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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Epic Birthday Weekend

My kids are half Syf

This means that half the time when we go somewhere something crazy will happen. Not everywhere, but most places. This observation was also true this weekend. We weren't going to be ritzy (obviously) we were trying to have a good time without spending a ton of money. (my bank account says "FAIL") But we had a great time and the kids will have something to remember.. or block out.

1st Stop: Cracker Barrel (all the way to Ormond Beach, 20min away)

Cause you have to even on a short road trip. Or at least we do. This went off without a hitch. Kids found a couple little fidget toys for less than $4 in the store to keep them occupied. Both are little robot guys and they went everywhere we went. 
Kendal getting ready to jump off something tall onto something hard

2nd Stop: Wonderworks 

I-Drive. This is normal here.

I have always driven by and just glanced at it. This was a sort of landmark before we turned into the Marcado on family vacation as kids or perhaps my parents just didn't want to pay for all 6 of us to go to an arcade.. (I don't blame them, but its ok Mom, I had a coupon) Its more than just an arcade there's other stuff too.. Like this thing that makes your body disappear.

Being attacked by the robot

A piano floor, Bubble room, And space travel stuff, which Logan LOVED

The top floor had an arcade. This is where things got a little crazy. We don't travel with much cash, ever. So both kids got about 6 tokens each. Kendal won 3 tickets playing Wack a Mole and kiddie basketball. She had a BLAST and should not be trusted with a mallet.

 Logan found a machine that is sort of like the big wheel on Price is Right. It costed 4 quarters and being the Dutch mom that I am, I advised against this machine that will steal your money give you nothing. Being the gambler he is said BIG MONEY and spun that wheel. Then this happened:

Look MOM! I told you!!
Its still goin!
1000 tickets takes about 10 minutes to  feed out

There were sirens, bells, lights ect. He reveled in the awesomeness of winning more tickets than a 6yr old can hold. Until it was time to choose a prize. The only issue with having 1003 tickets to spend is that you can't afford the REALLY awesome stuff on the back wall, those take 2000-3000 tickets. He was rather disappointed with selection of stuffed animals in his price range and was not excited about getting 68 sticky hands, 20 bouncy balls and 5 sets of vampire teeth. That wasn't cool. So he had an epic meltdown due to indecisive-ness. After several attempts and a looong 1/2 hour of trying to calm him he left with nothing. Thou Shalt Not Be A Whiney Spoiled Child at Wonderworks. They should make a sign with that on the wall. We left with a printout of our ticket count, a sticky wall walker, jumping frog, and an Angry Bird toy for Kendal. She is obsessed with Angry Birds. On the way to the next stop we passed Fun Spot. They have one of those human slingshot things. She was so excited she tried frantically to get out of her seat. She said "I WILL DO THAT!! Yes, right now. Get in it and fly!" This girl has no fear.
Sure toddler, sign this waver and climb in!

3rd Stop: Ponderosa Steak House

Yup, keeping it classy! The highlight of this stop is that Kendal ate free. Which is good, cause all she had was 2 crackers, 3 bowls of Rice Crispies and 1 bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Roughly one bowl of Rice Crispies made it INTO her mouth. The rest hit the floor. I didn't have too much guilt, cause that is easy enough to sweep up, right? Until Kendal spilled her cup of strawberry lemonade on our seat. So the Crispies started to snap, crackle, and pop then melt to goo. The sugar from the Cinn Toast Crunch made a gritty sticky stubstance and my ass was SOAKED with all that mess stuck to it. Not Kendal, she eats standing up.. now I know why. I had to walk out to the car with my butt dripping wet. Its a buffet, so you have to walk ALLLL The way around the restaurant to find the exit. Awesome. I go to the car and get changed. Meanwhile, while Loopy is maintaining the kids inside Logan managed to spill HIS lemonade mostly just on his crotch. He got a change of pants too. I wonder what the other patrons were thinking of this wet butt family walking around the restaurant. Lesson for the evening, don't judge, you never know what is going on at the table next to you. Also, only accept a kids cup with a lid. 
After desert we went outside to run in circles. What else can you do after ice cream and sprinkles? I took pictures of that, but they were blurry. So here is a picture of the Fidget Robots waiting patiently on a bench.
Kendal's is "Robot" and Logan's is "Timber-Tron"

4th Stop: MOTEL 6!!!

The main event ladies and gents. He's waited a whole year (or so) for this. We got checked in by a very friendly staff. Joked with some folks in the lobby and made our way to the room. The place was completely booked up so thank God for reservations! Here's a couple pics from the party.

The party Guests.
Shelly, Pilly, Sheep,
And of coarse Elephant!

Everything was going as planned. we hung out, we watched some tv, the kids passed out, I read my nook for a while and dozed off. I have no idea what time it was, because there are no alarm clocks supplied at a Motel 6.
This is where things went downhill. Sometime well after 2am I woke up to the sound of a VERY angry hooker with a thick Jersey accent outside in the hall. At first I thought it was just some drunk lady mad at her boyfriend, cause that happens in any hotel. Then she started to tell him why she was mad at this man. I won't go into details, cause there is no age limit on this blog, From what I gather her John, which, ironically, was his name, (or at least what she called him when she wasn't calling him other hilarious names) Did not pay her for "Services Rendered". I know this because she listed them. Which was also pretty dang funny. This went on for the better part of an hour. (I am guessing. because, again, no clocks) I thought I was the only one awake, but I asked Loopy about it in the morning and he heard it too. The kids didn't mention it. So we just left it alone and packed up. 

5th Stop: Wet N Wild

After recovering from a mad case of the giggles over the previous nights shenanigans we arrived across the street at the water park. Got our tickets and found a couple chairs. (Rare find after 11am) They recently added a kid's section which was the main reason we went. (And the awesome FL discount) Its pretty much a castle with water slides, wading pools and water guns everywhere. As soon as we got there Logan was lotion-ed and disappeared into the chaos. After a little warming up to the place Kendal was fearless and took multiple water cannons to the face and didn't have any problems going down the big slides alone. We didn't bring in the camera, but this is what I'm talking about.

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. About 1/2 way through the day Loopy started to panic because he's a red head who once got REALLY burned at Wet n Wild on a class trip. I give him credit for getting over that fear. It's a legitimate one. He got a UV proof shirt and some SPF 5000 sunblock. He even felt good enough to take Logan on a ride with a giant raft big enough for 6 people. Logan isn't the most brave child in the world, I can't believe he did it! Yay for overcoming fears. 

There's other awesome stuff that happened this weekend, but I am SO ready to sleep on my own bed without a 3yr old sideways on my pillow. And of coarse without being woken up by pissed off hookers outside my door. 

Thanks for reading Ya'll!!

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