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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This week is ridiculous.


This has been one of the most emotionally draining weeks I have had in a long time. Extreme happiness followed by terrible news, followed by great news, immediately followed by less awesome news and so on. All intermingled with the usual goings on of child rearing and family maintenance. I'll try to start where we left off. Bear with me.

Friday. Guys night out.. sort of

I've mentioned that Loopy is an amazing guitarist. A couple years ago he was in a group called Category 5. The former members were performing at a local beachy bar so I decided it would be fun to go see the old crew. They have since changed the name to Dewy Rose (the story behind that name is pretty funny) Loopy isn't into the bar scene and fell asleep on the couch, so I asked our friend Ian to go. His wife Jessica is currently in MI and about to become and aunt. (YAY!!) 
LEEEEAN to the left. 

So Ian was excited to go and our friends Grubbs and Scott  were at his house and were also down for some entertainment. So we had in impromptu guys night out. 

These boys don't hold back.

After some sing a long action and greasy drunk food at Denny's I came home to upload these awesome pictures but my laptop charger died. Can I just say that I hate sharing Loopy's computer? If he's not home, a kid is playing games or watching "Fail" videos on youtube. PLUS he has this ergonomic keyboard that is just wrong. I can't find any of the right keys on there, ever. 

Saturday is cleaning day!

I haven't been able to clean my floors or do regular house work for 3 weeks now. That means that it just hasn't been done. I got sick of picking crumbs, tape, and unidentifiable stuff off my foot brace so I decided this has to get done. Kendal was super excited to help. 

Kendal was the one to forget pants this day.

With a little encouragement from Happy Green Monster she did a great job.. on that one spot for a long time.


End of weekend.

Sunday morning Logan woke up early to make me coffee. He LOVES to make my coffee. He told me that he put extra love in every spoonful. I really believe he did because it was perfect. I am pretty sure he has potential to be the best child ever in the world.

Sunday night I remembered that he was assigned a 'Life Timeline' project 2 weeks ago that I didn't get around to starting with him. So that took up most of our evening. Until this blog and facebook status updates I didn't record anything that happened in his young life.
When did he first roll over? I dunno.
When did he sit up on his own? I dunno.
When did he start walking? hmmmm.
I know when he got potty trained! We'll put that on there.
I admitted my laziness on facebook and all the other 1st grade moms from his school also put it off until the last minute. It always makes me feel better to know I'm not the only procrastinator.

Monday again.

Here's where things start to get interesting. I finally got a referral to a podiatrist. YAY. But the appointment is not until November 5th. BOO. I told them my situation and they simply could not get me in sooner. I called Dr. Feelgood about a orthopedic referral because that is what everyone told me I should do. I didn't get a reply. I probably forgot to leave my name in the message or something stupid like that. They close at 2pm so... figuring out how to NOT walk on a broken foot for another month will have to wait. 

I gave up on getting anywhere with that nonsense so me and Kendal went outside to blow bubbles instead. 

Apparently when Logan was suppose to be making pictures for his 'Life Timeline' on Sunday he was drawing happy feet. So him and Kendal decided to put on a puppet show for me. 

It occurred to me Logan is off school Thursday and Friday. We were talking about making Loopy's appointment in Savannah on Monday a family thing.. Now I have a strong urge to take a long weekend to see fall colors. I have an amazing ability to plan a memorable vacation for any number of people to any town in the country in 10min or less. By that evening I had talked Loopy into taking Friday off and booked a long weekend vacation in Stone Mountain GA then over to Tybee Island in time for his appointment on Monday morning. I consider this a huge win. 

Later that night me and Loopy were on the back porch enjoying a glass of wine while discussing our big plans. The kids were playing relatively nicely together and we relished in the moment. Kendal came skipping outside and very clearly asked Loopy to put his wine into her sippy cup so she can drink it all gone. We are in trouble with this girl, I'm tellin' ya.

I did not like Tuesday. Not. One. Bit.

Tuesday I got up and fired up the desktop beast and checked my usual emails, blog stuff, facebook ect. After some quick stalking and poking around I discovered that my friend Ben was reported missing on Sunday. PLEASE read more about that HERE and HERE. Those are links to information about Ben and also, on a personal note, it deserved its own post.

