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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is it really only Wednesday?

Finally starting to cool down!

Summers and early fall around here consist of spraying kids in the face with hoses, diving into kiddie pools, and sitting in the house telling kids to close the dang doors because its 100 degrees outside with 95% humidity and torrential rains. These next few months are my favorite because it doesn't feel like we are hanging out on the equator in wool sweaters. Don't get me wrong (and don't try to talk me into moving back to MI) I LOVE Florida even in the summer. The ocean, the scenery.... I can go sit on the Inter-coastal and watch dolphins and manatees every day if I want. (why don't I do that...?) But Sept, Oct, and Nov are the best! Outdoor events every weekend, warm breezes and less rain. This week we went out and did something every day. I love it. 

But it's only Wednesday!

How can that possibly be!? I was ready to get Friday's stuff together for Logan, excited that I don't have to make a lunch because its pizza day tomorrow.. but no. Today is STILL freakin' Wednesday. 

It's been a 1/2 hour, don't think its gonna happen.
Please go to bed. It's 1am.
This weekend we didn't do anything because Kendal was still in potty training days #2 and #3. Risky to be in public places when she hadn't mastered this yet. She is doing so much better than I expected. She has had a couple accidents at night but daytime is not an issue. Hooray for progress. My only issue is bedtime. For about a year she has been great at bedtime. Goes right to her room, read stories, and we don't see her til morning. NOW she goes to her room, reads stories, has to pee, lays down for 10 minutes and has to pee.. it goes on and on. As I type this at nearly 1am she is sitting on the toilet trying to avoid going back to bed. (see photo) This too shall pass.. right? Today she earned her poo on the potty present. Bribes are awesome and when candy isn't enough, we offer gifts. Learning to #2 sitting down can't be easy after doing it standing or laying down (babies) for 3 years so I consider it a gross milestone. I was happy this phase didn't last 2 months like it did for Logan! Anyway, we went to Target and she chose a mini-mouse/ pet figurine set. So easy to please!

Mondays. Yuck.

Every morning Kendal wakes me up wanting to play games. Today she wanted to play ping pong at the table. Loopy found this relic on Ebay a few years ago because we each had them as kids. The box says it is from 1982. Judging from the well dressed and over excited families on the cover I would say that is about right. 

This is Happy Green Monster Puppet. He likes ping pong

Yeah.. That's how you hold it.

I had a few hours to myself in the afternoon thanks to a Dr. Appointment in St. Augustine. It was the girly type that I would skip every year if they didn't require me to show up before renewing my birth control. If I don't show up I find myself there way more often due to being knocked up. Besides, it was worth being able to enjoy a couple hours alone. Aside from telling me my thyroid is enlarged it was all good. Now I have to have tests done tomorrow to make sure it's in working order. Just one of those getting older things I guess. I'll let you know how that turns out. 

5th grade reading level?  

On my way home I stopped and got a couple things for the kids. Kendal has been asking for a potty book that we had borrowed from the library a while back. Logan wanted a new series since he's done with the Fudge books and didn't like Ramona as much. I got him Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He was WAY more excited than I thought he'd be and started reading immediately. He finished that book today. All 225 pages. I haven't read it yet, but apparently its the best book EVER. Guess I'll go get the next one tomorrow. 

We spent most of the evening outside playing because it wasn't blistering hot out there. Logan was practicing his cartwheels. He is pretty sure he's got it down. What do you think?

I also just took some random pictures cause its been a while...

This sums up life at our house REALLY well.

By the way, Kendal's hair was AMAZING today. In a good way for a change. It had perfect little spirals. Although I am sure she'll have trouble in school one day for having unruly curly red hair, once she can maintain it she'll be the luckiest girl ever.

me and my girl.
Me: Its midnight. GO TO SLEEEEEP!!!!
Kendal: but I have to peeeeee.

Tuesday. Way less yuck.

My big plan was to hang out at home and take a nap. While waiting in line to pick up Logan we were invited to head to a park with friends. That sounded like more fun. Logan and Nick were in Pre-K together as 4yr olds and Kendal and Mia are the same age (Mia is 6 months older) so it works out well for us. Plus I'm friends their mom which makes life SO much easier!! As a mom one of my fears is my kid being besties with a kid with ass hole parents. It'll happen eventually but for now I am grateful.

There was no fighting and Kendal even made it to the bathroom without incident. The only problem is was when we tried to get them all to stand on this rock for a picture. Kendal was SO excited that she bear hugged Mia who couldn't hold her up and they toppled over onto said sharp, jagged rock. A couple tears later we were all happy again. We even all went out for dinner without incident!

Wednesday, fantastic.

Just one glass.. until tomorrow when I buy a bottle.

We had SO much fun with the kids yesterday that we all went to swim in their pool today. Any chance they get to go swimming they are super excited. I didn't get any pictures of that because I was drinking this stuff and sitting on my butt for a change. Like I said, Susan and me, we get along JUST fine.

So about a month ago I went out for coffee with my friend Michelle.
Me: I have to stop at the store for a couple things Loopy wanted.
Michelle: Ok, what do you need?
Me: Tissues and Hershey's Chocolate with almonds.
Michelle: That time of the month for the boys again?
Me: Yup.

This weekend I went out for coffee with my friend Michelle
Me: I have to stop at the store for a couple things Loopy wanted.
Michelle: Ok, what do you need?
Me: Toilet paper and chocolate cake.
Michelle: Wow, is he pregnant?
Me: Probably.
Michelle: Here, this one is on sale for $1.20
Me: Nope, it needs to have melty chocolate chips inside and smooth frosting.
Michelle: So he's in the 3rd trimester already?
Me: Yup.

Loopy's PMS cake.

That bring us to this evening when I finally got around to making said cake.. which he's been staring longingly at for 3 days now. Finally finished it and got it frosted.

Kendal: OH CAKE
Me: Do you like cake?
Kendal: No. I like fire, put that fire on it.
Me: You want me to put a candle on dad's cake?
Kendal: Ok mom, that a good idea. I'll blow it!
Me: OOook.....

We have a severe candle shortage around here!

Alright, I'm off to bed before someone comes out to the living room to ask me for something. 

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