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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camera Phones...

Better than nothing.

9 times out of 10 when something awesome happens around here, I don't have my camera handy. That's why we have cell phones!! The camera on my phone sucks. Party because it just does and partly because there is ALWAYS something smeared on it. I usually don't notice until its too late and the moment has passed or I have already taken a gross smeary picture of kids who don't stand still long enough for my phone to focus anyway. I think that next time I get a phone I'll make sure the camera is decent. I finally figured out how to get the pictures OFF my phone and onto my computer, now they get passed to YOU. Not all at once though, cause there are like 300 of 'em. I'll do my best to put them in some sort of order or theme. No promises. Things get pretty random around here...

A little bit of Logan....

1st ever picture on my phone. Um.. yeah....

Nice Hat. It's 100degrees outside.

"This is my roller coaster face, mom"

"I don't know what happened, it just went all wrong"

Logan and his buddy Nick being 'Police Artists'
Whatever that is.
I call this his Ace Ventura Hair

Logan and his fish. Blue Doom Wroblewski

Logan and Ava. He LOVES babies.

He made a helmet for Brad's bike.

My date to the grocery store.
"Grandmas and Grandpas LOVED me"
Dressed up like dad. You can't tell
But he had bandaids all over his face.. as a beard.

Rock N Roll.
1st Day of Kindergarten.
Last Day of Kindergarten.

A little bit of Kendal....

Running errands and our first stop was the gas station
where they give out balloons. I tied it to her belt loop
and she spent the rest of the day REALLY happy.

Who doesn't love the police hat!?
it also talks and blinks by the way.
Muppet Fan


Dancing with Uncle Bubba
and a big spoon

Rockin Bike week with Momma!

Is this good mom?

Kendal sharing with her buddy Alex
Red heads, my favorite

Coffee and breakfast chat on the back porch in our Pjs
What I woke up to. She learned to turn on the Dash,
find Netflix, and watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
She can work anything with a touch screen.

This one started with a typical conversation.

Me: Kendal, where are you going with that stool.
Kendal: Over dare. (there)
Me: Please don't stack that on the toy box.
Kendal: Mom, go inside, take nap.
Me: No, I said stay down.
Kendal: Please go get me juice?
Me: Ok, don't you dare get up there! It's a bad idea.
Kendal: I don't fall down.
Me: Yes you do, A LOT. I'm watching you.
Kendal: I'm reeedy reeedy thirsty. Go inside mom.
 Less than a minute later...
Me: Kendal, this is a glass door, I can see you!
Kendal: Oh Poop. But look, I'm not falled down!

Living in Florida...

We have all kinds of interesting things to deal with. Lately its been torrential rains EVERY afternoon starting at 2ish and lasting most of the evening. No biggie, I like rain. There are also a couple storms brewing off the coast... We also get 'pests' such as....
Wolf Spiders (also carry babies on their backs!)

Demented Raccoons that bathe in your fountain.. 

Scorpions in the bathroom

Snakes in strange places.

Sometimes, FL is on fire. 

So we build indoor fort/castles

AND I have my own handsome fireman.

Most of the time, its beautiful! We spend a lot of time outside. 

fixing bikes...

playing in the yard....

losing our feet at the beach....

Filling buckets, mostly to dump em again...

sight seeing.
more sight seeing...


Sometimes, the kids get along...

Sometimes Kendal WANTS to play, but he's too busy...

"What doing Logan? Wanna swing?"
"Can't, reading."

That was a lot of pictures... 

Its late and I'm ready for bed... but first....He's some pictures of the kids sleeping in strange places and positions.

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