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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shenanigans of February.

Yes, February. Don't judge me. I got distracted.

Crazy moments in the life of Logan

Logan: Dad, why did George Cherry cut down the Washington Tree? wait, that was backwards.
Dad: Because he was drunk? 
Logan: Well you have to be honest to be president, right? 
Dad: *laughing*
Logan: I bet Nick H would make a good president. He's always honest!

"Mom, pretend I am wearing a pink tutu with butterflies all around me. Lalalala"

Logan just told me he named one of his pimples "Zitty" 
Dude, gross. 

Super proud of Logan. I went to his teacher conference and he is WAAAAY above his grade level for reading and math and is doing great pretty much across the board. Ms. P also said he is the best creative writer in the class.. he can tell a story but Hates Hates Hates to physically write. I guess when he does, it is worth the screaming. Watching his teacher read his "love letter" was hilarious. I have to do some uh.. editing before I post it here or on the blog. He was also tested for gifted the same week. 

Can't figure out why I'm so tired today.. then i remembered that Logan woke me up at 3:34am and was dressed and ready for school. When I told him what time it was he insisted our clocks are ALL wrong. Then he came back at 3:45 and was excited to be in the Guinness book for kid who was ready for school first. I told him to go back to bed. He kept telling me he can't sleep until around 4:30. "Well I can, go away" was not acceptable to him. When Kendal got up at 7:30 he was sleeping on the couch. Fingers crossed for early bedtime tonight.

Logan made his own sausage and eggs. Nom nom

This couch at IKEA "feels like old man pants"

Logan was home sick today (woke up with a sore throat and barking cough, he's better now) I grabbed the wrong lunch box to send with Kendal this morning. My apologies to her teachers for the subsequent meltdown. But Logan's realization that Kendal got his favorite lunch items and didn't appreciate them (except the chocolate) was hilarious. "Thanks for packing combos and ham n cheese rolls in my lunch mom, I really WOULD have loved that..." Their conversations always crack me up.

Walking though the living room and this is happening. Meditation with fruit.

"It's the great wall of Lego. Which is sorta like the great wall of China... which separates China from Mongolia."

Logan: mom, I'm going to do an experiment with my race cars.
Me half paying attention: ok, cool.
Logan: I'm going to see if they can survive whole minute in the microwave!
Me: wait, what? NO!
Logan: but I'm going put it in water...
Me: uh... nope. Bad idea.
Logan: dang it!

Logan with 7th degree black belt coung nhu master

You know your 7yr old is hanging out with the cool/geeky kids when one of his first birthday invites of the year is for a Big Bang Theory themed party... BAZINGA!!

2 Purple stripe belt test!
Super excited!

Kendal Shenanigans

Kendal calls this Advanced Matching Game. Just take 4 boxes of memory games and mix them all up. Now match them. Yay

  Ms. Cool watching Super Why

Moments before happy red foam block's execution...

 Bath time with the dinosaurs

The elusive Kendal nap.

Just lookin' for a toy...

Diggin' deep.... "Mom, a little help here!?"

Climbs into my bed and snuggles me every morning.

Just polished off two waffles. This may not be impressive to anyone else but that's more than she eats EVER!

She did dump 1/2 a plate of syrup on the floor when she showed me her waffles were gone, but I'm happy she's eating. 

K cleaned her plate AND took care of her dishes without being asked and earned the last shmuzzie!

I guess now she can hatch that evil plan she's thinking about...

It's a Kendal costume original.

I thikn she said she's a pikatchu.. or something

Kendal let me straighten her hair. It. Is. Gorgeous.

I stared at it for a whole day.

Just the usual trip to the bus stop... the type where we never actually MAKE it to the bus and Logan walks right past us... 

Yeah, Sure. Have some crackers. Go ahead and dump em right there. Then step on them. PERFECT

I think it was just a ploy to earn a 'clean up' shmuzzie.

Wro family happenings... 

This was the surreal day that my kids met my friend Phil's kids. WE went to high school together. Logan was wired, Kendal was sleepy, and the girls were overwhelmed by my kids. Tara is officially cancer free after an incredibly strong fight with brain tumors this last year. This was their Make a Wish trip to Disney World!

I love the kids' annual red crayon in the laundry basket gag. Guess I'll be buying that new $60 gi for karate...

Ya know what hurts worse than stepping on legos in the middle of the night? Stepping on a handful of gaming dice. OMG!!

The kids got haircuts at Disney for a shockingly reasonable price. 

 Kendal got the whole "First Haircut" Package. I don't count the time I had to cut a motorized truck out of her hair.. or the two zhu zhu pets that ate her pig tails. 

Bubbles to pass the time... 


Cute picture...

Then they yank that hair into the tightest ponytail ever, and sprinkle glitter on top.

And now you can't tell how that new haircut looks! The good news is that she LOVED the experience. The bad news is that she expects every hair place to have bubbles and glitter. 

Then we spent the rest of the day doing normal Disney stuff. 

Like driving race cars.

And spinning the giant germ ball in Tomorrow Land.

And dressing up like Beast and dancing with Belle. 

Ok, So lots more happened that month... 

and I am posting this unedited because well, I don't care, it's been months. This is September 1st and I am blogging about February. That's messed up. We are just gonna go ahead and fast forward 6 months. 

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