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Friday, August 31, 2012

Other stuff that happened in August.

Kid-isms and general parental observations that you maybe missed.

Before I rehash the crazy from this month that I didn't already talk about I have been asked to explain why we call Dad "Loopy".
In the small town where we are from nearly every boy we went to high school with was either named Jeff, Jason, Jonathan, Jon, or John. To tell everyone apart they had nicknames. Here's an idea of what I mean:
Jeff, my husband, was nicknamed "Loopy" because he ate Fruit Loops every day.
My brother, Jeff Styf was "Stiffy"
Jason D was "Shaggy
Jason R was "Stumpy"
John W was "John John"
Jonathon M was "Jon" (lucky).
My little brother Jonathan was "Thon"
There were others, but you get the idea. Some people don't go by their nicknames anymore, but a few of them stuck. Loopy included.

On with the show.

August 2, A little time with Kendal

These aren't the best videos, but she was being so cute and I LOVE to listen to her talk.

August 10, lessons learned and other people's kids

Logan just told his friend never to point a gun at someone, because you could think you're holding a fake gun but it could be real and really kill someone. Ok, its OBVIOUSLY a nerf gun but good lesson, Logan.

later that night..

Somewhere in this neighborhood there is a small child having a massive meltdown. When this happens my thought process always goes like this:
1. I hope s/he is ok.
2.If the child is fine, I bet that parent had a long ass day and just gave up
3. Yay, its not mine this time.

August 11, "She turned me into a NEWT!!" 

This is educational, right? And by educational I mean I had to explain the plague and why they are collecting bodies.
 Who can guess what we are watching? The kids both LOVE this movie.
I got bettah.
Also, Logan loves his Elephant

August 12, Some days...

Its one of those days.... The meds Loopy is on for a new bacterial sinus infection makes him extremely irritable and dazed. (Levaquin Sucks) I put Logan in his room after a dinner freak out due to a grumpy dad. They both need a time out.

Meanwhile Kendal had a coffee party with her dinosaurs.
The Long Neck guests have arrived.

later that night.

Yeah, I totally got Logan out of bed to watch Queen perform at the closing ceremonies. He wasn't sleeping anyway :)

August 15, Conversation regarding kleptomania in toddlers.

Me: Adriana, I found a few things in Kendal's bag that she may have 'borrowed' from your house. A pig, an antelope, a pelican, a monkey and other various small creatures. She said they are her new favorite toys but I explained that they are NOT infact hers. Hope Sean isn't looking for them!

Adriana: LOL. She dug deep into his toy box...I believe she deserves them. Finders keepers :D (please keep them, got more than enough little toys creatures here lol) I love you Kendal!!!!

Me: We have plenty too. She gave me the evil eye when I told her they are Sean's. She'll be happy to know she can keep them. You are awesome. She has dubbed the pig "Other Ham" the antelope is now "Horns Cow" and the pelican is "Blue Ostrich"

August 16, relateable pictures

I've had this conversation.

Seriously Mr. Noodle. Get it together!

August 17, But mooooom

Kendal has been trying to convince me to take her shopping for Lorax toys for days. We don't need more dang toys. She is pretty sure she needs a full set of figurines to go with every movie she likes.

August 16, beginning of school year sickness

Logan came home with a stomach ache. I think his muscles are sore from sniffling all night. Tylenol, allergy meds and back to school tomorrow. Kendal is being really sweet to him. Held his hand all the way to the car, helped him pick the chewable medicine at Walgreens and gave him run of the tv to play video games.

3 hours later

Logan is feeling better, So I made him clean the bathroom. Kendal came to help... by dumping a bucket of water on his head. At least now the floors are mopped. I really love listening to the thunderstorms everyday, but its making the kids batshit crazy not being able to run around outside.

August 23 Dinner with Mr. Bean

Today was our anniversary. We had dinner at Carrabbas and our waiter named Jeff was very nice. He looked like your average Embry Riddle student. Kendal insisted he was Mr. Bean and made everyone around us call him Mr. Bean. I am not even sure that guy knew who Mr. Bean is. 

August 24, Things take longer when kids help.

