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Thursday, September 6, 2012

This will be a long month.

Picking up where we left off..

I haven't posted in a few days. I was in the worst mood ever this weekend because my gimpy foot was THROBBING and I was hobbling around trying to carry on like I was fine. Which I obviously was not.. This is the result of not listening to the Dr's orders of sitting on my butt for 3-5 days. I think I took these Tuesday night. Sometimes you just have to power through.


Seriously uncomfortable and very bruised.
Today its feeling better. I can almost walk without a limp. (not for long) Every once in a while there is a strange tingly shooting pain on the left side and up through my heal..I haven't heard back from a radiologist, So I'll keep pretending I'm fine and keep the peace round here. 

Meanwhile, life carried on as usual..

Sept 1

Kendal jut dropped my computer. I am testing the keys to make sure all the buttons still work. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. seems to be ok :) She was trying to help because I can't go get it.. Dell Vostro is REALLY durable!!

Sept 2

Something in this house has been making a growling noise all evening. After some searching we found a headless growling tiger flashlight under Loopy's desk. Strange things happen when you have kids...

later that night...

Logan is currently reading Beezus and Ramona. In the first chapter Beezus refers to her sister at least 3 times as being a "very gay little girl" Logan asked what that means, so I told him it means extremely joyful. Its amazing how definitions of words have changed over the years. He has told me a few times today that he's having a very gay day or he feels so gay to be eating his very own cheesy pizza. Tuesday should be interesting for him at school...

Sept 3

See, I'm HAPPY to help, Mom!
Logan invited Kendal to go swing with him. I can't lift her up and stand there to push her. He's a little upset that I am making him stand and push. I told him it was HIS idea. She's giddy cause she wanted to swing ALLLL weekend. At least they are being nice to each other. For some reason his Elephant is stuffed in his shirt and she keeps slipping off the swing because she won't put down her plastic elephant.

Pretending to get kicked.
Its funny EVERY time. Until he got kicked.

 Sept 4

There is a loud ass hog in my ravine. I would get a flashlight to go check him out but the only one I have is the dying headless tiger flashlight.. That might scare him off. 

Sept 5

The kids are playing outside...
Logan: AAAAACCKKKK AAAAAAAAH (for no reason)
Kendal: Whats all the screaming and yelling and screaming and yelling and screaming!?
Logan: That wasn't screaming. EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!! that was screaming.
Neighbor turns on vacuum and scares the crap out of Kendal who looks terrified and runs away with her elephants.
Kendal: AAAHHHHH, Help me!!! Wanna go in home! Mooooom, PWEEESE open dooooor!!!
Logan: and THAT was yelling.

Sept 6

I was getting out of the shower Kendal handed me a towel... 
Kendal: want a towel mom?
Me: Thanks, babe
Kendal: Ew, I See your BELLY BUTTON!
Me: Belly buttons are gross?
Kendal: yeah, they are a BAD idea. 
Me: (laughing because she's grossed out by a belly button of all things) 
Kendal: Ask me WHY its bad idea.
Me: Ok, why? 
Kendal: Because I need Caaandy!!!
Me: What?
Kendal: Lets go get that candy.
This girl can change ANY situation into a ploy to eat candy. 

Logan got a new pen pal.. sort of. 

Anyone who knows Logan knows he LOVES to read. Anything and everything is fair game.. including the less than kid friendly things posted on Facebook that he tries to read over my shoulder. (face/palm) Anyway. He finished reading Double Fudge last week by Judy Blume. He wanted to know if there is a movie to go with it..There isn't but he watched Fudge-a-Mania and loved it. (read that book last year) He was SO disappointed that he asked if he can write a letter to Judy Blume and ask her if she'll make a Double Fudge movie. Heck yeah! Logan and Loopy found her website and wrote her a note...

Dear Judy, 
Will you please make a Double Fudge movie because I loved the book so much. I just want to know what all the other characters in the book look like. I have seen one movie so far and it was great!
Hometown: Palm Coast, FL - Age: 6 - Posted September 1, 2012 2:36 pm

A couple days later I had an e-mail from JUDY BLUME!! Seriously, I might be more excited about this than Logan is!

