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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Weird Ass Keyword Searches..

Well... I hope you found what you are looking for... 

Blogger lets me track lots of stuff like blog hits, what type of browser people use, what country people are from, how people get to my blog, and my personal favorite, Keyword Searches! I have been saving them all and will post them now for you're amusement.

I'll start with what I assume were successful blog searches. Most of these were either linked to my first post ever or my most recent posts. 

why kids are great blogspot kara wr
kara wrobleski palm kids blogspot
why kids are great because
why kids are great
wrobleski kids are great palm coast
kara kids wrobleski blogspot
why kids are great wrobleski blog
kara kids wrobleski blogspot

Quite a few searches were linked to the post about Ben when he was still missing. I wish the result of that had a happier ending. It is still searched once a week or so. I should probably go edit that to let people know he passed away, for people who are still looking it up... 

benjamin gallas
"ben gallas" mi
benjamin gallas bridgman
ben gallas bridgman
Ben Gallas missing
Missing persons Benjamin gallas

These were image searches and the pictures they were linked to... 

handsome firemen

Oh, is this not what you had in mind? 

Naked in the Grass

You should have been more specific...

bowser fighting

Mario and Luigi hunting for Bowser in the back yard

squirrel pictures

Heh heh heh. This is what all squirrels look like to me 

Kids taller than parents

Well, she IS taller than me.. but you can't tell cause I'm sitting on her lap. Sorry we don't have a better comparison for you.

Hairiest college kid ever

Ok, he probably isn't the hairiest college kid ever, but he could use a shave. And the fact that I babysat him and now he's even a little hairy and a college kid makes me both depressed that I'm old and proud that he's smart and in college. 

Here's some good and random searches..

couch from "big lots"

you can't beat the price/ comfort ratio!

stick cute girl

I assume this was an image search.. I have no idea what it linked to.

christmas spritz cookies

I should have included the recipe I guess. Sorry googlers!

the neverending story
water never ending story

Yeah, we had a phase. Also, Gmorks are still considered cute.

puffball googly eyes

This is totally relevant to my life. THIS is why kids are great.

pee pants
"stole his pants"

These are both also totally relevant to my life.. it can't always be rainbows and unicorns..

rainbows and unicorns

well... there are lots of those references lately. But it has nothing to do with the pants-less epidemic in this house.

kara blog kendall logan aci

I am not sure that I care to address this search. I will say that it was entered more than once in a couple similar variations. In our past life this was relevant to our lives but it isn't anymore and we are happy now. I hope the searcher found what they are looking for. These days you are way more likely to find me under "rainbows and unicorns." Also, Kendal has one L. Not two.

sit on lil sister lap
sit on sister lap

Why would anyone need to search for this? 

mom blogs that use canon ti4

No, I don't. I use my crappy camera phone or a cannon point-n-shoot that I bought because it has a lifetime warranty that covers whatever my kids will do to it. 

That's all for now! Check back in a few months for another edition of 

My Weird Ass Keyword Searches..

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