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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Kendal Post

My baby girl

Kendal Renee. 5lb 2oz angel..
See that smirk, yeah. It might be a sign of things to come.. 

You hear a lot about Logan because he's a funny guy and makes me laugh every day. So does Kendal, but she just recently started talking well enough to understand. So there isn't much to quote her on. But pictures speak 1000 words right? I might go over board here so get some popcorn. 

A little bit of personality

These kids are vastly different in about everything they do. For instance, Logan has always wanted things stacked and organized. Kendal can't deal with this. Even from a very young age. Here she is at 1yr old mean mugging her birthday guests for stacking her new toys... as intended. 
I SAID no stacking.
Must destroy


Seriously? again? not funny.

Sometimes she is downright slap happy!

Mommy, stop making me laugh!
OMG, I just peed my pants.

This is accompanied by a screeching noise only heard by dogs

We usually know that she is up to something when she makes this face.

Hrmm, what's over there. 

In my head, I am listing ALL the reasons you should buy me this Yelloween

When she makes the 'Up to something face' you will probably find her doing one of these things

Ooh, a marker! FOR MY FACE!!

Mmm, Grass
Sorry, did you want some?

Kendal, I shouldn't be able to see you
right now.

That explains it.

Push me!


What do you mean this isn't how you use it?

Once upon a time, she ate food.. With gusto.

Mmm, wings.

Double fisted goodness

SO. happy. to. eat.

nom nom nom

Kendal LOVES Disney

Bottoms up, like a boss

Ready to take it on!


Disney give you a sense of Freedom.. to strip and run naked in the grass.

On her birthday at Planet Hollywood. Her name was on the giant screens. She was flattered.

Both the kids love vacations and know how to have a good time

Running off something tall onto something hard.
I've got this down. 


Celebrate life, by spinning until you fall down.

She has a twin.. well sort of. 

Her name is Marissa and is one of Logan's girlfriends. Its no secret that I love red heads. I dated a few back in the day, I married one, I birthed one. One of my best friends is a red head. So are both her adorable daughters. Here's Kendal and Mar dressed alike. K was about 18 months, Mar was about 4yrs old. 

Here's some more random cuteness.

In no particular order, with explanation.. where possible.

6months old, workin the camera
Some things won't change

This hair style also
brought to you by a
Zhu Zhu pet. It ate her other pigtail.
We don't allow them in the house anymore.
This hair style brought to you by a Zhu Zhu pet


Who knew cabbage patch kids ate dirt?

IF you're going to eat "people food" have witnesses.

Giving me a knuckle sandwich

Jessie the sucker junkie
Tinkerbell the sucker Junkie

Pumpkin head

Wait, I gotta new message. 
Why are you all laughing?

That was a lot of work.

Here are a couple more recent Kendal-isms.

Went to see the new Ice Age movie....

Kendal: Lets watch it again, right now, get more tickets.
Loopy: Maybe later, you really liked that huh?
Kendal: Oh yes! Dat's great movie.
Loopy: What was your favorite part?
Kendal: The funny monkey.
Loopy: You mean Gutt? The bad guy?
Kendal: Yes. He's so funny. Oh that siddy siddy monkey.
Almost as lovable as Gmork the Water Buffalo

Yeah. she likes the villain the most. Not surprised.. again.

Manipulator in training.

Kendal: Mom, more yogurt juice please.(Danimal smoothies)
Me: No, you already had 2. No more.
Kendal. Ok mom
*wanders off
Kendal: (whispering) Dad, more yogurt juice please.
Me: I can hear you, I said no.
Kendal: I talking to DAD... please more Dad?
Loopy: Mom said no.
Kendal gives me her evil look.
it looks just like this... 

or this.

Ok, that's all for now. She's napping and I need lunch. Talk to ya'll later :)

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