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Friday, August 16, 2013

My Sister Left Her Monkey in Mexico

There is nothing in my hand!

waiting for a tram with her monkey

Every time we leave the house Kendal MUST bring something. I am ok with this because for some reason she is convinced that she must be holding something at all times. If she doesn't have something in her hand she chews on said hand until it is filled with an object that she likes. This last weekend it was a stuffed monkey that her best friend Carol Ann gave her. (Carol Ann is actually MY friend but she has completely won over Kendal's affection) 

Kendal's problem is that she tends to leave her stuff in random places like the belt isle at Walmart or the shopping cart at Publix or the dollar section of Target. Luckily I can usually pinpoint the place where she set down that day's favorite thing and found something shiny or squishy to put into her hand instead. Last weekend she left her monkey in Mexico while touring the countries in Epcot. She suddenly had to pee while coloring a Perry the Platypus on a stick. She had set her monkey down to put a marker in her hand and her seat was taken when we got back from the bathroom. It wasn't until she was trying to convince me to buy her a squishy moose in Germany (because her hand was empty) that she realized the monkey was gone. Instant sad face which evolved into teary eyes, then into silent sobs. Within minutes we had a blubbering Kendal ball on the floor. We jumped a boat back to Mexico and the people next to us asked Logan why his sister was sad. He said, with a perfectly straight face "My sister left her monkey in Mexico." This is how kid-isms happen.

We love Disney.. A LOT

We did a lot of stuff this summer but for the most part we spent weekends at Disney World. Kendal is pretty sure that "Disney" refers to only Magic Kingdom. It is the park we visit most and she LOVES it. Sometimes we all go as a family, sometimes I take just one kid or Loopy takes a kid. One of our favorite adventures was the 24 hour Disney Marathon to celebrate Monsters University.

We started a bit late with the intention of making it until 2am or so.

Instead we went to the laughing place to get our second wind around 2am

Around 4am we tried out Beauty and the Beast, Kendal was a horse, Logan was Beast.

Kendal finally passed out around 6am when the park closed and the sun came up. Logan pretended he wasn't tired, but he barely made it out of the parking lot.

When they say the park is filled to capacity on holidays such as 4th of July, they aren't joking. BUT they do let passholders in. Insider tip, if you don't show your pass right away you get coupons for 1/2 off meals for the day! Plus shoulder to shoulder people up and down  Main Street is something you have to experience to understand.

Random Disney days... Just a heads up, This is like looking at someone's vacation pics, if you are annoyed by slideshows, its sorta like that only blog style. Scroll Faster.

Happy Face Clock Ride
aka Its a Small World
"smile" means make a weird snarly face

Logan and elephant poop

 Kendal and rhino poop

Controlling the dino ride
Look, I'm an elephant rider


Loopy was excited about this. 

WHY is that dog peeing on the car?

That really IS a huge truck

LOVE Herbie. This car was spraying water at people
And the hood rattled around. It WAS Herbie

Closest thing to a family photo we've had since... last time we tried to pose with Buzz... 2 years ago

Dance Party
Kids on the Buzz ride

Heffulumps and Woozles blow Logan's mind. 

Stitch won

Sometimes only one kid wants to go to at a time. Its sort of easier that way and makes a GREAT date day!

Philharmagic with our AWESOME glasses

She talks me into getting on the Teacups. Ugh
She will stay until she passes out
Every. Time. 

Excited to be on the Tram
with her new R2D2

People mover is the BEST RIDE EVER
(in Kendal world) 
Add caption

That about sums up every weekend in Summer. We don't always take pictures cause it really is the same thing over and over. But we love every minute of it! Now that we have that out of the way I can get back to filling in the gaps and gathering a whole summer worth of Kid-isms. Hopefully it won't be Christmas by the time I get around to it. Since both the kids are in school (more on that later, and YAY) I should have more time to keep up.

It's been more than a year!!

Looking back at old posts, which I do from time to time I realized that I started this blog LAST summer. So much has changed for the better this last year its awesome to go back and reminisce! Lots of people just started following along in the last couple months, so to you noobs I recommend checking out how it all started HERE

Thanks for following! 

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