Today we had a lot to do. One of our tasks was cleaning Blue's tank. Kendal LOVES to help, but today she brought Big Elephant and RC to help out. *Sigh*
Do you have any idea how long it takes

for a toy elephant and car 
to put  200 rocks back into a tank

one at a time?
Good thing I wasn't in a hurry. 

August 25

Kids are a little emotional today. Excessive meltdowns anyone?

later that day

My kids refused food allll day. Now it's bedtime and they are ravenous. Kendal found a sprinkle cookie and some pretzels. Now she is jumping on the bed yelling ''my tummy hurts, my tummy hurts. Yaaaaay!''

August 27

Kendal woke up coughing and has a snotty nose.. I gave her some of the leftover medicine from last time. Drunk Kendal is 5,4,3,2,1...
She is moving in slow motion and followed the Terminix guy around the house calling him "Mr. used to have a mustache". (I don't think we've ever met him before) Tried to get up on the stool with him to put down ant bait.. then passed out on the couch snoring like an old man.

Later that day...

Logan: I had a dream that we were in a tree house and we were fighting and Kendal could climb down all by herself and she was crying bad because she got her head cut on a lightsaber. I put a band aid on it for her.
Me: that was nice of you
Logan: Yeah. I know.

August 28

This morning we had breakfast with a friend (lunch-ish really) It was nice and sunny. I though to myself "I'll surprise the kids with a trip to the park on the way home form school (not the one with the evil fence)" Then this happened.

Not from Hurricane Isaak. This happens EVERY day.

So we did THIS instead

It was too wet to go out and play.
Which reminded me of THIS

The Cat In The Hat did NOT show up, but that would have been  awesome.

August 29

Kendal: Is that your coffee mom? 
Me: Yes. 
Kendal: Maybe I'll have some coffee too. In a sippy cup!
Me: No. You can't have coffee in a sippy cup
Kendal: Maybe I'll have some cold coffee in a cup.
Me: Yea, probably not though. 
Kendal: Ok, I'll just go make some. 
She is off to use her own coffee pot. I am not invited, but the giraffes are.

August 31, a pretty eventful day.

I had to wake Kendal up this morning to take Logan to school. Then we had a coffee date with some of my friends (who all have school age kids). On the way there:

Kendal: Are you reeedy reeedy tired mom?
Me: Yes. I am pretty tired.
Kendal: Maybe lets go home and sleep on the couch with Care Bear blankets.
Me: That would be nice, but we have to meet some friends first.
Kendal: Oh Pweeeeeese sleep couch!?

While we were at Panera:

Kendal: I have to pee.
Me: Babe, you are wearing a diaper, you wanna go use the potty?
Kendal: Yes, lets go to the potty!
Other people: NICE! Potty training!! GO!!!
Me: Alright, cool. C'mon then.
In the bathroom:
Kendal: Ok Mom, go ahead and sit there.
Me: I don't have to pee, we are here because YOU had to pee.
Kendal: I don't want to pee potty. You do it Mom.
Me: Um.. no. you go first.
Kendal: Oh nevermind I was think you had to go pee, Mom.

On the way home from school today Logan said "Wow! Dam" I nearly gave him a talking to about watching his mouth and looked over.. yeah. there is a dam in the canal. Kendal was sure to point out that the word was "a bad idea, Logan"

Elephant status of the day:

Logan's Elephant is grounded for the rest of the day "For visiting Kendal's room without asking."
Kendal dropped the heavy cement elephant sprinkler on toe while carrying it by the trunk. I am not sure if she's more upset about her purple toe or the broken elephant.

It was not raining OR cloudy when we got home this afternoon for the first time in weeks. The kiddie pool is out and Logan is yelling "CANNON BALL" at the top of his lungs and jumping in. Some other kid somewhere in the neighborhood is echoing him by yelling "CANNON BALL" at the top of HIS lungs and jumping into a pool. I bet our neighbors LOVE us.

