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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Suddenly Quite Busy!

Blogging is a funny thing..

I can post funny stuff, awesome stuff, serious stuff, snarky stuff ect... But I never know what kind of traffic any certain post is going to get. I wrote a serious (for me anyway) blog about moving and the new things happening around for our family and it got a crazy amount of traffic. Nearly as many hits as my apparently controversial post I wrote after Loopy quit his job. I wonder why that is? Maybe because I titled it Changes and people are inherently nosy and have to know what's changing as opposed to the usual banter? Who knows. Either way, if you are reading, I am glad that you are here. It makes it feel like perhaps I'm not just talking to myself.. which I still do often. I wish could know who is here, start leaving comments people! 100 hits a day and no one has anything to add? Maybe I AM talking to myself and you are all just listening in...

"This Swip Swap Thing"

If you live around here and know me, you may have met me through the wonder of swip swap. If that is the case you can just nod and laugh along here. Almost exactly a year ago I joined an online group of around 1000 people who participated in an online garage sale. Well it is incredibly addictive! Imagine walking into a store and EVERYTHING YOU LOVE is 80% off. Also, you start to look around your house and see what YOU can sell so that you can buy more awesome stuff. (without your husband finding out) You get the idea, anyway, we used to swap at people's houses, like craigslist. Loopy would come home for lunch and 10 people would stop by in that half hour alone to buy or sell in my driveway. Then things got crazy and the group grew to 4000-5000 members. So many people were running in circles trying to set up times to meet that we started to meet in LARGE groups in parking lots. 

Our biggest swap was more than 80 cars in the Kohls parking lot. Rumor has it the manager got pissed and told us to knock it off. I suppose that is understandable. I stopped going INTO stores unless it was for groceries. 

We tried a couple Swip Swap garage sales. They weren't profitable for me, but it was fun anyway!

Most of the time we just met in parking lots to buy, sell and trade whatever we had stuffed in the trunk that day. I don't know who bought that black swirly thing, but I really still want it. 

This is how we try on clothes in the parking lot..

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that when you are on a site like that all the time you learn a lot about people. You learn how they treat strangers. You learn what their tastes and personalities are. You learn who you can be snarky with and who just. doesn't. get. it. Some of the most awesome friends I have met in the last year are from swip swap.

This wall has changed quite a bit..
I'll have to update this pic later
People laughed at me because I was on there CONSTANTLY. My best friends had recently started working full time and it gave THIS stay at home mom something to fill the days and grown ups to talk to. Even when I stopped posting and buying for several months.I still hung out and kept in touch with some awesome women... and I usually HATE hanging out with females. AND I redecorated my house for next to nothing!

Bought everything in this room
but the bed and night stands on SS
Everything in this room but the furniture for around $50

There are now 8323 members and about 100 spin off swap sites for specific items. That shit got outta control. I recently started swippy swapping again because we are moving and I need to get rid of the things we aren't using. I posted on my FB wall: 
Just a heads up, I am moving soon. That means I am selling lots of stuff on SwipSwap (online garage sale) I made another profile so I don't clog up everyone's news feeds but sometimes I forget which one I am on cause I jump back and forth a lot. Bear with me.
 And two things happened. 1st people from up north were like I wanna do that! How do I find a local one? and 2nd people were like WHAT!? YOU ARE MOVING!? WHEN!?!

I thought you knew!

How could someone NOT know? It has not been a secret. Oh yeah, other people have lives and don't just sit reading what I do at the computer all day. I had assumed that the same people who comment and talk on my FB page were the same people who read what I write here on the blog. Apparently not. I was bombarded with messages and texts from rather shocked friends who hadn't gotten the memo that we are leaving town. People I haven't seen or heard from in a while (and the ones that I see often) are starting to get a little panicky. Suddenly my days are booked! Every day for the last week I have had a breakfast or lunch date with someone (or a big ass group of people). While I'm out doing that I stop in the old parking lots for swaps and make a little cash. (over $100 this week, by the way) Just a couple weeks ago I was dropping Logan off and school, coming home and lounging on the couch for HOURS then going to pick him up from school and maybe the occasional playdate. It was getting boring (figuratively speaking, it is RARELY boring here) I am NOT complaining. Most people know that I LOVE being out of the house and doing things. It makes me feel loved that people want to see us and catch up before we go. Even if it's only an hour away.

Kendal would love it if we could just go back to snuggling under Care Bear blankets until noon. Sometimes she gets up before me and takes my picture.

Ok, enough about that. Now when I mention swippy swappy, picking up awesome bar stools for $30, or stopping at Kohls real quick you'll know what I'm talking about.

Next time....

I'll go back to the usual stuff, but I sort of got off on a tangent there and now its 3am. I have to get up in 5 hours and attend an epic coffee/breakfast meeting. G'night! 

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