Then I picked Logan up from school and had a big long note from his teacher that he doesn't do his writing work. Seriously what the heck does my kid do for 2 hours at school instead of his work? He has an hour before and an hour after lunch to complete an assignment that takes him 10 minutes at home. When this started happening a couple weeks ago I suggested that he miss recess when his work isn't done. That was definitely not effective. He blames the kids around him for talking too much. His teacher says he looks around the room or stares into space. *sigh* I got some great input from other parents, teachers and friends about ways to help him focus. He can write anything, spell anything, read anything. Just has a lack of motivation.. then again, we all must remember that he is 6.

Things kept going downhill from there...

Kendal is slowly and sneakily dragging everything she owns to the office and living room.. Then running like a psycho through the house throwing and scattering figurines, animals, play food, dinosaurs and everything else everywhere. Its been going on ALL day. She has dumped her Little People box on the living room floor and is throwing them over the couch yelling "WATCH OUT BELOW" and "BOMBS AWAY" Maybe we should cut back on Pirates of the Carribean viewings. 

Loopy is working late. It is 8pm and I just made a fresh pot of coffee. My patience is wearing thin. Only a couple more hours and they'll all be sleeping, right?

Two hours later....


One hour later...

Find a happy place.

Screw it, I'm switching to Sangria.

Heres my happy place and all the dishes I plan to ignore
until at LEAST tomorrow.

I spy bagel chips, a burnt out candle, a magazine I can't afford to purchase from, a rock, an ankle brace, broken crayons, unfinished homework, 24 hours worth of dishes, and the magic that makes it ALL turn invisible: BOGO sangria from publix!!

Then this cheered me right up. It helped me realize I am not the only one with crazy children and endless things to maintain. Its sheer genius and I agree with EVERY word. Stick with it past the ads. SO worth it.

Parents rap about maintaining their household by videosonlytube

Loopy left work at midnight. I am not sure what the major emergency was or what kept him there for 16 hours but it better not become a regular thing again. I won't say anymore about that right now. It never ends well. 

Every week!

I find myself saying is it REALLY only Wednesday!? 

We have a morning routine when we get up. First, we make coffee. Then we brush our teeth. Sometimes when we brush our teeth Kendal brings tiny animals. Today she decided that her "long neck dinosaur" and "littlest elephant'' needed a bath. So she filled the sink and splashed away while I did her hair. I was looking at my handiwork in the mirror when I noticed the sink was too full. I though to myself 'luckily there is a safety drain on sinks'. I looked at my pretty little girl in the mirror, then down at the safety drain hole and saw some very long ugly spikey insect legs reaching up around the edge of the drain. After making an involuntary noise I told Kendal her animals were clean, all done. Curiosity got the best of me and I went back after coffee to investigate. 

Scorpion Butt
Later tonight Loopy found him chillin' on the drain again. Egads. 

Hello Sir.

Today I got a barrage of phone calls that I have been waiting for. Staples called to tell me my laptop charger finally came in. YAY!! I got a hold of a couple orthopedic doctors in the area who said they don't take care of broken feet. So I called a couple podiatrists and found one that can take me tomorrow. YAY!! 

We headed to Staples to get the charger where she had the happiest freak out ever because she found a container of sour gummy bears on display. She made a HUGE scene jumping up and down yelling "I FINALLY FOUND THEM MOM!! THEY ARE HERE!! Oh I just love these gummies, please put them here, pay for them, eat them all gone. I love this so much. I hug them. I won't drop them like this (drop) Oh, that bad idea. I'll put them here and pay them." All this in painfully cute bouncing up and down preschooler voice with pigtails flying. If I didn't buy them, the old lady next to me at the register would have. Guess who got a big ass box of gummies?

After passing ALL the gas stations, restaurants, and stores, she said Mom, I have to pee. So we stopped at my friend's consignment shop to use her bathroom. While I was there my girly doctor called to let me know my thyroid ultrasound results are in. I have nodules on my thyroid. WTF are nodules you say? Go google it. I have to see 'Hot Doctor' the ENT on Tuesday to figure out what to do about that fiasco. But they were sure to inform me that she doesn't do Thyroid surgery, so if it has to be removed they will refer me elsewhere. Wait, what? One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Then we went to get Logan

Logan: Mom, I got all my school work done and got a 'good' today. I got to play at recess. Then this girl in my class took a book from the library without asking and when I told her I like the book she hit me really hard on the arm with it. I cried and Mrs. Spires wrote all about it in my planner. Can we go on a date tonight because I did my work? And can we stop and get my new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book? And a journal that I can write in? 
Kendal: Logan, I am trying to watch this Pirates of the Caribbean movie, stop talking.
Logan: Look Kendal, I haven't talked to mom all day and I have things to say.
Kendal: Close. Your. Mouth.

