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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Please Help

I don't know what to say. I'm just gonna wing it.

Benjamin Gallas:
6’2″ , 175lbs, brown hair and blue eyes.
Last seen in Bridgman, MI on 9/20
Reported missing to authorities on 9/23
Tuesday morning I found out that my friend Ben Gallas is missing. He was at his mom's house on Thursday and then just left without his stuff. Every redneck blue-collar guy doesn't leave home without his emergency supplies. (pocket knife, little bottle opener, rucksack, ID, phone) Ben left it all behind. Sunday he didn't show up for visitation with his daughter. His ex wife, April suggested they file a missing persons report. Ben never misses his day with Belle. They adore each other.

Benji and Annabelle 

I have known Ben for a long time. I was there when he married my best friend, April. He called me while April was giving birth because I couldn't get there in time. I was in MI within days of Annabelle being born. Me and Loopy are Belle's Godparents. I was the one he called when he was not sure how to handle April. April called me when she wasn't sure how to handle Ben. I listened to them when there were problems and was there for them when they got a divorce. He usually called, texted, or emailed me when something important happened or he came up with one of his harebrained ideas. He called me crying when his best friend died of a heroin overdose. Its been too long since I have heard from him. Something isn't right. I don't like this gut feeling. 

So far they have no leads. He is simply gone. I hate sitting here playing out different scenarios in my head and not knowing. I dread having to go to MI to console my beautiful god-daughter and my best friend because something terrible happened. 

Is he just hiding out at someone's house? Was he abducted? Did he check into a rehab? Is he back on the west coast? Please tell me he didn't really run away with the circus. There are so many questions. 

I don't know how to feel about it. I am pissed off for April. I am devastated for Belle, it is breaking her heart.  No matter how this turns out, she will remember every moment for the rest of her life. I am angry with Ben for making stupid selfish choices. I am terrified that this isn't going to have a happy ending. 

If you happen to be reading this and have seen or heard from Ben, please contact myself or any of these:

Berrien County Sheriff's Department : (269) 983-7141
Baroda Township Police Department at (269) 465-3258
Anyone wishing to leave an anonymous tip or sighting may do so by using *67, and calling (269) 612-7884.  No questions will be asked, and you will not be required to leave a name or number.

For more information click Here

Ben, if you see this. Please just let me know you are ok or if you need help. Right now I don't care where you are. I want to know that you aren't dead.

Sadly Ben's body was found on his parents property on October 4th 2012. The death was ruled a suicide.Toxicology reports have not been disclosed at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family always. 

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