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Saturday, February 22, 2014

December/ pre-Christmas catch up

Lets get in our proverbial time machine shall we? 

Loopy just ordered this on a t-shirt!

Project failed

Loopy is trying to teach Logan to play guitar. This will either go really well for them or REALLY poorly. They don't have much patience for each other most of the time. Stay tuned.
*after 3 months Logan has officially learn 1 (ONE) cord. 


Kendal: Mom, will you help me make the Tower or Terror ride? Its really hard! That ride makes me a little nervous.

We were at Target and Kendal was shopping in the dollar section. She found a teeny tiny little ray gun and said "Clowny told me to get one like this!" We laughed it off.. Slightly creeped out that her scary Halloween decor is requesting she purchases weapons. Later that night Logan was upstairs and thought it would be funny to kick clowny. Kendal said in a scary little voice "Use your gun, Clowny, the GUN" Its maybe starting to get a *little* weird.

Kendal is crying because she wants to play with Clowny but Pippi is hanging out with him.
Logan was SHOCKED
*Note the gun in Clowny's pumpkin

Kendal's Pre-K school picture

What the Fuck, rubber duck? =What is the function of a rubber duck?

Kendal: Grampa has found his most perfect best friend.
Me: Who?
Kendal: Gramma!

Pre-K Christmas programs. Why do parents lose all dignity and courtesy when it comes to video and pictures of their 4yr old kids picking noses, half singing, sometimes doing hand motions, and jumping up and down? They will shove, get RIGHT in front of you and hold up an IPAD to capture it all. Anyway, Here is our attempt to get pictures of Kendal's preschool Christmas program.

When its all said and done she was SO proud of herself (even if she picked her nose the whole time)

Kendal and her Teachers
Ms. Amanda and Ms. Colleen

All things Wizardry

Kendal: I would like to go Karate too. I like to take Defense Against the Dark Arts (we are still suck on Harry Potter this week. 

I am pretty sure that when Logan write his vocab sentences it is being engraved somewhere on his body.. or at least he screams the whole time like that might be the case.

Kendal was watching Prisoner of Azkaban and got a little scared of the dementors. Until Loopy told her it was Clowny's brother. She's good now. 

The adventures of having a Logan

2 weeks ago the guidance office called to say Logan punched a girl at school. Today they called to tell me.... wait for it.... he is being tested next week for the gifted program. Way to keep me on my toes parenthood.  I hate that she waited until the end of the call to tell me why I had to come in for a conference and what we were going to discuss and sign for.

Fun fact: Logan's bus driver's last name is "Clowney" and she is "scary and mean"

This picture makes me laugh.
Looks like Michael knocked that kid out!

Logan got his yellow belt at karate. Celebrated with fro yo and pizza (in that order)

This wasn't from belt test, but the kids kicked stuff 300 times and made a pyramid
Michael would like you know to he did NOT get this from a book
Logan got grounded for being a disrespectful ass to a grown-up. I am trying to teach him that sometimes when a grown up says "because I said so" that is acceptable and you have to listen because YOU aren't a grown up. I told him he could go play outside at his friends house. Logan wanted to go into Zane's house to get a toy, Sarah (Z's mom) told him "no, cause I said so". And Logan lost his shit and wouldn't leave. She texted me, I had to go get him, he screamed all the way home. you get the idea. 

After being sent to his room while me and Loopy decided the best way to handle this (he has never been that disrespectful to a grown up before) I went up to talk to him and found THIS------>

He slid it under the door like a starving captive. It had only been 5 minutes.

He was screaming unintelligibly every time I tried to talk to him so I wrote him a note about why what he did was wrong and let him know he was grounded from electronics/ TV/ Wii/ computer until we leave for Christmas Break. He was also required to write an apology letter to Ms. Sarah.. which he did... but the last sentence was "But why can't I come inside!?" He had to rewrite it.

While he was at Karate one day I went next door to Walgreens to get some coffee and Santa showed up. Immediately after karate I told Logan I am taking him to see Santa because The Big Man wasn't very happy about him getting in so much trouble this close to Christmas! He didn't believe me. And he was SO nervous.

Here he is trying to talk Santa into showing up on Christmas. He was listing off the reasons he thinks he should still get presents even though he is grounded. 

Parenting  Win.

Logan was having loose tooth drama all day. Thank God it came out before bed so he didn't eat this one. Pretty sure he's not going to be an ER Dr. after all, he can't handle even a drop of blood.

Logan's Joke of the Day: Why can't you play hide and seek with a mountain? Because they peak.

A day in the life (well, 2 weeks...)

It is 11pm. Why are my children in the kitchen right now? Because they are all thirsty like camels and it is URGENT.

It is 12:30am. I think a kid just fell out of bed. Sounded like it came from a top bunk. OUCH! 

How I imagined it would be waking up with my kids on Saturday mornings...


How it really is waking up with my kids on Saturday mornings. 

My freezer keeps defrosting itself. Meanwhile the fridge is freezing everything. This is coffee. For lunch we had frozen hummus and chip dip.

For my friends going through optometry school, please don't make your patients eyeballs look like this and then send them to pick out glasses. This has been my pet peeve since my first glasses mishap in 1st grade. Today I refused to purchase new frames because everything is bright and fuzzy. Also if you plan to dilate remind people to bring sunglasses. This has been a public service announcement.

My friend Stephanie had a baby and he is the most cuddly baby on the planet. Here she is realizing she really didn't want a beer after all, but was determined to finish it while Sarah is in snuggle baby heaven.

I love it when they love each other! 

This was supposed to be a horsey ride.. Dad is the horse, Logan is the saddle, Kendal is the rider. 

Me and Loopy were both in desperate need of a haircut. So Sarah came over for a house call. 

Might be the last time I see this looong hair

There it is.

She did an amazing job! 

Preparing for a trip to the frozen tundra:

Trying on winter clothes

 Kendal said she's ready to build a snowman with grampa right now! Too bad its 75 today.

Its been a while since we've worn these clothes. We need to do some shopping. 

We started the packing process then went shopping for a suitcase cause we realized we don't own one.

I stared receiving scathing messages from friends in the north...

Because I posted things like this on facebook....

And because apparently it is warm enough to wear nothing but a cardboard box in December in Florida 

Do you think my parents are excited to have all the kids home for Christmas!? There is a tree under there somewhere. Hopefully there is some warm clothes in those boxes!

Right before it was time to leave for our road trip I came down with a sore throat, cough, and migraine from hell that laid me out for 3 days. Anyone who knows me understands that I don't stop for such minor ailments but I was nauseous and miserable. Packing, sorting, and cleaning all stopped while I went to bed and couldn't move. I tried to tell Loopy I'd just go see Dr. Hannibal when I got to town, but Loopy would have nothing of it and made me an appt with the local guy.
To clarify, my pediatrician from MI looks like Dr. Hannibal.  

<---Dr. Hines the pediatrician

Dr. Hannibal the Cannibal 

The whole ordeal only set us back a day and we shortened the road trip by one night at the water park hotel. More on that and all the other stuff that happened over Christmas Vacation in the next post.. Hopefully it won't take a month.. but we all know better than that, don't we?

Yup, I am totally leaving you with a visual of my pediatrician  and his doppelganger, Hannibal Lecter.

(if you are reading this, HI DR HINES!! I'll find pictures of us doing Jello shots together and post those next time instead.)