After agreeing to date night, getting this dang computer charged, doing the dishes that reappeared this morning. getting everyone drinks and snacks and agreeing on something to watch, I was happily sitting on my comfy couch working away and Kendal brought me her guitar. She wanted me to help her get things out of it. Inside she had stuffed 3 crayons, some paper and a tiny turtle and some dice. It is REALLY hard to get a bouncy ball out of a guitar. When you shake it glitter comes out.

Things quickly got rowdy so I sent them outside to play. I left the bubbles sitting out so in a matter of minutes the kids were all slimy and gross and into the bath they went. Together. Willingly. Weird. I suggested that we all go out for dinner together to a benefit at a local restaurant for a little boy who has cancer. Kendal was not happy that I was talking to dad when SHE was obviously playing with him. She told me to stop talking, close my mouth, and leave the room. So glad she learned to talk. 

SO me and Logan headed to Panera Bread and the book store. 

My kid who can't focus on his schoolwork has already started writing in his journal and blasted through 68 pages of his new book. 

Kendal and Loopy went on a shopping date instead of dinner. Since Loopy needed a couple things and she loves to shop they both came back happy. That's all that matters. 

Its late and I have a lot to do tomorrow. Night all!

Please Help

I don't know what to say. I'm just gonna wing it.

Benjamin Gallas:
6’2″ , 175lbs, brown hair and blue eyes.
Last seen in Bridgman, MI on 9/20
Reported missing to authorities on 9/23
Tuesday morning I found out that my friend Ben Gallas is missing. He was at his mom's house on Thursday and then just left without his stuff. Every redneck blue-collar guy doesn't leave home without his emergency supplies. (pocket knife, little bottle opener, rucksack, ID, phone) Ben left it all behind. Sunday he didn't show up for visitation with his daughter. His ex wife, April suggested they file a missing persons report. Ben never misses his day with Belle. They adore each other.

Benji and Annabelle 

I have known Ben for a long time. I was there when he married my best friend, April. He called me while April was giving birth because I couldn't get there in time. I was in MI within days of Annabelle being born. Me and Loopy are Belle's Godparents. I was the one he called when he was not sure how to handle April. April called me when she wasn't sure how to handle Ben. I listened to them when there were problems and was there for them when they got a divorce. He usually called, texted, or emailed me when something important happened or he came up with one of his harebrained ideas. He called me crying when his best friend died of a heroin overdose. Its been too long since I have heard from him. Something isn't right. I don't like this gut feeling. 

So far they have no leads. He is simply gone. I hate sitting here playing out different scenarios in my head and not knowing. I dread having to go to MI to console my beautiful god-daughter and my best friend because something terrible happened. 

Is he just hiding out at someone's house? Was he abducted? Did he check into a rehab? Is he back on the west coast? Please tell me he didn't really run away with the circus. There are so many questions. 

I don't know how to feel about it. I am pissed off for April. I am devastated for Belle, it is breaking her heart.  No matter how this turns out, she will remember every moment for the rest of her life. I am angry with Ben for making stupid selfish choices. I am terrified that this isn't going to have a happy ending. 

If you happen to be reading this and have seen or heard from Ben, please contact myself or any of these:

Berrien County Sheriff's Department : (269) 983-7141
Baroda Township Police Department at (269) 465-3258
Anyone wishing to leave an anonymous tip or sighting may do so by using *67, and calling (269) 612-7884.  No questions will be asked, and you will not be required to leave a name or number.

For more information click Here

Ben, if you see this. Please just let me know you are ok or if you need help. Right now I don't care where you are. I want to know that you aren't dead.

Sadly Ben's body was found on his parents property on October 4th 2012. The death was ruled a suicide.Toxicology reports have not been disclosed at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family always. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Busy week

And by not broken... 