Hi Logan,
Thanks so much for visiting my website. Glad you enjoyed Double Fudge. I'm trying to write a new book now. I think it will be YA, but it will probably take two years to finish it. (Ugh - writing is hard work!) You know what keeps me going? The idea that you'll be there to read it. That makes it all worthwhile.

Check out my new
Pain & Great One chapter book series

I was jumping up and down because she is one of my favorite authors ever. He said "Um, that is pretty awesome, but we are going to have to write her again. She didn't really answer my question." Right, ok.. 

Dear Judy,
I am in 1st grade and thanks for writing me back. uh What about the movie Double Fudge? Because I really want to see a Double Fudge movie. um hmmmm I am really looking forward to finding your new book in two years. What will it be about? I really want to hear about it because I am busy looking forward to helping. (if you need help) Thats all. 
Love Logan.

The next day I had ANOTHER e-mail from the office of the famous and awesome Ms. Judy Blume. 

Hi Logan,
Thanks so much for your email. Judy wishes there was a way she could answer all of the questions her readers ask. Sadly, it's just not possible, especially when she's trying to write (as you know, she's working on a new book). Not enough time in the day. Hope you understand. I can tell you that there aren't any plans for a Double Fudge movie at this point. Also, it's still very early in the writing process for her new book, so I don't have any information for you about it. She'll keep her readers updated about her book on her website and Facebook page. Hope this answers your questions, and thanks again for writing. Take care!
Warm regards,
Peg Owen
Assistant to Judy Blume

Ok, it wasn't from Judy, but still cool, right?! I found out today that she has been battling breast cancer. I never expected her to write Logan back. I am sure she gets 1000's of messages a week. The fact that she is recovering from surgery, still writing, and took the time to write to my 6yr old is amazing to me. What a strong woman! 
You can read about her story Here. Best of luck to you Mrs. Blume!!

One of my Heros

Kendal's New Adventure...

I said last month that in September we are going to get this child out of diapers. I was going to do this last weekend because we didn't have solid plans to be anywhere and it was a holiday weekend. Then I fell down and got very pissy so I just let it go. Well today we ran out of diapers, so guess what!? Today was the day. I joined the ranks of my friends and family over at The Good LifeFrazzled Reflections, and Serial Mommy in the world of potty training a girl. 

Our morning started like this:

Me: Uh oh, only 2 more diapers left Kendal! 
Kendal: I like diapers, we can go store and get more.
Me: Nope, they only sell those to babies and you aren't a baby anymore. 
Kendal: But I don't WANT underwear! Put diaper here on this butt.
Me: Ok, but you will only have one more.
Couple hours later:
Kendal: Mom, I pooped. change diaper
Me: I'll clean you up, but we are on your last diaper
Kendal: oh poop.
couple hours later after swimming in the pool and taking bath
Me: Lets get you dressed...
Kendal: no, not that underwear
Me: Sorry, we are out of diapers, remember?

So let the games begin! No, really, she made up games to pass the time. 
This one is called
"Throw Quacky Ducky into little potty"

Practicing her letters...

She is pretty excited. Mostly because we are bribing her with Jelly Beans and Skittles. We all know how she feels about candy and cookies! She takes her time getting the job done, that's for sure! I have to remind her what we are REALLY there for (Jelly Beans!) Then she does her business eats her candy and runs off. Her baby elephant is also getting potty trained...
Don't worry, she doesn't use this one.
She seriously made me take like 20 pictures and a movie of her first official potty day. I won't post them here for obvious reasons but I have never seen a child find so many ways to sit on a toilet. We had to get past the basics like.. if I give her pants because she is cold, she pees in them. So, no more pants. Here are more feeble attempts at using anything but the potty:

"Maybe just pee on the floor? That a bad idea mom?" 
"Maybe I can just pee on this towel, tie it here.. that be good idea"
"Maybe you pretend to be sleeping.. do it!" *I make snoring sounds" "psssss, I did it! Jelly Bean time" 
Can't blame a girl for trying I guess. After reading bedtime stories I offered her a slip-on diaper JUST for the night. She turned it down and said she wants her Tinkerbell underwear.
Stay Tuned! 

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