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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The NeverEnding Story


One of the most quotable movies ever.

I love this movie. I have loved it since I was a kid and know the whole thing word for word. Kendal recently rediscovered it on the shelf and we've been watching it for a couple days. (you know, nonstop) Logan is having a hard time grasping the concept. Obviously The Nothing is some sort of weather pattern, but is it a hurricane? Where does everything go? Does it just break apart or blow away? Is there lightening from the clouds because they LOOK like thunder clouds? How does that big dog-dragon fly without wings. Is the story real to him? What name does Sebastian give the empress at the end? It goes on and on. I got the Ebook so we can read it together and hopefully it will clear some things up for him.. or confuse him more. We'll see. 
Upset that the cover is different. 

Kendal just accepts it. She wants a Luck Dragon and finds the Gmork cute. She calls the Gmork a water buffalo. Maybe because Atreyu was off hunting the Blue Buffalo? Who knows. She also says bless you every time the giant turtle thing sneezes. (Allergic to humans) I thought she was going to cry when the horse sunk into the Swamp of Sadness. At any rate, she's very into the movie and I am enjoying it. Ask me again in a couple weeks when I have watched it another 500 times. 
He is SUCH a cute Water Buffalo, mom! I want one.

These two kids obviously have very different thought processes. Logan has a habit of trying to argue with how Kendal sees life. I try to tell him that you can't argue with a person's imagination. For example, last night they were playing with a toy lawn mower. Logan said it was a berry picker and Kendal said it was a kind of RC car. (like on Toy Story) Logan got mad because she didn't pretend HIS way. I told him that it is infact a lawn mower and they just have different imaginations. Which brought us to this conversation.

Logan: Why are you always right?
Me: Cause I'm a mom.
logan: I knew you were going to say that. Is it because parents have more knowledge than kids?
Me: Exactly. 
Logan: oh man. Thats rough.

Maybe he's finally getting it, although I am not sure I feel smarter than him when he uses words like "knowledgeable".  I'm sure this realization wont last but I'll take what I can get.

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