We actually mean broken! I went to see Dr. Feelgood on Tuesday and he looked at me funny when I said the Urgent Care clinic told me my foot wasn't broken. He showed me the note from the radiologist and it clearly said "Bone Fragments of the 4th metatarsal visible." Usually, and correct me if I'm wrong, in order to have fragments of something solid it had to have broken.. Right? After a short deliberation over whether it would help to bother with a podiatrist or not I decided it would probably be a good idea. Just to make sure it doesn't feel like this forever. I am sure it wasn't good for me to walk on it like this for almost a month but I really didn't have a choice. We'll see what happens next I suppose. Since I did't hear back from them this week I'll have to call Monday to see what's up with that. 

I said before that I love Dr. Feelgood. He is so calm and has a dry sense of humor so we get along pretty well. He collects guitars and play regularly. This means that him and Loopy also get along really well. Dr Feelgood has been trying to get Loopy to play music with him for years but Loopy never calls him and this makes Dr. Feelgood sad. So I wrote him a prescription on his little pad (in sloppy Dr. handwriting of coarse) for "Playing music with Loopy, good for the soul" and our phone numbers.Rumor has it that a couple years ago he was pretty sick and has a different Dr. stand in for a while at the office. He let me know that Loopy has to go to his house out in BFE because he has developed a seizure disorder and can't drive for 6 months. That makes me sad because being told you can't do something so simple and have that freedom is depressing. You better believe I'll make Loopy go play classic guitars with the Good Doctor.. if he calls. 

We spent the afternoon making food out of Play-Doh with an elephant.
He ate all the spaghetti. 

Headaches. ugh.

Wednesday my big plans to hit the beach and watch wildlife was foiled by the worst migraine in years. You know the kind that make the quietest noises rattle around in your brain and then you feel like you might puke because the brain pressure is too much for humans to endure while trying to function and remain upright? One of those days. 

Here's an idea of how my day started.. before bright and early even happened. 

1am: Yaaaawn, I should go to bed.
2am: I should stop reading.
2:20am: (Kendal) I peed potty. Can't find pants. Where's dad? We are ready to go shopping. (Me) no, its still night time. Go back to bed! (Kendal, sobbing) But shopping with daaad wake him up and lets go. I found pants. (me) tomorrow. Please go to sleep 
4:15am: (Kendal) I can't find pants again and my binky is gone.
7:30am: (Kendal) Scoot over mom, I'm here for snuggles and milk.
8:05am: the boys leave for school and work.
8:30am: Loopy is back home, he has the flu.
8:45am: Another poo strike ruined by blueberries and sprinkle cookie earned. 

Loopy came home after dropping Logan off with the same headache. He stopped in the bathroom to hurl then promptly went back to bed. I got up to take the morning kid shift and pick Logan up. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to remain upright for long I stopped and got them happy meals, put them on the couch with a movie and went back to bed. Couple hours later Loopy got up and took the afternoon shift. That sucked. 

Listening to the kids hold conversations when they don't think anyone is listening is pretty funny. All parents know that 'taking a nap'  or 'resting' while the kids are not isn't really restful, we are ALWAYS listening. 

Logan: Hey, Look at my pet spider. Its a tarantula. Some bite but mine doesn't. 
Kendal: No. There is no nice spiders. (thumping noises) 
Logan: KENDAL! Stop punching my spider, please stop, its my pet!
Kendal: I have to kill it. Spiders are yucky.

That's my girl! 

Although Logan is scared to death of going ON roller coasters he has been creating them all week on a new game he found on the Wii. Until recently he didn't know how to connect the end of the coaster to the launch house.. so the cars would "fly off to their doom." His coasters were named things like "Death Trap, Coaster of Terror, and This Won't Be Good"

More doctor stuff and time out with friends. 

I woke up early to drop off Logan and get my thyroid ultra-sounded. No results from that yet, but I can say its a little unnerving to lay there for 15min knowing the technician understands what is on the screen but 'can't' say what she is or isn't seeing. It has to be reviewed by the radiologist and sent to the doctor who ordered the tests. We'll see what happens next with that. 

"its too little"

After stopping home me and Kendal went out for coffee with a friend. The people at the table next to us were breeders of exotic pets. They had a couple bearded dragons which Kendal LOVED. She spent a good portion of the time sitting down by their table cooing at the lizards. 

