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Friday, August 3, 2012

A special request and lots of pictures.

I'm not gonna lie. Today was rough. But I have a glass of wine, I'll take a shower, and power through until tomorrow. I hope this puts us all in a better mood.

First, I have to post this. Last night I was chatting with my dad and he had a request that hasn't been included yet in the blog. It's a Logan classic called Teeny Tiny Box. He was just barely 2yrs old and liked to 'get stuck' in things. (He still does, but its less funny now for some reason) So, at the request of Grandpa Styf, I present to you:

Teeny Tiny Box

It Little Tiny

kara | 

Here's a picture of Grandpa Styf getting trampled by my kids. 

Kendal jumping off something tall onto something hard.

Ok, now that's out of the way, we can move on to some funny pictures. Logan loves to dress up. Some days that is good some days its bad, most days its funny. The only problem is when he puts something on that isn't ok for public viewing. UNTIL NOW!

Lets start with the cute:


Then the embarrassing:

MMmmm, Tampons... (this went on for HOURS)
Yes, that's a starfish on his head

And the slightly less embarrassing, but still funny:

Camo pants, Hawaiian shirt, big yellow hat, riding a cow. This is normal here.
Lowes apron/cape. He wore those shorts for 2 weeks because of the scrape on his leg.
All other pant/shorts "hurt it too bad." He got that scrape falling off a 4 INCH wall.

Here's some that defy explanation:

And here are some from past Halloweens.You know, when most people dress up...

Fireman.. in a firetruck. Awesome.

Pumpkin Face

With his 'wife' Breezy and girlfriend Marissa

Loopy's work party, they still call him The Wizard

I LOVE this one

Disco Bumblebee

Here's some more holiday cheer

Who needs pants?
HoHoHo Random Action Hero
His favorite present this year was NOT the giant Optimus  Prime.
It was the scotch tape. He tapes EVERYTHING.
New Pj's, New bathrobe, New bouncy ball. ALL TOGETHER!!

This one time I decided we needed a pretty garden. Logan was a HUGE help

It started with all the right equipment.
Then I took a break to answer a phone call from Aunt Kris

Me: Go in the backyard so I can clean you up.
Logan: ok mom, I'm ready.

Garden Safety is important

Some more random, perhaps with brief explanation, if possible:

At Circus Circus

Pool Bound

Got a Snuggy and had to read a book like the commercial.

Mad Bubble Scientist

Fell off his bike at 3yrs old and got the good drugs at the ER
Logan: MOM! Look at those beautiful colors!! Are you seing this!?"
Me: No. That's the liquid codeine honey

FL was on fire one year, so he dressed like this (from his 2yr old costume)
for a WHOLE week.

Not dressed up, but quite a pose anyway.

He wore this on our 'date' to the local grocery store.
"Grandmas and Grandpas LOVE me!!"

I had not put all his shorts away after doing laundry.
So he improvised with 2 pj shirts and some tape.

Sheriff something or other.

They are helping me vacuum.
Logan is wearing a pimp hat with a slinky "so it looks like a bonnet"

Anti-Bedtime Bandit.

How much plaid can YOU wear to the beach?

A little creepy here.

"If I was a villain, my name would be... MR VILLAIN!!"

My Devil and pirate with no pants. Who needs pants?

And I leave you with this:

Preschoolers are like having a college student for 4 yrs.

Oh So Fancy

Wait, should I let you take my picture like this?

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