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Monday, April 8, 2013

Move Week!

March 19

Happy Birthday to my daddy and super amazing grandpa! 

Kendal hit a grown spurt. She keeps falling over and off things. She has reached that magical height where you can bend over her to help put shoes/pants/ shirt on but when she jumps excitedly it will either hit you in the throat or jaw. If you have a pre-schooler and you haven't experienced this.. you are full of crap. It happens to us all. 

She also just brought me everything she can find that is blue. 4 elephants, a bug, a snail, a Jerry Bear, and a box of Rice Crispies that are now ALL over the floor. Guess I get to try out that loaner vac from the repair shop.

When Logan got home from school we cooked our Amish Friendship Bread. If you have never been blessed with a starter bag, I recommend you get some going! A friend gives you a bag of dough with instructions (linked above) and after 10 days you bake 2 loaves and it yields 4 more starters that you then pass to OTHER friends. Delicious! We made ours chocolate of coarse. 
Pesto tortellini and garlic bread are cookin'. Got the touch up paint ready for tonight's patching extravaganza. Life is still good!

March 20

Why do they call it "school choice" if they aren't going to listen and give you your LAST choice for school? Why does my kid have to go passed 4 great schools to end up in the lowest rated elementary school in our "cluster"? Not a happy mamma bear today. I told Loopy to call them back and complain. Yeah its only 2 more months but that doesn't make me feel even a little better. I am not really surprised but definitely disappointed. Like everything else, we'll just have to make the best of it. We are staying at the house tonight then cleaning and taking a school tour tomorrow. Logan is just happy he gets to skip school!

I stopped in the school to pick him up and drop off his un-enrollment paper from ISTC. That was sort of bittersweet, it really has been a great place. They treat him well and THAT is what matters. After that we had to run to the vacuum place

The local Mc Donald's playplace is AWESOME. Everything is music themed and plays through speakers when you touch the drums, guitar, bells, squares ect.

March 21

Just got back from a house cleaning marathon in Lake Mary.(with the help of a couple swip swappers from the Oveido area. We toured the new school which wasn't so bad. Staff is friendly and knew us by name when we came in. The building is older but the technology and extras are above average because they got extra funding this year. More cleaning in the afternoon for a few hours. I have become obsessed with dust removal! 

We stopped at Yomii on the way home because the kids have been AWESOME this week amidst the chaos. Now to take a quick shower because I smell like bleach and chemicals. Then off to help Grubbs get a car. I need a nap.

March 22

Today was Logan's last day of school at Imagine. I told him he can take the camera to school so he can take pictures of his friends. This is what they came up with. Not bad for a group of 1st graders! 
Logan and his buddy Jayden

With Kirk

His teacher Mrs. Spires. She's a cutie.

Self Portrait

from the Easter Party


Mrs. Spires and his K teacher Mrs. Seguine. She SO tall!

Friends since Pre-K with Madison

One of Logan's BFFs since pre-k Nick

I had to stop on the way home from school to get the last of Loopy's prescriptions from Walgreens. They actually forgot to give me a couple for him and I still had to get mine from Target. Ridiculous. We are going to try the holistic route when we get settled in Lake Mary. 1st experiment will be acupuncture for Loopy. Stay tuned for more on that! He hates needles!

I am left with about 3 hours to pack like crazy because tomorrow is move day and we had have dinner reservations at 7:00 tonight for 25 people. The kids are anti-packing-progress. So I did what any good mom does instead of yell at them for being well... kids. I made them each a box to watch TV in. I will miss this trick once we are unpacked and the boxes are gone!

Off to dinner! We had a great time with great friends. Many of them were Michigan refugees with us 10 years ago and all of them have moved on to greater things (employment and otherwise) I wish I had taken more pictures but I had some kid maintenance to take care of.

Uncle Chris made an appearance. Kendal loves him and this picture makes me smile really really big. He's on to her antics...

My friends Carol Ann and Heather came too.
 Then there was some drinking...

I'm super glad that Steve got an awesome new hat! I  think it suits me.

That's all for now, we are almost caught up! PHEW!

Next up is move day and the aftermath!

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