried on 1/2 the shoe section while I wandered the store. (It was boring, sorry) There was nothing suitable there as far as clothes go but we did find Kendal a Horton Hears  A Who book and stuffed animal because 1) They are $5 each and all the money is donated to Kohl's for Kids 2) You can never have too many books and 3) She LOVES Horton or anything to do with elephants. 
We went to another shoe store where he proceeded to try on another rack of dress shoes. Its not so much that he tries on A LOT of shoes. Its that his selection process is grueling. There is lots of walking, putting on and off of the shoes, sitting cross legged, sitting in driving position, more walking, light jogging, and jumping up and down. For the record the ONLY time I have ever seen him jog aside from chasing a child in the parking lot is when he is trying on shoes. Also jumping? Who does that is dress shoes. Anyway, after about 7 hours of shoes testing he settled on a pair of slip ons. Its his first pair of slip on dress shoes so the risk factor is a major issues here. ...

After the shoe shopping game we stopped in Books a Million to grab the Do It Yourself book from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (His entries are hilarious and he takes it quite seriously. I'll fill you in on that another time.) From there we headed to Carrabas for dinner. One just opened in town and it was SLAMMED. Did you know that you can go sit right up by the cooks without having to wait for a table? SCORE. AND we got free appetizers from the prep cooks. 
Pardon me while I rant for a moment. If you are a waiter ANYWHERE and you are always barking orders at he cooks to hurry up, make mine first, I've been waiting on the tiramisu.. You are being an rude ass hole. There was an hour wait for a table. EVERY spot is filled with people and you are pissed that you're salad didn't come up immediately? Do you not SEE the line of tickets they are working on. Seriously, I almost beat down a rude waiter. Those cooks were so stressed out and busy. Wait your damn turn douche bag or it might just keep getting bumped to the back of the line. If you are being an asshole customer who wants eat RIGHT NOW, then go to Steak n Shake. You are not anymore entitled to your food than the person who got there 2 seconds before you or an hour before you. Knock it off, they will spit in your food. Anyway, OUR food was great as always and I am way excited to go back. 

Adriana always texts me picture of the kids being cute while we are gone. I think its a trick to get us to come back eventually. Here they are eating dinner as LEGO guys.

Logan and Sean were in Pre-K together and they met at orientation. They were INSTANTLY best buddies. Here they are as cute little 4yr olds on the first day of school.
Its a good thing they like eachother cause me and his mom have become peas n carrots. 

Here they are as cute slightly bigger 6yr olds. They saw the picture above on Ms. Joan's facebook and wanted to recreate the moment. 

Jan 6

Kendal fell madly head over heals in love with her "Squishy Horton Hears a Who" and hasn't put him down. She carries the book around and makes everyone read it. Logan was instantly enthralled in his Do It Yourself book. Although some stuff isn't original I am happy that he is practicing writing and drawing. He needs to work on that part of his creativity. He can read books and TELL stories but isn't much into writing. 

I had some stuff to sell in the morning so I got that out of the way and we spent the day relaxing around the house. Sort of. Kendal took all the shoes out of the cubbies and through them into the kitchen. Then spend a couple hours throwing them back and forth in the kitchen yelling BOMBS AWAY!! (pantsless, of coarse)

Loopy insists on turning up the stove to high when cooking sausage so water is boiling and splashing everywhere. He said it sounds like the Sims.
Me: Do you have to do that? It leaves a black ring around the burner. Even though does sound like the Sims are cooking.
Loopy: What, I turned it down a little.
Logan: Maybe we ARE Sims....
Me, Laughing: Um, we aren't and I don't like cleaning the stove.
Logan: MAAAAYBE we are! Wait.. what are Sims?

Ok, its almost 2am and I still have to pack a lunch for tomorrow. I'll have to get caught up on the rest of the week tomorrow or something.

I'll leave you with THIS

because It's funny. 

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