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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I was going to skip the last few months and just pick up where we are now. Then I had a dream the other night that all social networking was destroyed and then I realized I would have no documentation of all the funny shit my kids said for several months. *gasp* 
So I'll just keep doin' what I do for my own amusement. (and yours) I KNOW I missed events and people that we saw over the holidays, but really, cut me a break. It's May. 


All packed in and ready to roll.
Hi Clowny and Elephant!!

We decided to take a family road trip to MI for Christmas and make a few stops along the way. We had a fabulous time and I am forever grateful that my kids are amazing travelers. As long as we keep moving. If we stay in one place they get cranky then want to go home. 

Loopy is a rather analytical guy who needs a plan and strict record keeping. Here he is with is 'pre-flight checklist'. Sometimes if I don't laugh I'll just get pissy. We sat in the car completely loaded and ready to roll while he checked and rechecked the schedule. For like 20 minutes.

I was playing Bubble Popper Blast... Until it started talking shit so I started reading my nook instead. I've said it before and I'll say it again. my phone is an ass hole.

Kentucky Bound!

Our first stop for the night was in Kentucky. We booked a room with the intention of staying two nights because it had an indoor water park. Then I got sick and we had to change things up. This required a complete revamping of checklist, but it worked out really well. The kids LOVED it. 

Our room was the one way down in the lower left corner. So when the bucket dumps it pooled outside our door. That was super loud and made me jump every time.

Fun for all ages.

Got the kids out of the pool.. 
Logan: I'm a wet Logan ball!
Kendal: I'm a wet Kendal ball!
Me: honey, come get your wet balls off the floor!

It was awesome until the Logan ball started smacking Loopys leg... then it got gross.

Eventually Kendal settled in for the night. All the comforts of home. She LOVES hotels

Ft. Wanye

Next stop was Ft Wayne, In. Where apparently, for the first time in recent memory, I failed to take pictures. My older brother and his family live there. Lydia is all of 3 days older than Kendal and nearly a foot taller. (no joke) Ethan is 2 and is EXACTLY like his daddy. They look alike, act alike, laugh alike. And it makes me super happy. It was rowdy and fun and the kids crashed hard. Yay for that. 


First thing we did when we got to our hometown was jump in the car with my sister and brother in law because Baguette deFrance was calling to us. Best. Sammich. EVER

Here's proof my my coffee addiction in clearly hereditary. This is the pantry at my parents house. COFFEE EVERYWHERE. And those espresso candies are amazing. I must find some locally.

Next stop was midnight coffee with some people I miss terribly!! They made me drive and it snowed about 10 inches when we were there. I couldn't see the road all the way home. Yeah. I forgot how to drive in snow. Damnit. That was terrifying but worth it.

This is our other home base.  

Christmas Eve

There was playing in the snow. It was cold. Like REALLY REALLLLY COLD. 

Logan likes to shovel. 
My snot was frozen


A major award!

With the help of a few friends we thought it would be fun to get my dad a full size leg lamp for Christmas. It was a couple years in the making. This is the first time in a few years that all the siblings were all home at once to really enjoy it. 
Congrats again dad!!

This was the moment he realized what was going on.... 

Then it dawned on mom what was going on. (the pics are terrible cause my phone is an asshole.)

Thanks again to Dustin and his family for all the delivery work and to Kimi for custom making a Fragile Box, I'll have to find a picture of it and edit it in later. It was AMAZING. Best Christmas decoration at the Styf house yet!

Pillow fights and present opening.

Kendal and Uncle Bubba
Logan with Uncle Bubba

Kristen, Ethan, and Lydia
Logan with is 2 front teeth from Aunt Niki


We went to Loopy's side of the family for Christmas dinner and MORE presents. 

Loopy had the flu. This was not fun for anyone.

Out of the box for less than an hour and my kids taught the Furby to lift a leg to fart and dance to Pants on the ground. Awesome.

Logan's Loot

Survivors Club; Michigan Chapter

One of the highlights of our trip. Especially for Loopy, was meeting up with the Mich Chapter of Survivors Club. We span decades and states. Tell em how you feel kids!!

There was a Nuclear Meltdown buffalo wing eating competition. Cheryl kicked everyone's ass in this game. Ballge's lips got a little swollen and Joe couldn't talk for a while. 


Then it was story time. Oh how I LOVE stories about the crazy stuff everyone dealt with over the years working at the Bad Place. 

Best. Story teller. Ever.

Brad and Patti. We love her

Ballge and his sweet Fiance
Ballge with his eyes open!!

Not the Phillips 66
JOE!! We missed our Joe so much. 

Yeah, I'd say that was one of the best parts of our trip. Most amazing support group there ever was.

Random stuff we did in MI

Karaoke at the Getaway

My younger brother is a karaoke DJ at a local bar. That is always a fun experience! 
Me and my baby brother

Jon and Nikki

Other Karaoke people

More playing in the snow

Visiting with more friends and family

 Benedicts and Mr. Wilson!

Dinner and ice cream 
with Annabelle 

 My Gramps!
And his new beard trimmer.
It's multi-use!

Kendal got sick while we were there too,
that was miserable. 

Family Portraits

As a sort of apology to my mother for the leg lamp (lets look at that masterpiece again, shall we? Its like electric sex, glowing in the window! Bask in it's glory) 

Anyway, we got my mom a family portrait package from Rick Stone who happens to live right next door.


Pick a favorite. Maybe someday I'll get around to ordering prints. Although Loopy had the flu in these and Kendal was starting to crash fast.

One last sunset before we go

There is NOTHING like Lake Michigan sunsets. 

The trek home

Logan HAD to see the famous lighthouse.
It was too cold to stay out and enjoy it for long.
We had planned to sleep in Chattanooga and then visit Ruby Falls. But Kendal kept getting sicker and sicker. We had to rearrange the 'return flight' checklist and head straight home. But not before finding a tunnel and telling Logan that yes, its the Chattanooga tunnel. We drove through it 6 times.

Yes, son. That is THE
Chattanooga tunnel
Sick girl

Clowny was hanging in her window all the way home. He would sort of sway/ turn to look out the window at passing cars. I am pretty sure we caused a couple accidents on the way back. Oops. 

Kendal: lets go home.

Me: We are on the way.

Kendal: Well lets keep moving!

One more stop, I swear!

While we were en route, it turns out that our friends Pete and Tara had a baby! So we stopped in Atlanta for about 20mins so I could get baby snuggles. The sicklings waited out in the hall. 


Finally home!!

Aaaand at the Dr. office. A damn cool doctors office! This time we got the Egyptian room! Kendal tested positive for Flu, Logan wasn't down with the nose swab.

Logan joke of the day:
Q: What did the egyptian king say when he was lonely?
A: I want my mummy!

Loopy opening a Sarcophagus
filled with medical supplies
Kendal self medicating with
cookies and yogurt juice

Happy New Year!

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