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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I've Been Lazy

Not Busy

I was going to blog this week, I swear! But then I got lazy and didn't. I know that you all have been waiting with bated breath for the next great thing to come out of the crazy Wroblewski household. Sorry to let you down. 

First of all

Happy Belated birthday to my Mommy. She turned 60 this week. Here she is jumping on the bed after hiking in Vale, Co.

I thought the first day of school was a big deal....

Logan's first day of school seems to have gone well. Here he is in the way too bright morning sun posing for me. 
Mooooom, it's too sunny this early in the morning!

1st Grade here we come

Wait mom, like this!

I say it seems to have gone well because I am not sure. Drawing information out of him is sometimes a daunting task. This is how our conversation went on the way home after the first day.

Me: LOGAN!! We missed you, how was your first day of first grade? 
Logan: Oh you know, same old same old. 
Me: But you have never been in first grade before, how can it be the same as always?
Logan: It's school, mom. 
Me: Well, did you meet new people?
Logan: Yeah.
Me: What are their names?
Logan: I forgot.
Me: Did you learn about eachother? 
Logan: I don't remember.
Me: Who did you eat lunch with?
Logan: I think his name was Ivan. 
Me: Is he nice. 
Logan: I guess. LOOK, A big truck.

End of conversation. That's all I get. 1st thing he did when he got home was strip to his underwear and lay on the couch. *sigh* His teacher posted a couple pictures of their first day on her webpage... The other kids at the table are paying attention and smiling ect... Not my kid. he was in the middle of the worlds biggest yawn with is nose stuck in a book about planets. *sigh*  Their assignment that day was to trace their hand and the finish this sentence. 

On the first day of school ___________________________
He filled in the blank with "Logan was very tired." 
Yes, I see that. 
The night before: "I'm not TIRED, why do I have to go to bed?"

The second day was much the same. 

So...earlier bedtime then? The only problem is that at 2:45 we go sit in the car rider line for 30minutes. This is right about the time that Kendal is normally lazing on the couch wanting to doze off. At home I can rile her up and go play but that's hard to do in a slow moving line of 150 cars! She ends up napping, stays asleep when we get home and then isn't so tired for early bedtime. This keeps Logan awake, then I get more sleepy head pictures from school...We'll get adjusted eventually, right? Maybe I'll just bring a big bag of candy to feed her while we sit in line, that should keep her up... Parent fail? No my friends, it's survival. 

Next Week....

I'll be posting pictures and maybe a couple videos that were lost in the archives of my phone. My camera phone sucks, but its there for when I forget the real one. That happens A LOT. The only thing is that there are about 300 on my phone and no easy way to transfer them. BOO. They are currently uploading, at a snails pace, to Dropbox. Stay tuned for that goodness. 

Also next week Thursday is our 10 year wedding anniversary. YAY US!! Here's the thing, last year we both totally forgot our anniversary. OOPS. Around 2am the next day one of us (don't honestly remember who) said "Hey, Happy Anniversary.. 2hrs late" Then we laughed and shrugged it off.  

So if you all could do me a favor and at least TRY to remind me this year, Thanks.

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