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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lost Quotes

From 2009

March 21

Logan is "ring bringer" in a wedding today. I hope this goes well.
Practicing his strut

The real deal! 

He was pretty sure he married this girl that day
My dance partner, I was 8 mo preggo

2 awesome people who deserve to be happily ever after.

August 30
Fed Kendal cereal for the first time tonight. she was mad because I was too slow. Then took the spoon and fed herself. I don't think this kid's gonna be a follower...

August 20

Success!! Fed her a bottle and put her in the swing. aaah, peace and quiet for a minute while Loopy teaches Logan about tube amps, cables, peddle boards and how to restring a guitar.
This isn't video from THAT day, but I like it and its music. Here you go. 

September 21

How does Kendal know when I am about to sit down to eat? She wakes up EVERY time. And Logan ate 2 corn dogs and doritos. I guess his appetite is back.

September 27

Logan asked if he can work to make money for "a truck with a trailor that has a boat on it from walgreens"... is 3 too young for allowance?

December 21

Watching Kendal eat stuff off the floor. I think they are pieces of golfish and she really seems to love them.

December 27

Its been snowing non-stop for 3 days. Logan is in heaven with snow pants and coats and gloves and boots.... I am SO cold that my goosbumps are tired.

From 2010

October 1

Logan told me this morning that it was cooler outside today because he left the door open too long yesterday and he let the air conditioning out. He is shocked that it REALLY does get cold outside when he leaves the door open. I hope this doesn't backfire when it gets hot again.

October 19

This morning Logan asked me if he can wear the same shirt every year for picture day until he graduates high school. "That way everyone will REALLY see how much I've grown."

October 29

Both these kids are so tweaked on sugar!! Logan took a shower (thats new) and Kendal jumped off the ottoman, bounced off the back of the couch and smacked her face on the wall. (not new) She laughed, signed hurt, head, wall then did it again to demonstrate.

November 5

Logan: I have good news and bad news.
Me: What's the good news?
Logan: We have a door.
Me: The bad news?
Logan: We don't have a rainbow and I like rainbows.

November 6

I need to get Kendal a pull toy. She is dragging the old bottle warmer around the house by the cord.

November 8

Note to self, buy Kendal more grippy socks. Florida kids don't know how to walk on slippery floors without them. And its pretty dang funny to watch.

November 14

Fun time at the beach with Logan's buddy Sean. Then we went on a "date" to steak n shake. He even opened doors for me. When we left he said "I sure miss Kendal when she's not here, but sometimes its nice to be with just my mom." My little man is SO sweet.

November 16

Kendal fell off daddy's amp. Fat bloody lip and it didn't phase her. She signed hurt, let me clean her up, said 'all done' and went on her way. Seriously, blood everywhere.

November 19

Logan is watching Pippi Longstocking. She made her grand entrance whistleing away on a polka dot horse, wearing huge clown size shoes, braids sticking out, monkey on her shoulder ect.. Logan said "WHAT!? are you kidding me? That kid knows how to whistle??"

November 22

Kendal is sitting on the kitchen table. Seems pointless to take her down since she'll be back up there in seconds. She is pretending to poor ketchup into a candle (not lit)

November 25

Every year Logan names our turkey. When he was 2yrs old its name was Gobbler. When he was 3yrs old its name was Jesus. This year the turkey is named Butter. That's right, Butter the Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

December 1

Logan cried for 1/2 hour that he didn't want jelly on his sandwich. (he asked for peanut butter and jelly) So Loopy told him the Jelly is power up and will give him super speed energy. Worked like a charm.

December 3

Logan told me I can't take a nap. I should drink coffee instead. So I guess that's what I'll do. *sigh.

From 2011 (in no particular order)

April 15

So, 99% of the time my kids dont like to be together. Since they have been so close these last few days, they have shared croup with eachother. Yay for that. I have a house full of heavy breathing barking seals. Anyone have an extra humidifier?

April 12

I learned two things last week. 1) Holding Kendal in a restaurant while trying to eat is like holding an angry cat while trying to eat. 2) My daughter will dip anything in syrup, including dried chocolate covered cranberries

April 5

Kendal has a notebook full of grievances. If you make her mad she 'writes' it down in one of her many notebooks. So far today is is upset about getting a bath and Logan not letting her watch Tinkerbell.

April 5

Logan: Making fresh sqeezed orange juice is like milking an Orange!

March 30

Kendal is drinking milk out of a shot glass and chasing it with juice from a sippy cup. she's hardcore.


March 25

Logan: I wish i was in puberty.
Me: Why?
Logan: So I can make armpit farts.

March 24

Logan: Mom, I'm pregnant
Me: Oh yeah? Anything else you need to tell me?
Logan: Yes, I am allergic to sawdust.

March 6

Just made puppy chow with the kids. I will regret this in about 10min.

10 Minutes Later:

February 11

Sooo, there is cartoon on netflix instant watch. It is called Happy Tree Friends or something like that... THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW!!! Whoops. My 4yr old might be scarred. Shoulda read the description on that one! Or perhaps looked at the rating. So THATS what TV-MA means. Parent Fail.

February 3

Logan: If I was a dollar, someone would find me and put me in a cash register.

January 27

Logan informed me that today is Elerphant's 4yr old Birthday. That's his favorite stuffed animal he's had for a long time. Our house is decorated and brownies are in the oven and guests are here (Scarey the Snake, Black Sheep and Shelly the Turtle) Happy Birthday Elerphant!!

January 19

Kendal chugged my cup of coffee when I was in the bathroom. She's a little tweeked right now. Yikes.
Here she is making her own coffee.

January 7

Kendal has started using a fork to comb her hair. Thanks Little Mermaid. Logan said "Kendal, its a fork, not a dinglehopper!"

January 6

Logan got an award on his Leapster Explorer. He was so excited and said "A major award!? Is it a leg lamp!?" I love this kid.

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