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Monday, August 6, 2012

Top ten things I'd tell my ten years ago self...

Or at least that was the intention of the post...

A friend suggested this for today's topic. Here's the problem. I can't think of 10 things. I have a philosophy of no regrets and it works for me.10 years ago this month I got engaged, packed up, got married, and moved to FL. I don't regret that and wouldn't tell myself to do it any differently. I am not perfect and I haven't made all the best choices along the way, but I am where I am because of it all. I have a great husband who is the father of our two amazing kids. 

I do have a couple things I would have told myself along the way. 

Lock up your bikes, fool! You live across the street from the ghetto. (when we were in Daytona) Also, lock the back door... and that security guard is probably the one that stole all your shit!

You don't NEED to buy that house, see if there are any rental houses available.(that was one My Sister-in-law suggested) She is right, we both bought a money pit at the height of the real estate boom. I thought I needed that because my husband told me he wanted a house before kids. I was willing to do whatever it took. Baby fever makes you do some crazy stuff. Like commit to a house for 30+ years. The walls were literally falling down within 2 years. However it was the perfect place to start a family together. Until I'm ready to retire, I won't buy another home.

Watch what you say. I am an open book and speak my mind often. I don't regret anything I've said. Maybe HOW I've said it. If my words hurt you, I'm sorry. I probably didn't mean to say it that way. It sounded like a good idea at the time. If I said something and you are holding a grudge, lemme know so I can either make it right or stand my ground. This is still a work in progress for me. But its also part of who I am and that wont change. Tricky, eh? In fact if I were to go back 20yrs I would have told me to speak my mind back then and never stop.

Long story short...

I am ok with who and where I am today. That might not be the case 10yrs from now, but as of RIGHT now, I'm happier than I've ever been. I asked Loopy what he would tell himself 10yrs ago.. Just to see if I've missed something (Cause we make the decisions together) and he agreed. 10yrs ago is when things started to get better for us. He had a couple good ones for himself, but that's not for me to broadcast to the world. 

This was a fun post to consider and made me grateful for what I have. Sorry if it wasn't funny. Would you like to see a picture of the bird costume Logan made out of tape and tissue paper? Sure ya do!

I'm open to more suggestions! What do you wanna hear about?

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