"His wings are missing, Mom. Dragons have wings.
Lets buy this and maybe get new wings?"
Later that night I had a sort of girls night out. We had a great time and I haven't laughed that hard (unless at my kids) in a long time. All I can say is that Thai food is yummy, karaoke is funny, my friend Adriana can sing, Luci is hilarious when you add beer and then she fell down because curbs are sneaky. Thankfully she thought it was as funny as I did or I'd be a bad friend.  She just found out at the Urgent Care that she isn't broken.. so that's good. There are no pictures of this event.. but I sort of wish there was. 


Today is Friday and that makes me happy. We got up and ventured out to Target this morning for some supplies. Kendal suggested that "Maybe we go see spooky trick or treat pumpkin and ghosts" In the Halloween section I was suggesting costumes for her this year... 

Me:Kendal, Do you want to be the girl from "Brave" for Halloween? 
Kendal: No, just the shooter, mom. (bow n arrow)
Me: Do you want to be Rapunzel? 
Kendal: No.
Me: Cinderalla? 
Kendal: Nope.
Me: a Butterfly? Lady Bug? Bee?
Kendal: NO! oooh, look a cute piggy!!
Me: THIS?! Instead of a princess?
Kendal: Yes, Wear that trick or treating.. 

I can't make this stuff up. 

She wants to be a "cute pig" with a shooter. And successfully scared the other kids out of the isle.

So far Logan still wants to be an astronaut, which is good, because he already has the costume. We still have a whole month to change our minds so who knows what will happen. 

Obviously we didn't end up going to the festival in Pensacola like we had hoped but next year maybe we can plan ahead. We'll have to see what the weekend holds for us. Its always an adventure around here. 

I can't stop staring at the scary pig face on my beautiful 3yr old... 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lets get caught up on some kid-isms, shall we?

Sept 10. a quotable bunch today.

Logan is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid to me. Kendal is on the couch with a potty training related tummy ache and Loopy just left to head back into the storm of a GoDaddy outage.

A short commentary on the above activities between me and my friend Luci. She's so witty:

1. :) good book!
2. :( bad tummy!
3. :/ go daddy isn't so go anymore!

1. I JUST gave it to him and he is on page 30.
2. She just needs to poo and get it over with.
3. It was bound to happen.

1. No shit?! Awesome!
2. No shit, literally.
3. NO.SHIT. For real.

Later that day...

Logan: Mom, only 9 more years until I'm in college!

Logan: If I was the boss at ACI, I'd let dad and his friends go home whenever they want.

Later-er that night...

Loopy: I think this wine made my feet slippery.

Sept 11. well, it was worth a shot.

Kendal keeps telling me to take a nap on the couch. I must look tired... or she is planning something I wouldn't let her get away with. As tempting as it is, I have to go get Logan.

Sept 13. Kendal time.

First we had to make and drink some coffee. She was yelling at her giraffes for talking to Emperor Zurg during coffee time. This is apparently forbidden. 

Then it was time to do a sinus rinse.. just like daddy. If she happened to inherit Dad's chronic sinus problems, she's know exactly what to do.  

"Mix it up...

Breath out Sllloooowwwwwlllly....
Like that mom!"

At lunch time Kendal was eating some chicken nuggets, having a little conversation with herself and a toy frog. Keep in mind frog sounds JUST like F**K. I wasn't saying a word. Just trying to keep a straight face. I couldn't do it.

What you doing? 
Eating chicken FROG! 
What are you taking about, Frog? 
I love this froggy chicken mom!
Where is my mother's frog?
Is this frog so funny mom?"

After some Frogging lunch we went to Starbucks so I could hang out with my awesomely witty friend Luci while Kendal jumped off some tall stuff onto some hard stuff. In this case it was unstable bricks stacked around an umbrella. Oh, she was also wearing a Folder's bucket on her head...

Sept 16. Error.

After Kendal dumped coffee on my computer and suggested "maybe next time mom should use a sippy cup" I turned it on and the 'usb device is not recognized' by my computer. I thought that by now it would recognize coffee.

Sept 17. Bodily Functions.

Although Kendal has woken up dry nearly every morning so far and hasn't had an accident since day 1 she is currently on a 3 day poo strike. She just poured herself a pint of blueberries for lunch. Strike over in 5,4,3,2...

