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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Final days of summer...


We went to the Jacksonville Zoo on Monday for $2 day. So did every other parent in northeast Florida who thought "Oh crap, I should have done more fun stuff with my kids this summer." That was my thought anyway. We tagged along with a couple friends and had a blast. There were 7 kids in all and their respective parents in tow. 
Kendal loves animals. Mostly exotic creatures you'd only find on safari. She even dressed for the occasion. This place is right up her ally. Plenty of zebras, elephants, cheetahs, lions ect. Her very favorite activity of the day: feeding the giraffes. (always pronouncing the "e") 

I forgot my camera, so photo credit goes to Luci and Heather.

Hi Giraffe!! 

Yeah, it was ungodly hot out and busy. But we found a quiet air conditioned space to have a snack. Until a cheetah showed up and it suddenly got REALLY crowded. Poor little guy just wanted some peace and quiet in the shade...

Logan was just excited to have a couple kids his age to hang out with for the day. I am not sure why we don't visit zoos more often...

Looking for Elephants.. or something.

Marky, Logan, and Dylan.. and a big pig.

Marky and Logan. Handsome boys 

 Oh, and there was a few of these...

Nothin beats 100 degree heat like giant snow cones!

The whole crew

Jason Mraz.

I have talked to a lot of people who don't know who he is. That is shocking to me because he's an awesome musician. If you don't know who he is, go watch this and this and this and this. Ok, now that you are up to speed on good music..  We got a couple cheap tickets to see him in Tampa. If you get a chance to see Jason Mraz live, do it. After dropping my kids off for the night with friends we ran away (fast) to spend a night kid free. (Thanks AGAIN to Adriana and Pat for being awesome.)  I'd say it was one of my top 5 live concerts to see.

1-800-ASK GARY Stadium. What does that even mean?
Mraz asked "Gary" a lot of questions....
Alcohol Compliance Supervisor.

Christina Perri was the opener (she wrote Jar of Hearts). If you don't know who THAT is, go watch this. Here she is playing that song. She also puts on a great live show and has one HELL of a voice.

Here's some Jason Mraz shots that didn't turn out very well. Admit it, you take pictures at concerts too, knowing full well you can't identify them later...

After dinner at the Hard Rock hotel/cafe/casino (made me think of that one summer in Co..) we got to our hotel.

Some people will scoff at the Holiday Inn and makes jokes about the trashyness of it. IF you are ever in the Busch Gardens area I totally recommend the Holiday Inn Express. Not only do you get BEER AND ICE CREAM for FREE at check-in the, beds were comfy, alarm clocks were supplied, (and ignored) and there were no hookers outside the door at 3am. Worth the $30 I paid on Travelocity super secret hotels. 

Thanks Roaming Gnome!!

5 hours a day with only one kid? 

Yes, please!! Logan goes back to school tomorrow and in my head (and sometimes in public) I am doing a happy dance about this. Although he is a funny, respectful, and delightful child, overall,  he is more pleasant when kept on a schedule. I suppose that I could have been more regimented all summer, but who does that? I have the utmost respect for teachers and homeschooling parents, I am grateful I am not in that category. Here's a couple pictures of what we did on his last day of freedom. Oh yea, and Logan got a haircut/shave. Turns out that every kid whose parents wait until 2 days before school for a 'back to school hair cut' gets the same style. Oh well, it'll grow back in a month. Hope you all had a fun summer!

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