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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reason #154 I love my kids

Reason #154 I love my kids

One of the many reasons I love my kids is that they let me sleep in the morning. Both of them wake up around 8:30 after hubby leaves for work. What's more is that they entertain themselves for quite a while before coming to get me out of bed. I have made it so these kids can be self sufficient. There is a basket of healthy(ish) snacks in the pantry as well as cereal and bread where they can reach. Logan knows how to work the all the electronics so he turns on a movie for Kendal or plays games on the Wii while she tinkers around in the playroom. He also makes his own breakfast, which is awesome.We have more toys than we need so there is always something for them to do. 

Every 15 min or so a kid will come ask me a random question. Kendal usually needs her apple juice and cereal or can't find a particular toy. I'll get up for that, but they tell me to go back and lay down. OK!  Logan might need help opening his granola bar. Stuff like that. But for the most part, I am happily snoozing the morning away somewhere between dreamland and listening for a crying kid. From time to time the kids will try to take advantage of my 1/2 asleep self. 

For instance. Logan knows that I won't say no to a granola bar or toast, so he doesn't wake me up for that. This morning he came in and asked if he could have Oreos for breakfast. He knows what the answer will be but just MAYBE I'll say yes and he won't get in trouble when I find the wrapper. Sometimes I say yes so that he keeps asking and doesn't try to get sneaky. This is key.

Kendal tries this too. This morning she was hoping for sprinkle cookies and candy for breakfast. I told her no. Since she is 3 and has no self control, those are on the top shelf and she can't get them even when stacking chairs (she tried). This morning she caught me off guard with this one.

Kendal: Mom, I like some fire please
Me: Fire?
Kendal: Yes. Put it in kitchen. I like fire. 
Me: Why? What are you going to do with fire? 
Kendal: /Shrug. Never mind mom. I go play circus with my elephant. 
Me: Good idea. 

They think its a privilege to make the coffee and fight over who gets to help me. When we sit down on the floor to play cars, dinosaurs, or a game they make sure I remember to bring my coffee cup with me. Ok, that was a few reasons why I love my kids.. but he's another one. 

From Logan

"This is my jingletar, Its really mellow and very jingly. I decorated it with 2 happy faces and 2 hearts and 2 lightening bolts and 9 ruby reds. It should be in Operas because Operas are pretty mellow bands. This is what it sounds like (jingle jingle) Ya got all that? Mom would be my date to the Opera (who's name is Kara Wroblewski) Ok that's all." 
I don't have plans to hit the opera anytime soon, but we are going on a date tomorrow for dinner and school supplies. I'll bring a camera. 

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