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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

March Part 2.... and April Part 1

Yeah, that fast. WHAT!?

The Styf family/ cousin vacation. 

It was good to be 'home' with part of our extended family for spring break. Wish the other siblings could be here but they sure are in spirit! 

Moving into Cypress Harbor for the week Feels like home!

Nice Shirts, Boys!

It's like CHRISTMAS!!!! My parents love me.

Grandpa is going to have his hands full this week. 

We had the longest dinner excursion EVER to Friendly's with some VERY wired kids. Then we gave them balloon animals, swords, and ice cream. This did not calm them. Everyone is finally crashed out while I enjoyed beers on the porch with Loopy. Life is good.

Sliding with Olaf

Grandpa and Kendal

Logan riding in grandma's Cadillac: remember in the song Royals when they sing driving Cadillacs in our dreams? Pinch me.

Grandma met some nice women in the hot tub who bought her a long island ice tea.. dad wanted a mudslide and went to find them. But I don't think he's their type.

It is after all....

Mudslide Monday.

Putt putt break 

The alarm clock in my parent's room has been going off since midnight and it is set to a terrible country station. It makes them both snore louder.

Pool chaos.

Swimmin' Cousins. 

Papa's swimming school.

Grandma getting clobbered

Can I just say that playing with my nephew is surreal? And by that I mean that he is the absolutely the spitting image of  my older brother. They have the same mannerisms, facial expressions, and personality. It's hilarious. AND. I. LOVE. IT.

After a day at the pool I realised that Logan's sunblock had somehow expired. 

Sold out of aloe. If there was a place to purchase NEW sunblock...

Shooting at Tom Sawyers Island

There is a library at the rec center of Cypress. Logan found a book and read all about Tom Sawyer and he HAD to visit the island to experience it first had.

White wash that thar fence!

Waiting patiently..

Slushy break

Family bike ride

Other stuff around the resort...

This thing just calmly ate a lizard whole while the kids watched. Yup that just happened.

Volllllcaaannnnoooooo!!!! For Uncle Jeffy's birthday

 That was a summary of coarse. It's strange to be missing 1/2 the family 
but we had an amazing time.

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