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Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week...

Renting a home...

Wednesday our property manager came over for a bi-annual inspection. I'm pretty sure its just to make sure we aren't punching holes in the wall or letting the place go to shit. Usually I make sure its spotless around here but this time there were a couple things I didn't get around to doing. The floors were swept/vacuumed, the main living areas were free of toys and dishes. In my book, this is a big win. While walking through the house the lady asked me how many kids we have. I said "Just two, but they are capable of making the mess of ten" (that was a joke, people. Sort of) She made a grunting noise and kept walking. Loopy and Kendal were reading books together in her room. Logan was practicing his drums (WITH pants on even) I am not sure what the issue was. We aren't dirty people. ie; no trash, bugs, excessive dirt, funny smells... She implied that maybe we should look into getting the carpets shampooed. (there are no stains, not even secret ones that I covered up with furniture and stuff) Then she told me that she never had kids and never took care of them. I'm only going to say this once people:

If you complain about the state of my house because of the kids and then tell me that you never had children or cared for them, your opinion will be promptly disregarded.

Our management company is very nice, so is our Realtor that got us the place. We really like her but c'mon... Aside from having children, we passed inspection with flying colors. Sorry lady, they aren't going anywhere, we have too much fun around here!


Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary. I am not sure what to make of that. I can't say it went fast or slow. All years were present and accounted for with memories along the way.. Like I said before, there is nothing I would do differently. I wonder how many other couples can say that. I consider myself very lucky! We went out for dinner at Carrabba's in Daytona then down to the boardwalk in a failed attempt to wear out the kids.

10 Years ago...

With our best friends April and Jason
And this is us before our anniversary dinner. About a year ago Logan found my trench coat in the closet and asked why I have a "spy coat" I made him promise not to tell anyone EVER, but me and dad are spies. I changed my ringtone to play "spy music" when Loopy calls. To this day, Logan still thinks we are spies that go on secret missions when he goes to bed.

Spy Mode
 Logan knew it was our anniversary, and being that we are indeed spies, and he is trying to get accepted into "spy school" He dressed up and brought my old spy phone.
I think Kendal knows something's up.
Then we told them we can go to the arcade after dinner...

Getting there took some time, mostly because Daytona has rocks, and fountains, and a band shell, and room to spin until you hit your face on the cement benches (Kendal)

Preparing to jump off something tall (and hard) onto something hard.

I didn't make them sit like this, it just happened
and was way cuter 2 seconds earlier.

Logan explaining the fountain,
Kendal trying to get INTO the fountain.

We took a ride on the ferris wheel. Which the kids loved, eventually.
Kendal: A firework spinner? lets get on it!!
A little nervous?

Demanded a kiss to feel better.

A bit more relaxed.
Loved it, but held on like this the whole time.

Eventually we made it to the arcade, but there are no pictures of that. We were busy playing and trying not to lose the kids. The good news is that we won some tickets and remained calm enough to get some prizes with our tickets. Kendal got lizards and a top. Logan got disappearing ink. (it doesn't by the way, dammit) I guess it sounded like a good spy thing to have around. Just in case.

We agreed not to get anything for each other, but Loopy came home from work with these. Cause he's awesome.


Next week....

I have a feeling that next week will be a good one. 

We hired someone to do some pest control. (YAY) Because the black and brown widows are in a battle for territroy with the brown recluse spiders on the grill and in the garage. I decided that is probably bad. Also, there are these little ants that won't go away in the office. They feast on Kendal crumbs and are becoming quite hardy. Terminix will be here Monday to spray, unless they are scared of Hurricane Isaac, who should ALSO be here Monday. I have a feeling we'll just get more wind and rain. That's normal these days. 

Thursday I am going to a Sublime/ Cypress Hill concert with my buddy Scott. I am relatively certain I'll have a contact buzz by the time Sublime comes on. I'm pretty geeked about the show. Sublime is one of my favorite bands ever

Friday Loopy has ANOTHER Dr. appointment in Savannah. I hope the most recent bacterial infection is gone this time because Levaquin Sucks

A couple more things are in the works for the week so stay tuned

G'nite kids!!

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