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Thursday, November 7, 2013

October: A Summary.


This month has always been busy for us. So many festivals, company, events, parties, trick or treating.. this year we through in camping, you know.. for good measure. So I'll try to take it week by week and keep things moving along. This will likely take me WEEKS to complete. Or perhaps hours and I won't go to bed tonight. Its been known to happen. 
*I dropped my camera and broke it several months ago. I've been using my phone. 
** I dropped my phone several weeks ago and broke it. I'm still using it, but the pictures are horrible. 

Week 1

Logan came home sick from school. No fever but was crying (loudly) in the office when I got there because he felt sick. He shuffled in the door and promptly passed out on the couch. Strange.

Playdough day!

Logan's ship, island, road, and treasure chest. Elvis the playdough ninja WAS harmed in the making of this picture.

One of my finer creations... 

Jake and the Neverland Pirate playdogh world

At some point this week Congress decided they don't like the rules of the game so they stomped their feet and went home or on vacation for a couple weeks. I'm putting this in here only as a time reminder. It was a huge waste of time and money and pretty much proved America is a trainwreck.

After a long hiatis for the Tooth Fairy Logan lost his 3rd tooth. The bottom ones fell out at the beginning of 1st grade and it was another year before the front ones got loose. Which sucked because they have cavities and I wasn't going to pay $100's to fix teeth that didn't bother him a couple months before they fell out anyway. 

Soooo Logan's friend Joel (pronounced Jo-El,  like Noel) came over to play one evening while me and his mom priced consignment stuff and drank wine. 
They are karate buddies and were upstairs practicing some new moves..

 Logan was playing too rough. Joel told him to stop a few times and then we heard screaming. Joel thrust punched Logan's tooth out. Blood everywhere. Logan reacted like his whole face was caving in. He had fair warning. 

Shortly after our friends left  he was fine and smiling again... 

My biggest 'mom pet peeve' is sitting down, getting situated with my coffee and laptop and hearing "MOOOOOM!!! Can you come here?! I NEEED HEEEELP" 
"I can't reach the snack on the top shelf, can you get it for me?" 
"Mom, I need help, I have a butt issue" 
I just want to sit down. In silence. By myself.

I have a running joke (well not a joke really. Its annoying as hell) with my friend Kari. Every time we are going to hang out, either planned or spontaneous, one of our kids spikes a fever, produces thick green snot, or projectile vomits hours before said playdate. October 5th was no exception. Kari had NO idea why her kid was suddenly puking every where. Then it dawned on us. Me and Loopy were on the way out the door for a concert and Carol Ann called to say an extra ticket had become available. THIS was her status update that evening. I am truly sorry Kari. Next time. I swear. 
"I now know why my children decided to throw vomit in the mix today! They knew Kara had a ticket to the Black Crowes with my name on it tonight. How do they always know???"
Meanwhile at the concert much fun was had by all.

 <---Sangria Time

Part of our concert crew --->

 <---I love that guy

CARL! Our new concert buddy-->

 <---- They's in love

 We's in love too --->

<---Shenanigans! --->

I love concerts so very much. If you ever have the chance to see the Black Crowes I highly recommend it. Some of the best live performers you'll ever see. So happy and great jam music!

Back to reality and momdom the next day!

Logan and Kendal come in the house...
Logan: Dad,can we have the keys to your car?
Dad: no.
Logan: We aren't necessarily going to drive it, we just want to try something
Dad: no, that is just a terrible idea.
Logan: Its just a little game we thought up..
Dad: No.
Logan: we'll have to try something else Kendal. Hey mom...

This pretty much sums up growing up with a nurse mom. Once I was having asthma issues and she told me to run around the house a few times then ride my bike to the Dr. office so I'd be GOOD and wheezy for Dr. Hines when I got there. *gasping, coughing...*

Good news: Kendal let me sleep until 9:30 this morning and just played games quietly on the computer until I woke up.
Bad news: Kendal is supposed to be at school at 9:00

Kendal: Don't shoot me.
Logan: I wasn't going to
Kendal: Oh my gosh. I guess I better use a machine gun. I have to load this thing and get my treasure back. Wheere's that brother? LOOOOGGAAAAANNN. I'm coming for you! Mom, can you pump this so I can shoot him a lot of times?

Today Loopy put in for his end of year vacation time. Dec 19th- Jan 2nd and NOONE flinched, set ultimatums, or vowed to make the month prior to vacation a living hell. *Real world win of the week*.
Next week will be the year anniversary of leaving The Bad Place and we haven't regretted a moment of it. I still recommend this "real world" thing for those of you still trapped.

Week 2

Logan's pleading apology note after screaming at me like a psycho banshee when I wouldn't give him answers to his vocab homework. Still, no.

Woke up this morning and my phone was blowing up on text, facebook, and ringing constantly. I thought something bad had happened. Nope. Everyone just wants to say hello. HI EVERYONE!! I'll answer messages in the order they were received.

