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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weird Ass Keyword Searches Part Deaux

Welcome back googlers and other search engine users 

(but mostly google, cause my stat watcher tells me so) 

Again, I hope you found what you are looking for!

I've been accumulating another fabulous list of Weird Ass Keyword Searches for the last 6 months. I hope to keep this up in the future because every time I look at my automatically generated list that blogspot provides I am fascinated by the strange things people search for. And ever so humored by the things that they found instead. And I think you should all see them, too. I am watching you... (some of you are just terrible at using search engines... )

Quite a few people are legitimately trying to get to my blog, and that makes me smile!

why kids are great wrobleski (but you spelled it wrong)

These probably got you close enough, if not.. I hope you caught us on a good day!!

why kids are great

why kids are great blog

why my kids are great

children are great 

That last one is for people who prefer to call them "children" 

Ok, we need to talk...

I wasn't going to put this list up. Because it will bring MORE of these hits to my page. But I have noticed that there are lots of these types of searches going on. There are no dirty picture of my kids here, and there never will be. If you are ever here, coming to MY blog looking for nasty-ness you should know that if I can look up IP addresses by search then so can anyone else who cares to take notice of you. Knock the shit off. I sincerely hope you get caught being a pervert. If you are searching for these things and dont mean any harm.. also knock that shit off. What is wrong with you people? 

naked kiddies
boys pee together
peing boys
kids grass naked
naked kids grass
naked kiddies
tied kid girl
nekked spanking kid

Enought of that bullshit, lets get back to it...

Bacon Cake

Once I had a kid-ism where Loopy spelled out C-A-K-E and Logan yelled "THAT SPELLS BACON!!" THAT particular little combination of words got the MOST random hits on the blog. I posted a picture as well, so we get image search hits too. Sorry I don't have the recipe for this Interweb wanderers, but back by popular demand, in all variations:

bacon cake

bacon birthday cake

bacon cake images

bacon birthday card

birthday bacon cake

More image searches and what I assume they are linked to. 

bungee chair

target bungee chair

chair of bungee

comfy bungee chair

Yes, they really were comfy. Kendal isn't heavy enough to sink in though. Go buy one, they are on clearance now!

insane squirrel


 This could be from any number of posts and I am not sure what you wanted, so I chose some random ones. Here are some really happy faces you might enjoy!

"Really happy faces"

My kids are really freakin happy most of the time. 

This is Why Kids Are Great

These two were pretty dang happy!

These are some of the happiest people ever from one of my most popular posts ever with well over 200 hits.

More happy people with really happy faces!

ikea lamp living room 

Those lamps aren't from Ikea, sorry. What I was TRYING to say is that everything you see here is from Swip Swap (including the lamps) and the table is from IKEA. Sorry!! But I really do love those lamps. 

Yes, it really really is

life is good

do what you like, like what you do

life is good coffee

children hugging in the grass

Sometimes I have NO idea what people were thinking or hoping to find...

kid fell asleep in the bathroom

Hasn't happened here yet. YET

potty kid girl bathtub blogspot

Be more specific people.

logan growing his long hair

Although specific, I am not positive you found the right Logan.

kid girl go school

kid girl computer

Grammar is not my strong point, I admit it. "But kid girl go school"? c'mon, really? 

and nails done and

And what?

kiss my ass anomaly and literally

Ok, this one makes me laugh every time I see it. Its been searched more than once. 


specifically, number 983? 

has the nook app in horton hatches an egg been fixed

I am not sure about that, ours seems to be working fine, if you nook locks up at 99% you have to hold down the n button and the power button at the same time for 30 seconds and it will reset, your games will be on the nook cloud until you retrieve them by archiving them all then retrieving them. Hope this helps. 

sprinkler kids


little wojja



Yeah, you lost me.

tv show people kids "turn into rocket"



I hate acronyms

big lots decor

affordable and surprisingly decent quality

couch from "big lots"

See above

showing off "silver teeth"

got a new grill, not that kind

kid sleepover

not a sleepover site.

sister lap sitting fotki

 what's a fotki? and ew.

"christmas program" "to pee"

Wow. I don't even know what you were thinking here..

Things I can relate to...

jacksonville zoo cartoon

I've been there and loved it. .not sure about the cartoon part though. Ya got me there

bidels dinle

Logan used to have imaginary friends. They were grasshoppers named "The Bidels" What is a dindle. I'll have to ask him tomorrow

quotable isms

Yeah, we know ALL about that. Every. Day.

peg owen judy blume

what to write to a pen pal about double fudge judy blume

Write to Judy!! She will write you back. If she isn't well (she has breast cancer) her publicist will write you back. Logan got a letter from each of them, so cool.

SUPER popular searches 

officially taller
my daughter is taller
children taller than parents
my daughter is now taller
"little sister" taller
she is a lot taller than me
my niece is taller now
my daughter is taller
daughter taller than me
younger sister so taller than me

This was right up there in hits with Bacon Cake. FYI.. my sister, daughter,  or niece, are not taller than me. My god daughter is though...

never ending story dog
the neverending story persons
the dog in the movie the neverending story
neverending story pics
the neverending story ( just the word )
dragon from neverending story

Kendal still loves Gmork. And its a Luck Dragon, People. A LUCK DRAGON.

That's all for now. Keep the random coming!! It keeps me entertained. 

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