Oh, and this hurts:

Around 8pm

Around 10pm

Around 10:30pm
I was too busy/tired/lazy to pick up the hose extender from the shop vac when it fell in front of the door to the garage.. This is what I get! Or local hospital SUCKS and I don't want to drive 45 min to the next closest hospital to wait in the ER and pay my $300 co-pay.. SO I'll just put it on ice and try to sleep. Walk in clinic tomorrow.. cause THAT co-pay is only $60. Take THAT insurance company. Seriously though, this hurts like crazy and I have a huge tolerance for pain (enjoyed childbirth, WHAT?!) Stay tuned on how this one plays out. I don't have time for broken feet.

Bye Bye August. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week...

Renting a home...

Wednesday our property manager came over for a bi-annual inspection. I'm pretty sure its just to make sure we aren't punching holes in the wall or letting the place go to shit. Usually I make sure its spotless around here but this time there were a couple things I didn't get around to doing. The floors were swept/vacuumed, the main living areas were free of toys and dishes. In my book, this is a big win. While walking through the house the lady asked me how many kids we have. I said "Just two, but they are capable of making the mess of ten" (that was a joke, people. Sort of) She made a grunting noise and kept walking. Loopy and Kendal were reading books together in her room. Logan was practicing his drums (WITH pants on even) I am not sure what the issue was. We aren't dirty people. ie; no trash, bugs, excessive dirt, funny smells... She implied that maybe we should look into getting the carpets shampooed. (there are no stains, not even secret ones that I covered up with furniture and stuff) Then she told me that she never had kids and never took care of them. I'm only going to say this once people:

If you complain about the state of my house because of the kids and then tell me that you never had children or cared for them, your opinion will be promptly disregarded.

Our management company is very nice, so is our Realtor that got us the place. We really like her but c'mon... Aside from having children, we passed inspection with flying colors. Sorry lady, they aren't going anywhere, we have too much fun around here!


Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary. I am not sure what to make of that. I can't say it went fast or slow. All years were present and accounted for with memories along the way.. Like I said before, there is nothing I would do differently. I wonder how many other couples can say that. I consider myself very lucky! We went out for dinner at Carrabba's in Daytona then down to the boardwalk in a failed attempt to wear out the kids.

10 Years ago...

With our best friends April and Jason
And this is us before our anniversary dinner. About a year ago Logan found my trench coat in the closet and asked why I have a "spy coat" I made him promise not to tell anyone EVER, but me and dad are spies. I changed my ringtone to play "spy music" when Loopy calls. To this day, Logan still thinks we are spies that go on secret missions when he goes to bed.

Spy Mode
 Logan knew it was our anniversary, and being that we are indeed spies, and he is trying to get accepted into "spy school" He dressed up and brought my old spy phone.
I think Kendal knows something's up.
Then we told them we can go to the arcade after dinner...

Getting there took some time, mostly because Daytona has rocks, and fountains, and a band shell, and room to spin until you hit your face on the cement benches (Kendal)

Preparing to jump off something tall (and hard) onto something hard.

I didn't make them sit like this, it just happened
and was way cuter 2 seconds earlier.

Logan explaining the fountain,
Kendal trying to get INTO the fountain.

We took a ride on the ferris wheel. Which the kids loved, eventually.
Kendal: A firework spinner? lets get on it!!
A little nervous?

Demanded a kiss to feel better.

A bit more relaxed.
Loved it, but held on like this the whole time.

Eventually we made it to the arcade, but there are no pictures of that. We were busy playing and trying not to lose the kids. The good news is that we won some tickets and remained calm enough to get some prizes with our tickets. Kendal got lizards and a top. Logan got disappearing ink. (it doesn't by the way, dammit) I guess it sounded like a good spy thing to have around. Just in case.

We agreed not to get anything for each other, but Loopy came home from work with these. Cause he's awesome.


Next week....

I have a feeling that next week will be a good one. 

We hired someone to do some pest control. (YAY) Because the black and brown widows are in a battle for territroy with the brown recluse spiders on the grill and in the garage. I decided that is probably bad. Also, there are these little ants that won't go away in the office. They feast on Kendal crumbs and are becoming quite hardy. Terminix will be here Monday to spray, unless they are scared of Hurricane Isaac, who should ALSO be here Monday. I have a feeling we'll just get more wind and rain. That's normal these days. 