Logan lost a tooth last week. His other front one is just dangling there, grossing me out. Sunday he knocked it sideways and FREAKED OUT. Instead of just pulling it out he tried to straighten it out and now its even MORE dangly. Kendal is now terrified that her teeth are going to fall out. She keeps brushing them and checking to see if they are firmly in place.

Headed to Wal-Mart with Prince Arthur Snaggle-tooth and Princess Kendal Princess.

Watching Never-ending Story in the car and Kendal asked me to change the movie in the DVD player because she's in the mood for something that ends.
She chose Toy Story 2... which has a sequel..

Internet Explorer makes me feel stabby and almost causes my laptop to fly through the window. Every. Time. Companies who run websites on this POS need to be bitch smacked. That is all.

Just for fun I took a facebook poll of my friends (many of whom are also Loopy's friends) and asked if he should finally get his own dang facebook page. 
"Lets take a vote. Who thinks Loopy should get his own facebook page and stop highjacking mine? He is always reading over my shoulder and telling me to click things or add stuff.... It is time." 
 59 likes and numerous comments later, he still doesn't have his own page and he is still looking over my shoulder. We'll get him eventually.

Logan lost another tooth. It fell out when he was sleeping and we couldn't find it anywhere. So he wrote a note to the toothfairy to explain what happened.

I forgot to put Kendal's lunch box in her bag today. Her teacher called to let me know. When I dropped it off she didn't notice me talking to the teacher so I said "Hey Kendal, I found your lunch box" she looked up and said "WHAT THE HECK!?" Now all the kids in her class have a new hilarious phrase they won't stop repeating. Oops.. My bad.

The good thing about being too lazy to get groceries is that the fridge is empty enough to clean the shelves without removing anything.
Always look on the bright side of life!
*you know you sang along and then whistled along.
** I only cleaned one shelf.. and it was a half ass job.

Mega Stuff Oreos. This should be standard.

Walking home from the bus stop today we were all in a line holding hands with Kendal in the middle. The kids were laughing and talking about their days. It was a great 'mom' moment. So I said "Wow, I love you guys, it's nice to walk together like this. You are both great kids" before I finished that sentence Kendal leaned over and wiped her nose all the way down my arm and they both started laughing maniacally and wiping their noses on me and each other. Moment over.

Its 9pm and Kendal just came downstairs to tell me she lost a tooth. Nope, they are all still there and now she's brushing them just to be sure they stay there until tomorrow. Wonder if they were selling Go The Fuck To Sleep at the book fair I forgot to take the kids to tonight.

I got bored and had a little fun on JibJab. This is where you take pictures of your friends or family and paste their faces on funny little dancing animations. Its free, but just this one song.. and it costs money to download.. and I'm cheap. So I'll post the links here to enjoy for the short period of time before JibJab deletes them...
So, In honor of Loopy's one year freedomaversary and our first ever induction ceremony I give you "I Will Survive":   Part 1     Part 2      Part 3

Logan: look mom, it's America. (Rips paper)
Somebody call Abraham Lincoln!
Me: what?
Logan: because he puts the county back together!
Now he is doing math for fun while eating lunch. This is not my child

One day we thought it would be fun to go on a hunt for Halloween decorations. Some of our neighbors started putting things out weeks ago and Loopy was feeling a little behind the ball. AND me and Loopy still needed costumes. We went to a couple places with little luck in the dress up department and a few decor pieces. Kendal was scared to death of most animated stuff that jumps, screams, howls, or creaks. Until she found Clowny.

It was clear we weren't leaving the store without him. And we certainly wouldn't be able to shop without having him there to protect her. Soooo, in the spirit of Halloween. We adopted this lovable creature.

Here she is telling us about how amazing he is all the way home.

Then they bonded over squishies. 

"He's just so happy! See!?"

We have bed time ghouls around here. Kendal chose a scary clown, Logan chose a boo ghost like from super mario.

Headed to the pumpkin patch.
Logan: why are we getting off at the Mount Dora exit? This place is named after the worst preschool show EVER.

Grandma and John were with us at the pumpkin patch. It's the same place we went for a Christmas tree with the Nance family last year. Petting Zoo and ponies were first on the agenda!

Then on to a giant inflatable pillow thing. Once Kendal got the hang of it she had a great time sitting and bouncing. I tried to get more picture of Logan but my camera phone isn't fast enough.

*Note to self. No dresses on the bouncy pillow next time.

Me and Loopy played on the zip line while Grandma and John took the kids on hayrides and on more hoarse rides.

Then came pumpkin selection and failed photo ops.

 I'm so allergic to all things farm. The hay, the dust... I can't breath there or for days after. Ugh. Too bad fun things happen in the fall on farms so I'm going to power through. Where should we go next weekend? *cough wheeze gasp*

End Part 1.

Looks like that's as far as I'm going to get for tonight. Its 3am (as always) and I'm so dang tired! Still have to make lunch for Logan tomorrow. YAAAAWWWWWNNNN