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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick update

If you are sick of hearing about my gimpy foot, stop reading.

I spent a couple hours at Medi-Quick yesterday. I have always preferred to go there instead of the ER because it's $250 cheaper and instead of my regular Doctor because he cut down on his hours and it takes a long time to get in. My only complaint yesterday is that the hyper little x-ray tech lady made me walk to the diagnostics room. She said "follow me!" Then took off like a bat out of hell around several corners and through an office.. Once I found her she took the very uncomfortable x-rays she said "Ok, c'mon back" Then I hobbled back to my room and sat down. While I was looking at my foot as if it might fall off. She came back into the room and said she broke the machine and I have to do it again. *sigh* I told her that if she wants me to walk she's got to slow down. Also, if you break the machine again, you are shit out of luck. Turns out I don't have any obvious broken bones. There was some bleeding because I tore some ligaments. That explains the swelling and bruising. They did not have a radiologist on staff so they'll send my good x-rays to one on Monday and let me know if there are any hairline fractures they didn't see at the walk in clinic. Loopy was mad because I didn't ask if the second opinion was covered by our insurance. It sucks that you have to think about that sort of thing before getting medical help. THAT is a whole other topic I am NOT in the mood to discuss. I was also not in the mood to discuss what doctors are/not covered when I have a throbbing foot make worse by walking back and forth a few times through the office. No,  I didn't ask. If I had, what would I have done? Told them not to double check? Gone to the ER and paid the $300 I was trying to avoid? They aren't covered either! I better stop there.   
I am NOT good at sitting down with my feet up. I am NOT good at being patient while I wait for someone to do the stuff I usually do. I should count the number of times I sit down and have to get RIGHT back up during the day. Most days its no big deal. But now it involves getting crutches and hobbling into the kitchen to fetch a drink, cook lunch, or go outside to bring a towel to a cold, wet kid. You may say "make Loopy do it." The problem with that is he is a guy. This means he has to finish saving his progress on a game, or pimping out his car on the game, changing his clothes, or stopping to go to the bathroom... All these things may only take a couple extra minutes, but in those minutes the kids have started yelling, lunch is getting cold, I have gotten grumpy and completed the task I needed help with in the first place. I can't carry anything because of the crutches. I can walk a little, and its not so bad until I sit down and then its throbbing all over again. This will be a long couple of weeks. I hope its all better fast, but today its more swollen and purple. Wanna see a couple pictures? Sure ya do.


Little poofy.. toes are swollen today too.

Logan, King of Falling Down and Overreacting to EVERYTHING has been very understanding. He made me a get well card and constantly asks if I'm feeling better. He's been more self sufficient and helping out more. Kendal has not mastered empathy yet. She has her moments but NOTHING is more important than her frantic need to go outside on the swings. 

Kendal: I wanna swing.
Me: I can't get outside right now to put you up there and push you.
Kendal: Oh PWEEEESE go swinging! (starting to get frantic)
Me: Sorry babe, I can't walk.
Kendal: Maybe try hopping and jumping like this! (hop hop hop, falls down)
Me: I don't think so.
Kendal: DAAAAAD!!! Mom needs help with walking.(weeping in a ball on the floor)

Speaking of Logan falling down he tripped over a rain boot while sprinting across the house his to get his bathing suit on. Of coarse he started yelling then sobbing uncontrollably that he needs crutches and a bandage:

Kendal in the pool: Why's Logan freaking out? 
Me: He fell and hurt himself
Kendal: Yup, that be a mark (that is Kendal speak for That'll leave a mark)

I had big plans to head to Orlando this afternoon to see a friend from high school. She's on vacation with her family and staying at the newest Disney resort. We WERE going to have fun swimming in the pool and exploring then maybe West Side for dinner... Loopy was going to stay back because his Levaquin/ Prednisone cocktail makes him unreasonably pissy in stressful situations. Since I can't walk, carry things, or chase rouge kids on my own I decided to stay home. Maybe I can try going tomorrow? I know I shouldn't but I miss my friend! I took a happy pill but it just made me turn into super happy fun mommy for a couple hours. (best side effect ever) I spent the afternoon outside throwing cups of icey water on kids in the driveway while sitting on the back of my car. The humidity and moving around made my foot look like an angry balloon, but we had fun anyway. And now I'm back to being sore :(

Here's hoping for good night's rest and miraculously healing completely before tomorrow... 

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