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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lets get caught up on some kid-isms, shall we?

Sept 10. a quotable bunch today.

Logan is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid to me. Kendal is on the couch with a potty training related tummy ache and Loopy just left to head back into the storm of a GoDaddy outage.

A short commentary on the above activities between me and my friend Luci. She's so witty:

1. :) good book!
2. :( bad tummy!
3. :/ go daddy isn't so go anymore!

1. I JUST gave it to him and he is on page 30.
2. She just needs to poo and get it over with.
3. It was bound to happen.

1. No shit?! Awesome!
2. No shit, literally.
3. NO.SHIT. For real.

Later that day...

Logan: Mom, only 9 more years until I'm in college!

Logan: If I was the boss at ACI, I'd let dad and his friends go home whenever they want.

Later-er that night...

Loopy: I think this wine made my feet slippery.

Sept 11. well, it was worth a shot.

Kendal keeps telling me to take a nap on the couch. I must look tired... or she is planning something I wouldn't let her get away with. As tempting as it is, I have to go get Logan.

Sept 13. Kendal time.

First we had to make and drink some coffee. She was yelling at her giraffes for talking to Emperor Zurg during coffee time. This is apparently forbidden. 

Then it was time to do a sinus rinse.. just like daddy. If she happened to inherit Dad's chronic sinus problems, she's know exactly what to do.  

"Mix it up...

Breath out Sllloooowwwwwlllly....
Like that mom!"

At lunch time Kendal was eating some chicken nuggets, having a little conversation with herself and a toy frog. Keep in mind frog sounds JUST like F**K. I wasn't saying a word. Just trying to keep a straight face. I couldn't do it.

What you doing? 
Eating chicken FROG! 
What are you taking about, Frog? 
I love this froggy chicken mom!
Where is my mother's frog?
Is this frog so funny mom?"

After some Frogging lunch we went to Starbucks so I could hang out with my awesomely witty friend Luci while Kendal jumped off some tall stuff onto some hard stuff. In this case it was unstable bricks stacked around an umbrella. Oh, she was also wearing a Folder's bucket on her head...

Sept 16. Error.

After Kendal dumped coffee on my computer and suggested "maybe next time mom should use a sippy cup" I turned it on and the 'usb device is not recognized' by my computer. I thought that by now it would recognize coffee.

Sept 17. Bodily Functions.

Although Kendal has woken up dry nearly every morning so far and hasn't had an accident since day 1 she is currently on a 3 day poo strike. She just poured herself a pint of blueberries for lunch. Strike over in 5,4,3,2...

This is how my 6yr old's brain works. They are learning about weather at school. Rain, evaporation, ect. 
Logan: Guess what I learned at school!?
Me: What? (excited because he never tells me anything)
Logan: When animals in the forest and stuff have to pee it sometimes runs off into rivers or creeks, Then it goes into lakes and evaporates into clouds, Then it rains pee from all those animals. See how its raining now? Pee.
Me: Gross. Your teacher taught you that? 
Logan: Nope, I just figured it out. I should teach that class, huh?

In other news Kendal just grabbed my pinky toe to get my attention and pulled it really hard the wrong way. Holy crap. Ouch. 

Kendal didn't give up the strike without a fight. For some reason she had serious bathroom anxiety today. It was pretty sad to watch her fight the irrational fear of messing herself and just going potty and the overwhelming need to answer the call of nature. Poor thing. Tomorrow will be better. 

Coming up this week.....

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr FeelGood about my foot because it still hurts. (Probably more than I let on.) It is also still purple. Maybe he can tell me what's going on. Also get a second opinion on whether or not my Thyroid is really enlarged. 2 birds. 1 stone. 

I have to stop and get Logan the 3rd Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. I am pretty sure he stays up reading all night because he is averaging a book every 3 days. I don't know WHERE he gets that..*Guilty face* I quiz him to see if he's paying attention to what he's reading and he seems to be following the story pretty well and hasn't had to ask me the meaning or pronunciation of words. He might be in right about starting college in 9 years. 

Wednesday Logan has a 1/2 day and I plan to hit the beach in the afternoon. I've been wanting to go hang out on the Inter-coastal and watch the dolphins while the kids dig in sand. We'll see if this actually happens. It all depends on weather (raining pee) Kendal's acceptance of nature's call, my gimpy issues, and our overall motivation. 

Thursday I have an appointment to get my Thyroid ultra-sounded. My blood-work came back normal but my girly Dr. still wants me to get it checked out.. Maybe they can utlrasound my foot at the same time. 2 birds. 1 stone.

Friday Loopy wants to drive across the state to a festival  to see Pearl Jam. We'd have to leave at noon and take the kids cause we don't have a sitter. We'll see if that actually happens. I have never had a 'normal' trip to Pensacola. I guess we can add to the collection of strange memories. 

Good night all!

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