This is how my 6yr old's brain works. They are learning about weather at school. Rain, evaporation, ect. 
Logan: Guess what I learned at school!?
Me: What? (excited because he never tells me anything)
Logan: When animals in the forest and stuff have to pee it sometimes runs off into rivers or creeks, Then it goes into lakes and evaporates into clouds, Then it rains pee from all those animals. See how its raining now? Pee.
Me: Gross. Your teacher taught you that? 
Logan: Nope, I just figured it out. I should teach that class, huh?

In other news Kendal just grabbed my pinky toe to get my attention and pulled it really hard the wrong way. Holy crap. Ouch. 

Kendal didn't give up the strike without a fight. For some reason she had serious bathroom anxiety today. It was pretty sad to watch her fight the irrational fear of messing herself and just going potty and the overwhelming need to answer the call of nature. Poor thing. Tomorrow will be better. 

Coming up this week.....

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr FeelGood about my foot because it still hurts. (Probably more than I let on.) It is also still purple. Maybe he can tell me what's going on. Also get a second opinion on whether or not my Thyroid is really enlarged. 2 birds. 1 stone. 

I have to stop and get Logan the 3rd Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. I am pretty sure he stays up reading all night because he is averaging a book every 3 days. I don't know WHERE he gets that..*Guilty face* I quiz him to see if he's paying attention to what he's reading and he seems to be following the story pretty well and hasn't had to ask me the meaning or pronunciation of words. He might be in right about starting college in 9 years. 

Wednesday Logan has a 1/2 day and I plan to hit the beach in the afternoon. I've been wanting to go hang out on the Inter-coastal and watch the dolphins while the kids dig in sand. We'll see if this actually happens. It all depends on weather (raining pee) Kendal's acceptance of nature's call, my gimpy issues, and our overall motivation. 

Thursday I have an appointment to get my Thyroid ultra-sounded. My blood-work came back normal but my girly Dr. still wants me to get it checked out.. Maybe they can utlrasound my foot at the same time. 2 birds. 1 stone.

Friday Loopy wants to drive across the state to a festival  to see Pearl Jam. We'd have to leave at noon and take the kids cause we don't have a sitter. We'll see if that actually happens. I have never had a 'normal' trip to Pensacola. I guess we can add to the collection of strange memories. 

Good night all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is it really only Wednesday?

Finally starting to cool down!

Summers and early fall around here consist of spraying kids in the face with hoses, diving into kiddie pools, and sitting in the house telling kids to close the dang doors because its 100 degrees outside with 95% humidity and torrential rains. These next few months are my favorite because it doesn't feel like we are hanging out on the equator in wool sweaters. Don't get me wrong (and don't try to talk me into moving back to MI) I LOVE Florida even in the summer. The ocean, the scenery.... I can go sit on the Inter-coastal and watch dolphins and manatees every day if I want. (why don't I do that...?) But Sept, Oct, and Nov are the best! Outdoor events every weekend, warm breezes and less rain. This week we went out and did something every day. I love it. 

But it's only Wednesday!

How can that possibly be!? I was ready to get Friday's stuff together for Logan, excited that I don't have to make a lunch because its pizza day tomorrow.. but no. Today is STILL freakin' Wednesday. 

It's been a 1/2 hour, don't think its gonna happen.
Please go to bed. It's 1am.
This weekend we didn't do anything because Kendal was still in potty training days #2 and #3. Risky to be in public places when she hadn't mastered this yet. She is doing so much better than I expected. She has had a couple accidents at night but daytime is not an issue. Hooray for progress. My only issue is bedtime. For about a year she has been great at bedtime. Goes right to her room, read stories, and we don't see her til morning. NOW she goes to her room, reads stories, has to pee, lays down for 10 minutes and has to pee.. it goes on and on. As I type this at nearly 1am she is sitting on the toilet trying to avoid going back to bed. (see photo) This too shall pass.. right? Today she earned her poo on the potty present. Bribes are awesome and when candy isn't enough, we offer gifts. Learning to #2 sitting down can't be easy after doing it standing or laying down (babies) for 3 years so I consider it a gross milestone. I was happy this phase didn't last 2 months like it did for Logan! Anyway, we went to Target and she chose a mini-mouse/ pet figurine set. So easy to please!

