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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Busy week

And by not broken... 

We actually mean broken! I went to see Dr. Feelgood on Tuesday and he looked at me funny when I said the Urgent Care clinic told me my foot wasn't broken. He showed me the note from the radiologist and it clearly said "Bone Fragments of the 4th metatarsal visible." Usually, and correct me if I'm wrong, in order to have fragments of something solid it had to have broken.. Right? After a short deliberation over whether it would help to bother with a podiatrist or not I decided it would probably be a good idea. Just to make sure it doesn't feel like this forever. I am sure it wasn't good for me to walk on it like this for almost a month but I really didn't have a choice. We'll see what happens next I suppose. Since I did't hear back from them this week I'll have to call Monday to see what's up with that. 

I said before that I love Dr. Feelgood. He is so calm and has a dry sense of humor so we get along pretty well. He collects guitars and play regularly. This means that him and Loopy also get along really well. Dr Feelgood has been trying to get Loopy to play music with him for years but Loopy never calls him and this makes Dr. Feelgood sad. So I wrote him a prescription on his little pad (in sloppy Dr. handwriting of coarse) for "Playing music with Loopy, good for the soul" and our phone numbers.Rumor has it that a couple years ago he was pretty sick and has a different Dr. stand in for a while at the office. He let me know that Loopy has to go to his house out in BFE because he has developed a seizure disorder and can't drive for 6 months. That makes me sad because being told you can't do something so simple and have that freedom is depressing. You better believe I'll make Loopy go play classic guitars with the Good Doctor.. if he calls. 

We spent the afternoon making food out of Play-Doh with an elephant.
He ate all the spaghetti. 

Headaches. ugh.

Wednesday my big plans to hit the beach and watch wildlife was foiled by the worst migraine in years. You know the kind that make the quietest noises rattle around in your brain and then you feel like you might puke because the brain pressure is too much for humans to endure while trying to function and remain upright? One of those days. 

Here's an idea of how my day started.. before bright and early even happened. 

1am: Yaaaawn, I should go to bed.
2am: I should stop reading.
2:20am: (Kendal) I peed potty. Can't find pants. Where's dad? We are ready to go shopping. (Me) no, its still night time. Go back to bed! (Kendal, sobbing) But shopping with daaad wake him up and lets go. I found pants. (me) tomorrow. Please go to sleep 
4:15am: (Kendal) I can't find pants again and my binky is gone.
7:30am: (Kendal) Scoot over mom, I'm here for snuggles and milk.
8:05am: the boys leave for school and work.
8:30am: Loopy is back home, he has the flu.
8:45am: Another poo strike ruined by blueberries and sprinkle cookie earned. 

Loopy came home after dropping Logan off with the same headache. He stopped in the bathroom to hurl then promptly went back to bed. I got up to take the morning kid shift and pick Logan up. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to remain upright for long I stopped and got them happy meals, put them on the couch with a movie and went back to bed. Couple hours later Loopy got up and took the afternoon shift. That sucked. 

Listening to the kids hold conversations when they don't think anyone is listening is pretty funny. All parents know that 'taking a nap'  or 'resting' while the kids are not isn't really restful, we are ALWAYS listening. 

Logan: Hey, Look at my pet spider. Its a tarantula. Some bite but mine doesn't. 
Kendal: No. There is no nice spiders. (thumping noises) 
Logan: KENDAL! Stop punching my spider, please stop, its my pet!
Kendal: I have to kill it. Spiders are yucky.

That's my girl! 

Although Logan is scared to death of going ON roller coasters he has been creating them all week on a new game he found on the Wii. Until recently he didn't know how to connect the end of the coaster to the launch house.. so the cars would "fly off to their doom." His coasters were named things like "Death Trap, Coaster of Terror, and This Won't Be Good"

More doctor stuff and time out with friends. 

I woke up early to drop off Logan and get my thyroid ultra-sounded. No results from that yet, but I can say its a little unnerving to lay there for 15min knowing the technician understands what is on the screen but 'can't' say what she is or isn't seeing. It has to be reviewed by the radiologist and sent to the doctor who ordered the tests. We'll see what happens next with that. 

"its too little"

After stopping home me and Kendal went out for coffee with a friend. The people at the table next to us were breeders of exotic pets. They had a couple bearded dragons which Kendal LOVED. She spent a good portion of the time sitting down by their table cooing at the lizards. 

"His wings are missing, Mom. Dragons have wings.
Lets buy this and maybe get new wings?"
Later that night I had a sort of girls night out. We had a great time and I haven't laughed that hard (unless at my kids) in a long time. All I can say is that Thai food is yummy, karaoke is funny, my friend Adriana can sing, Luci is hilarious when you add beer and then she fell down because curbs are sneaky. Thankfully she thought it was as funny as I did or I'd be a bad friend.  She just found out at the Urgent Care that she isn't broken.. so that's good. There are no pictures of this event.. but I sort of wish there was. 


Today is Friday and that makes me happy. We got up and ventured out to Target this morning for some supplies. Kendal suggested that "Maybe we go see spooky trick or treat pumpkin and ghosts" In the Halloween section I was suggesting costumes for her this year... 

Me:Kendal, Do you want to be the girl from "Brave" for Halloween? 
Kendal: No, just the shooter, mom. (bow n arrow)
Me: Do you want to be Rapunzel? 
Kendal: No.
Me: Cinderalla? 
Kendal: Nope.
Me: a Butterfly? Lady Bug? Bee?
Kendal: NO! oooh, look a cute piggy!!
Me: THIS?! Instead of a princess?
Kendal: Yes, Wear that trick or treating.. 

I can't make this stuff up. 

She wants to be a "cute pig" with a shooter. And successfully scared the other kids out of the isle.

So far Logan still wants to be an astronaut, which is good, because he already has the costume. We still have a whole month to change our minds so who knows what will happen. 

Obviously we didn't end up going to the festival in Pensacola like we had hoped but next year maybe we can plan ahead. We'll have to see what the weekend holds for us. Its always an adventure around here. 

I can't stop staring at the scary pig face on my beautiful 3yr old... 

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