Thursday I am going to a Sublime/ Cypress Hill concert with my buddy Scott. I am relatively certain I'll have a contact buzz by the time Sublime comes on. I'm pretty geeked about the show. Sublime is one of my favorite bands ever

Friday Loopy has ANOTHER Dr. appointment in Savannah. I hope the most recent bacterial infection is gone this time because Levaquin Sucks

A couple more things are in the works for the week so stay tuned

G'nite kids!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camera Phones...

Better than nothing.

9 times out of 10 when something awesome happens around here, I don't have my camera handy. That's why we have cell phones!! The camera on my phone sucks. Party because it just does and partly because there is ALWAYS something smeared on it. I usually don't notice until its too late and the moment has passed or I have already taken a gross smeary picture of kids who don't stand still long enough for my phone to focus anyway. I think that next time I get a phone I'll make sure the camera is decent. I finally figured out how to get the pictures OFF my phone and onto my computer, now they get passed to YOU. Not all at once though, cause there are like 300 of 'em. I'll do my best to put them in some sort of order or theme. No promises. Things get pretty random around here...

A little bit of Logan....

1st ever picture on my phone. Um.. yeah....

Nice Hat. It's 100degrees outside.

"This is my roller coaster face, mom"

"I don't know what happened, it just went all wrong"

Logan and his buddy Nick being 'Police Artists'
Whatever that is.
I call this his Ace Ventura Hair

Logan and his fish. Blue Doom Wroblewski

Logan and Ava. He LOVES babies.

He made a helmet for Brad's bike.

My date to the grocery store.
"Grandmas and Grandpas LOVED me"
Dressed up like dad. You can't tell
But he had bandaids all over his face.. as a beard.

Rock N Roll.
1st Day of Kindergarten.
Last Day of Kindergarten.

A little bit of Kendal....

Running errands and our first stop was the gas station
where they give out balloons. I tied it to her belt loop
and she spent the rest of the day REALLY happy.

Who doesn't love the police hat!?
it also talks and blinks by the way.
Muppet Fan


Dancing with Uncle Bubba
and a big spoon

Rockin Bike week with Momma!

Is this good mom?

Kendal sharing with her buddy Alex
Red heads, my favorite

Coffee and breakfast chat on the back porch in our Pjs
What I woke up to. She learned to turn on the Dash,
find Netflix, and watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
She can work anything with a touch screen.

This one started with a typical conversation.

Me: Kendal, where are you going with that stool.
Kendal: Over dare. (there)
Me: Please don't stack that on the toy box.
Kendal: Mom, go inside, take nap.
Me: No, I said stay down.
Kendal: Please go get me juice?
Me: Ok, don't you dare get up there! It's a bad idea.
Kendal: I don't fall down.
Me: Yes you do, A LOT. I'm watching you.
Kendal: I'm reeedy reeedy thirsty. Go inside mom.
 Less than a minute later...
Me: Kendal, this is a glass door, I can see you!
Kendal: Oh Poop. But look, I'm not falled down!

Living in Florida...

We have all kinds of interesting things to deal with. Lately its been torrential rains EVERY afternoon starting at 2ish and lasting most of the evening. No biggie, I like rain. There are also a couple storms brewing off the coast... We also get 'pests' such as....
Wolf Spiders (also carry babies on their backs!)

Demented Raccoons that bathe in your fountain.. 

Scorpions in the bathroom

Snakes in strange places.

Sometimes, FL is on fire. 

So we build indoor fort/castles

AND I have my own handsome fireman.

Most of the time, its beautiful! We spend a lot of time outside. 

fixing bikes...

playing in the yard....

losing our feet at the beach....

Filling buckets, mostly to dump em again...

sight seeing.
more sight seeing...


Sometimes, the kids get along...

Sometimes Kendal WANTS to play, but he's too busy...

"What doing Logan? Wanna swing?"
"Can't, reading."

That was a lot of pictures... 

Its late and I'm ready for bed... but first....He's some pictures of the kids sleeping in strange places and positions.