Mondays. Yuck.

Every morning Kendal wakes me up wanting to play games. Today she wanted to play ping pong at the table. Loopy found this relic on Ebay a few years ago because we each had them as kids. The box says it is from 1982. Judging from the well dressed and over excited families on the cover I would say that is about right. 

This is Happy Green Monster Puppet. He likes ping pong

Yeah.. That's how you hold it.

I had a few hours to myself in the afternoon thanks to a Dr. Appointment in St. Augustine. It was the girly type that I would skip every year if they didn't require me to show up before renewing my birth control. If I don't show up I find myself there way more often due to being knocked up. Besides, it was worth being able to enjoy a couple hours alone. Aside from telling me my thyroid is enlarged it was all good. Now I have to have tests done tomorrow to make sure it's in working order. Just one of those getting older things I guess. I'll let you know how that turns out. 

5th grade reading level?  

On my way home I stopped and got a couple things for the kids. Kendal has been asking for a potty book that we had borrowed from the library a while back. Logan wanted a new series since he's done with the Fudge books and didn't like Ramona as much. I got him Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He was WAY more excited than I thought he'd be and started reading immediately. He finished that book today. All 225 pages. I haven't read it yet, but apparently its the best book EVER. Guess I'll go get the next one tomorrow. 

We spent most of the evening outside playing because it wasn't blistering hot out there. Logan was practicing his cartwheels. He is pretty sure he's got it down. What do you think?

I also just took some random pictures cause its been a while...

This sums up life at our house REALLY well.

By the way, Kendal's hair was AMAZING today. In a good way for a change. It had perfect little spirals. Although I am sure she'll have trouble in school one day for having unruly curly red hair, once she can maintain it she'll be the luckiest girl ever.

me and my girl.
Me: Its midnight. GO TO SLEEEEEP!!!!
Kendal: but I have to peeeeee.

Tuesday. Way less yuck.

My big plan was to hang out at home and take a nap. While waiting in line to pick up Logan we were invited to head to a park with friends. That sounded like more fun. Logan and Nick were in Pre-K together as 4yr olds and Kendal and Mia are the same age (Mia is 6 months older) so it works out well for us. Plus I'm friends their mom which makes life SO much easier!! As a mom one of my fears is my kid being besties with a kid with ass hole parents. It'll happen eventually but for now I am grateful.

There was no fighting and Kendal even made it to the bathroom without incident. The only problem is was when we tried to get them all to stand on this rock for a picture. Kendal was SO excited that she bear hugged Mia who couldn't hold her up and they toppled over onto said sharp, jagged rock. A couple tears later we were all happy again. We even all went out for dinner without incident!

Wednesday, fantastic.

Just one glass.. until tomorrow when I buy a bottle.

We had SO much fun with the kids yesterday that we all went to swim in their pool today. Any chance they get to go swimming they are super excited. I didn't get any pictures of that because I was drinking this stuff and sitting on my butt for a change. Like I said, Susan and me, we get along JUST fine.

So about a month ago I went out for coffee with my friend Michelle.
Me: I have to stop at the store for a couple things Loopy wanted.
Michelle: Ok, what do you need?
Me: Tissues and Hershey's Chocolate with almonds.
Michelle: That time of the month for the boys again?
Me: Yup.

This weekend I went out for coffee with my friend Michelle
Me: I have to stop at the store for a couple things Loopy wanted.
Michelle: Ok, what do you need?
Me: Toilet paper and chocolate cake.
Michelle: Wow, is he pregnant?
Me: Probably.
Michelle: Here, this one is on sale for $1.20
Me: Nope, it needs to have melty chocolate chips inside and smooth frosting.
Michelle: So he's in the 3rd trimester already?
Me: Yup.

Loopy's PMS cake.

That bring us to this evening when I finally got around to making said cake.. which he's been staring longingly at for 3 days now. Finally finished it and got it frosted.

Kendal: OH CAKE
Me: Do you like cake?
Kendal: No. I like fire, put that fire on it.
Me: You want me to put a candle on dad's cake?
Kendal: Ok mom, that a good idea. I'll blow it!
Me: OOook.....

We have a severe candle shortage around here!

Alright, I'm off to bed before someone comes out to the living room to ask me for something.