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Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy to report... Today was GREAT!!

Potty training update

Kendal woke up happy and didn't have any accidents on her first no-diaper night! She crawled into bed with me just like she does every morning and laid there for a while drinking her milk. I asked her twice if she had to go potty and she said "nope". I dozed for 1/2 hour and she woke me up to go pee. YAY!! Despite having a house full of people this afternoon, going out for hibachi dinner, and staying up late she didn't have ANY accidents on her first day of potty training. We are all pretty excited about that! 

Foot update

Finally got a call from the Walk-In clinic and I am not broken, YAY!! No fractures and no other serious issues. I talked to the Dr. and he said if the sharp pain and random aching doesn't go away in a week to call my regular doctor. I can live with that. I was up most of last night because there was no comfortable position to sleep. I'll take my pain meds tonight and see if it helps. Swelling is down more and I am done taking Prednisone. Thank God.  

Still bruised and stabby.

Visitors update

Last weekend I was supposed to head to Disney to hang out with my favorite art buddy, Brandi, from high school. That obviously didn't happen. She is on vacation with her (now) fiance and all their kids. Judd proposed before fireworks on their first night before fireworks at Magic Kingdom. He had all 3 of his kids get down and propose with him (collective aaaawwwww) Anyway, they are heading back to MI tonight but stopped in to hang out and relax for a bit.. And relax they did!! That's Judd and one of his twin girls passed out on the couch. Logan and his new best friend Gavin playing Wii. 

What a week at Disney does to people.
We had plans to go to the beach or go Gator hunting or something else Florida-like. But like most people stopping here on a road trip they were content to just lay around. Sounds good to me!! Brandi's son Tristan is 5 days older than Kendal. Here they are playing in the little pool. Well they were playing together RIGHT before this. It occurred to me that I should take a couple pictures. By the time I found my camera they were done in the pool. We had to bribe them to get back into the pool.. with sprinkle cookies.

She might be kicking him a little bit

Kids in the pool in the rain.
Last night Loopy was suggesting things we could all go do. His first suggestion was Sakura. Yum. Then the crew got here and asked if there is a hibachi in town. I love when 10 people can agree on something!! After a hellish day at work (that I am still hearing about RIGHT now) Loopy came home and we all went to a tasty dinner which went shockingly well. Logan had toys to share with Gavin, Kendal had Elephants, Loopy had beer... Me and Brandi had alcohol....
My friend is a hottie.

I've said before that I love meeting up with friends who I haven't seen in years and we can pick up where we left off. Brandi is one of 'em. 13 years of not seeing each other and we just sat and talked all afternoon (and potty trained and maintained 6 amazingly well behaved kids..) Wish we would have taken more (not boob) pictures.. I think Judd took some at dinner so I'll steal them once they are posted. 

Here's hoping the rest of the weekend is this happy. Hooray Friday!!!

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  1. I don't know... I wouldn't mind more boob pictures... ;-)