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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

March... part 1

It is really hard to skip months...

I said I was going to fast forward 6 months, but I am apparently unable because I find stuff funny and I want to write it down before it's lost forever. YOU are welcome fast forward if you want once I am done, just use the side bar to flip through months.

March as fast as possible.

And by that I mean the month, not double time band flashbacks. 
*I am not watching for typos and horrible spacing issues, I am in a trying to be quick. 

There was camping... 

I got a new laptop with a built in webcam. Logan enjoys these hilarious features...  I wanted to post the video, but I am trying to get through this so... maybe later

March around town
*see what I did there?

Spent a weekend in New Smyrna with friends... 

Went to Comic Con and met a Ghost Buster, RTD2, and played with Legos, Cause we don't have THOSE at home...

Celebrated Leah getting adopted by Beth and Uncle Chris! 

Messed with the locals...
The people in the car next to me in the target parking lot are going at it like frisky teenagers. I put on some Barry White and rolled down my window to set the mood. Happy hump day!

Got screwed by morning Karma...
This sums up morning for me . I just want to go get some coffee

Oh, and this happened... 

Loopy: What happened last night? I think i fell out of bed or something.
Me: You startled yourself awake and jumped up on the bed like Spiderman. I put my leg up to stop you from jumping on me.. or whatever you were doing... and you grabbed my leg with both hands and FLUNG yourself backwards/sideways off the bed into the tall boy and nightstand and fell onto the drum set. 
Loopy: What!? Seriously? 
Logan: HaHaHaHahahaa!!! Were you getting attacked by Green Goblin in your sleep or something?! Mom, what did you do? 
Me: I just shook my head and went back to sleep. I'm used to it.
Logan (giggling) Wait, does this happen often? That's strange dad.

This boy....

Look mom, a lady body

Logan: Mom, I need help with my homework
Me: Ok, what's up? 
Logan: I need you to help me rewrite this story in my own words. 
Me: .... But then it wouldn't be in your own words... 
Logan: UGH!!! you always say things like that.

Me: Logan, what time is it?
Logan: hmm, lets build this clock and I'll tell ya.

Seriously.. just built a clock.

Is it wrong that sometimes when I send Logan upstairs to do something I have him take my fitbit to get in all 10 flights of stairs in a day?

Logan's Joke of the Day: What do you call a gorilla with headphones? 
Anything, he can't hear you.

Serious about geography. He carries around his globe spouting off facts...which you are expected to remember.

Logan got new shoes that required him to learn to tie his laces (sketchers with Velcro are no longer cool) 
Logan: i am so happy i learned to tie my shoes in just 20mins! Now i don't have to feel embarrassed anymore at school. 
Me: i didn't know it was something that bothered you. You have to tell us these things so we can help you. Anything else you'd like to learn, anything else you've been embarrassed about?
Logan: i wasn't going to tell you this until 3rd grade, but i really wish i knew division. 
Loopy: like a prophecy?
Me: what? Not divination, division.
Logan: good one dad. Really though mom, can you teach me some division?
Me:uhhh, sure..

Got Logan's SRI (just another standardized test) score from his teacher while I was reading this article and it is all starting to click for me. He is a currently more than 200 points over the high end of average. (Yeah, I'm bragging) but I have been struggling with his overdramatic self for a long time and I know there is more to it than simply unable to get his shit together but things like this and lots of other studies help us to see the big picture. The good news, he's damn smart. The bad news, he's destined to be a spaz forever.

This girl...

Kendal wanted to finger paint right AFTER her bath.

Yay Art. 

Kendal brought the Furby to bed last night and it woke up with her cough and sniffles. Awesome.

Just jumping off tall things onto hard things. Just another day at the zoo with a Kendal monkey.

My 4yr old daughter is standing on Loopy's amp and "stage diving" into a group of (imaginary) people while her dad plays guitar... she isn't wearing pants. We are so screwed.

"This is a bear I made allll by myself at school. His name is Tubs and he is purple with a pocket to put whatever inside. It says Cheez-its all over."
Cheez-it's = Jesus. This might explain why she refuses to eat Cheez-its... 
She also renamed my giant Stanley tape measure "Boogers" Logan isn't ok with this cause clearly his name is Stanley.

Kendal Speak: 
Shit List = Check list
hexagon cereal = Crispix

Bike Week is a requirement.

 That drunk guy leaning on the trash can fell over when we walked by. We helped his wife carry him to his car. He was sobbing like a baby. Yay bike week.

End of part 1

It is now bedtime, you can expect part 2 sometime between tomorrow evening and Christmas.

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