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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More April.. It's a busy month.

Mid April... 

Yeah, this month was THAT LONG. I am not doing excessive editing, The spacing is hosed and I can't figure out how to fix it. I give up.


My nearly 5yr old turned down all things girly and is opting for a Pokemon birthday party and is inviting mostly grownups and older boys.. *sigh* Oh, and she has started singing the opening song from Frozen and she is pretty good at it!

Week 2 day 1 of CT5K done followed by 30min circuit at Planet Fitness. Beast Mode activate! Followed by sushi... now to figure out how to remove what seems to be 5 gallons of water from the carpet where Kendal apparently dumped BUCKETS yesterday when I wasn't home.

*I never finished my C25K, yes 6 months later. Basically I had to start over. There were distractions. 

Soooo, the kids didn't spill water. It is coming through the foundation. I am super happy I am a renter right now. I am NOT happy that there is an splashy puddle of water under my carpet and in the kitchen. This is 1/2 of what I vacuumed up that day. I apologized profusely to Loopy and the kids for getting so mad.

*The results of this crazy situation will be in it's own post. It was a loooong process to fix.  

Logan's Joke of the Day: 
Q:Who does Clark Kent turn into in the shower? 
A: Soaperman

Right now i am grateful for a son who is excited to read a bedtime story to his little sister so i don't have to. He's so expressive when he reads to her and she loves it.

Just got home from a walk with my neighbor Jessica and found Loopy jamming out in the kitchen. Rock on. Audition was switched to Thursday this week. Guess its cram time.

On the way home from Karate one day Logan was completely silent.. 
Me:What's up Logan? You tired out? 
Logan: no, I'm seeing what its like to be Steven Hawking. All he does is not move and think and talk about sciencey stuff and the cosmos.
Me: oh yeah? And what do you think of this experiment? 
Logan: It's very still my friend, very still.

Filled another shmuzzie bucket! 

Kendal is afraid of the moth in her room. So I told her it's a nighttime butterfly. Now she loves it and named it.

Lil miss crafty

Went to put K back in the car at the library and she was doing this. Hi!

Just hanging out on Dad's amp before an audition. Mostly cause its tall and she can jump off it, over the couch and bounce onto the ottoman.

This is on Logan's recommended reading list. He just finished reading it at school and checked it out for me at the public library so we can talk about it. That's a 453 pager...  Sadly I didn't get around to it before it was due back.

My kids were awesome today. Some days suck but today mine did not. That makes me happy.
Logan's Joke of the day: 
Why don't vampires win at anything? Because they always suck.

Kendal's frog balloon family

Pool time

Adriana opened her own massage business in Palm Coast!! 

So cute. Proud of my girl!

Waiting for the ice cream truck. Like Ninjas.

Logan bought ice cream for his neighborhood friends! He's a good kid. 

Bubbles Ice cream on a stick. MMmmmm
I'm just happy because she's eating something made of dairy.

Kendal's bday party supplies came today. Yaayy!

Proofs of the kids' spring pictures

The boys are sitting around listening to Beatles albums (on vinyl of coarse)

Kendal has been falling asleep to her Beatles music her whole life. She got a blanket and laid down on the couch.


Today Kendal picked out the cereal at Publix. Loopy just got himself a bowl
Loopy: This is decadent.
Me: Decadent? dude, they are just fruit loops with marshmallows.
Loopy: Hello, my name is Loopy!
Me: point taken.
*the bowl was emptied in the time it took me to type this.

Excited about my new cereal bowl!

I came downstairs to enjoy a coffee break while the kids played in K's room... 20 mins later
Logan: c'mon Kendal, lets go down stairs.
Kendal: wait, I have to get dressed
Me: Why is she naked?
Logan: Cause we were getting ready to go to Epcot
Me: But.. we don't go to Epcot naked.
Kids: he he he. never mind mom.

These kids are crazy today

Ready for a day at epcot

Ms fabulous

Happy Easter

How we celebrate Easter

We went on a Disney style easter egg hunt.

Safe driving selfie

So freakin' giddy!

Sword in the stone/ anvil

Pull Harder!!!

Don't blink

Someone asked me why I don't just skip over all these months. I thought about doing that, but honestly the blogs help me look back and enjoy the stuff that just went by when I was too busy being a mom. Too busy with laundry, cooking, errands, MOLD (good lord, the mold), There are days when I am too burned out and frustrated to appreciate what I have. I suppose that is normal, but there are moments when I just can't wrap my head around how I got so lucky in my life. I blog to appreciate that. 

These kids have an amazingly strange relationship

I hope that this only gets better. I hope they don't have those falling outs for years. 

I sincerely hope that this girl never ever loses her spirit. Here is Princess Kendal in her fancy dress and 'tiara'

I hope Logan never loses his sense of self either. He is a sweet, sensitive, intense, smart boy... who gets in trouble at school for excessive hugging. He needs to learn boundaries, but in the scope of things, It could be worse. MUCH MUCH worse. 

It really is a wonderful life. 

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