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Friday, October 3, 2014

Summer 2014

This summer was full of adventures, birthdays, and pool days.

Here is the first months worth of fun. Well the fun that the kids had. I'll save the grown up stuff for another day.
*I edited this after sushi and saki mai tais for lunch. It might not be pretty, but its done.

We did some dressing up...

Today she is a fly.

Loopy teaching Logan basic programming.

I like the first day of summer. They are still friends.

Meanwhile in FL....

Bears are making themselves comfortable in Daytona Beach

Today's project: stripping and re-wrapping wires for the old LEGO Mindstorm sets.

This did not work. Does anyone have a source to get new wires from 80's Mindstorms? The newer versions aren't compatible with the old version.

My new lawn ornament.

Enjoying my new smores maker

S'more face!

Kids are playing pirate. Kendal keeps getting scurvy pirate and land ho confused. She is calling herself a scurvy ho. Awesome.

Maybe we should get out for a bit..

It's even better in action!

Side kick practice

Kids are having a rough morning. Logan woke up with an earache and a missing tooth (at 4:55am) Kendal was up at 8am with what appears to be pink eye. Off to the dr. We go!

Toothless boy. Lost another one. I have no idea how many are missing at this point

Maybe peanut butter and celery wasn't the best snack choice for a child with no teeth.. Oops.

Balance board at a garage sale: $8 kids doing yoga without my suggesting it for 30mins: priceless

Kendal has no balance

Back to the Dr, with Kendal. She has pink eye, sinus infection, and strep throat... and a sliver in her finger. She's been a mess of sadness since 5:30 this morning.
Homemade chicken noodle soup is simmering. I bet this would help her.. you know, if she ate things like chicken noodle soup.

MOM RANT: If there are so many different kinds of medicine that do the same thing why on earth did they:
1. prescribe the expensive eye drops ($50 after insurance) that did NOTHING. Now I have some that I have to wrestle the new ones into her eyeball... 3 drops 3x's a day for 10 days.
2. Give her some antibiotics that are roughly the consistency of chunky yogurt which she promptly spit all over my couch. (I tasted it, I would have done the same. Even with the bubble gum flavor) They happily said they'll call in a new antibiotic that isn't so vile. WHY NOT PRESCRIBE THAT FIRST!! Is it really necessary to make a sick kid more miserable?

Headed back out in the storm to get new meds for Kendal. Publix pharmacy is awesome. I think we'll stop at mc Donalds for lunch, im getting desperate to get food in this girl

How I feel after today...

Summer alarm clocks are WAY better than school year alarm clocks

Logan: I must be Canadian because there is a Mt. Logan. I like mac n cheese, smoked sausage, and i find maple leaves extremely interesting.

Logan thrashing around on the couch making random noises...
Me: That's weird, Logan.
Logan: It's not weird, back on my home planet. I mean Canada.
Me: Wait, what?
Logan: Oh my gosh, I'm so unusual. Never mind.

Logan was teaching Kendal how to be a 'keyboard stand' using her feet while he played a song. She dropped it on her face. Now the kids are playing "smash n crash derby" That is where they run full speed at each other from opposite ends of the house. I'm so glad she's off the couch and feeling better. /eyeroll

Climbed in my bed, cried for 20mins because we are out of sweet tea. I gave up and left. Not cool child, not cool.

 Wanted clips in her hair. They'll never stay in, but its cute for now

Late night science

Feeding toothless boy corn on the cob is right up there with celery and peanut butter on the list of food to avoid.

Overheard on the tv
Mrs. Frizzle in the sweetest voice: that's not rain water children, thats sulfuric acid.
Children: sulfuric acid!?
Mrs. Frizzle: that's right! It's raining poison!
Oh Magic School Bus. What a great show.

Our lawn guy's name is Juan. He brought his son to help today. Kendal said "now we have TWO Juan mowers!"

Kids made their own fart in a can. Thanks pinterest.

Logan fell asleep around 7:30 and skipped dinner. PLEASE tell me he's not getting sick.  I don't want to deal with this all week. Kendal just headed to bed and said
"I hope Logan is going to be feeling better tomorrow. He's a nice brudder"
Every time he's sick he gets the blanket aunt Kris made for him when he was born and lays with it on the couch. He has requested a puke bucket. This is not a good sign.

I love this kid. He is sleep talking to me. He was snoring away then sat up and was super excited to get his very own treasure chest to keep in a trench. Here he is telling me about an orange key he needed to open his bedroom...
*I wish facebook would let me take out all the crap attatched to the video. Loopy couldn't do it either.

I'm so tired. and I'm tired of my kids being sick. I wanna go out to play.
But I just punched a mosquito on the wall. I feel a little better.

And for tonight's entertainment...

Does anyone else have this problem? The house is completely quiet, everyone is content playing games on nick Jr or watching a show on netflix, headphones on and content. As soon as I try to read something online the Kendal suddenly needs a snack and her game stops working. When she starts to tell me this Logan starts to ask me a complicated question about radio frequency or some nonsense. My brain is still trying to comprehend what I just read. This makes me absolutely crazy and happens


~Anything that could possibly require ur attention other than them make them come to u like a         magnet it is an interesting phenomenon that is infinitely more complex than radio waves lol

~Kind of like how no one needs anything until the phone rings........and then it's 20 questions from each kid



~ Story of my life

~It's amusing. He will trick her into making food when he is not hungry just to give her something to do.

Right because clearly we had NOTHING to do.... Thanks kids.

Gonna try this summer thing again. Minus the sickness

Logan made his own misting chair because "sprinklers are too intense"

Logan just got up to use the bathroom and he is sleep-singing Love in an Elevator.

Kendal got 4 shots today, both got a finger prick. Sympathy lunch at mc Donalds Kendal met a boyfriend in the play area. We're good now.

Kendal hates band aids. They gave her this cotton ball to hold after they checked her hemoglobin. It has been 3 hours. She won't let it go.


Evening swim. The pool is surprisingly crowded.

Not tired yet..

Fancy centerpieces here at Down the Hatch...

Whoa Bird!!

My Kids are awesome. 

Dino the Great and Loopy enjoying some Real World fun.

Beach Time