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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That was necessary

I live for vacations.

I think its genetic because my dad and sister also spend lots of time dreaming about where to go next. Nothing makes me happier than an adventure. I always prefer to travel as a family. When they aren't with me I find I spend a lot of time mentally pointing out things they would love. I have been known to go without them if I must. Luckily this weekend we were all able to take a 5 day mini vacation around Georgia. Once I got Loopy to agree to taking Friday off I went right to work and had us booked and ready to go in a matter of hours. First we had to get through a day of work, Doctor appointments, laundry and packing.

Oh yeah

Like my sexy new shoe? 
My podiatrist appointment! I got a couple new x-rays and it turns out the bone along the outside/
underside of my foot is still broken but healing. That explains the weird bump. I tore the tendon that connects that little broken piece of bone to my ankle so that explains the pulling feeling and soreness in my ankle. I got a walking cast/boot to wear for 3 weeks. Then I head back to the podiatrist to see how its doing. I probably wont need surgery. Yay for that. Ok, so I didn't tell my foot doctor my plans to take a vacation to hike around on a mountain and walk for miles all day long. She didn't specifically ASK if those were my plans so I didn't mention it.

Logan's alone time

Logan usually wake up first on days off and keeps himself entertained. He said he likes the alone time. I sometimes wonder what he does for hours by himself... every once in a while he documents the morning on my camera. I found these little gems when I hooked up the camera to see vacation pictures. 

Getting outta dodge!

Friday we got the car packed up and hit the road. Atlanta is pretty far but thanks to Children's Dramamine for Logan it went pretty smoothly. Kendal has an irrational fear of public toilets. Ok, its not totally irrational, they are way too big for 3yr old butts, sometimes flush when you aren't finished and then there are the hand dryers with jet engine motors.... Anyway, she only had one accident on the way up so I won't complain. 

We pulled up at the Country Inn and Suites around 11pm and the kids were WIDE awake and ready to party. Me and Loopy decided to splurge on a roll away so we wouldn't have to share beds with kids. $20 for a good night sleep without getting peed on or socked in the face by a kid!? Worth every penny. By 1:30am they were out cold. 

Thankfully everyone slept in thanks to extra beds and not going to sleep until WAY too late. We still made it downstairs for free breakfast (barely) 

Relaxing on the porch. 

Apparently it was pumpkin fest, chili cook-off and who knows what else this day at the state park.  
Wait Dad! I have to do some planking!
(how does he know what planking is?)

Stone Mountain GA

Never heard of this place before but it was pretty cool. Its like visiting a mountain with all the tourist stuff and no altitude sickness! This is a huge bonus for us FL people. First stop was the Skyride. Its a giant gondola thing that takes you to the top of the mountain to walk around.

Can we please just leave the rocks? 

Chillin by a tree

Moments before she fell and bloodied both her knees.
Kendal the Honey Badger don't care.
At the summit
Rock Jumping
Logan's mad  camera skills... 
trying to get Kendal to NOT run off a cliff

Once she figured out what is beyond the fence
she was terrified.

Kendal did NOT find these next photo ops funny. She was sure we were about to plummet to our deaths. She kept yelling things like

I almost fell down right after this. Whoa
"Do not pass the fences, they are there for a reason"

I felt bad for giving Kendal a panic attack, so the boys went back out to explore while we went inside and nursed her bloody knees with slushies and popcorn (because she won't use a band-aid.) This is also when we discovered that every bathroom at Stone Mountain has jet engine hand dryers that she is also terrified of. Pee strike for the rest of the day followed.

"I wuv that Pete, he's awesome"

Then we met up with my our buddy Pete. He used to work with Loopy here in FL and now happily resides in ATL. We miss having him around though. Kendal loved him and he had a fancy watch! Which she HAD to compare with Daddy's. Logan was too busy doing power slides down a hill to care what anyone else was doing.
I also have video of this. 

We also found a photo booth, kids love the photo booth. I can't rotate this, so just stretch your neck out, you have more reading to do and its good for you. 

Did I mention there was a lot of walking here. I was starting to get a little sore and chafing around the calf area. Power through. MUST FIND TRAIN.

Has anyone seen Logan?

Chewing on a dinosaur.
A sign said that this mountain carving is bigger than the one on Mount Rushmore. To me that means we can check Mt. Rushmore off our list because we've already topped it.

Logan and the mountain carving.

Kendal co-operating for a picture!

 Finally made it to the train. 
Front row seat
Ready to roll!

Smug Face

Relaxing with a snack... 

Daddy's girl

So. Cute.
oh yeah, some scenery. 
Meeting the Engineer.

 The camera batteries died after this... I wasn't about to walk all the way back to the car for new ones, so I'll just fill you in on the rest.

Late Lunch with a sworm of bees, which was fine thanks to the Bee Movie
Putt Putt Golf (the kids were hilarious and me and Loopy tied)
Kendal was forced to use the scary bathroom. Crying the whole time that she didn't have to, as she was peeing
Found our VIP seats for the fireworks and laser light show
Logan ran around on rocks for 2 hours
Kendal played with her new zoo figurines she found in the toy store
Show started and Kendal begged me to take her home the WHOLE TIME
At the end she said she loved it very much, we should watch it again
Logan overdid it with the rock running, pop corn, and lemonade, cried all the way to the car
Logan puked. So much for avoiding sickness
Back to the hotel and everyone passed out
EXTREMELY grateful for the roll away bed since Logan was sprawled sideways on it and he smelled funny

On the road again

Lets go hoooome. Wanna go hooooome.

The next morning we bathed, showered and got packed up again then headed to meet Pete for breakfasty lunch at Waffle house then on to Tybee Island.

Pete was an extra in a movie this weekend AND he's a stand up comedian. He's gonna be famous, just you wait!!

Tybee Island!

I love this part of GA and could totally live there. Loopy isn't so convinced. Our plan was to do more mini golfing cause the kids had so much fun yesterday. By the time we got checked in at the hotel the putt putt place was closed. Oh well. Dinner time. 

The restaurant we settled on was EASILY within walking distance of the hotel but I am required to walk with a giant boot and it was raining. So, we drove across the parking lot to Stingrays. This place was TASTY!! Loopy ordered a pound of crab legs and peel n eat shrimp.. he apologized several times knowing this would take at least an hour to accomplish. Its all good, not like we had anywhere to be.

By the time we were done eating, the slushie/ ice cream store next door was closed. Logan ordered Key Lime pie and I walked to the gas station with Kendal while Loopy was working on the shrimp. She was content with a box of Lucky Charms. 

Later that night I was sitting out on the patio with Kendal listening to the ocean (on the other side of the hotel) talking about our trip so far. No idea what she was saying, something about transformers and ponies. Lots of sound effects and ' I wuv dat part. Its my favorite.'

Nothin' else to do on a rainy Sunday night at the hotel. Thank goodness for technology. I was too tired to find another adventure.

Rant of the weekend.

Monday morning we had to take Loopy to his Dr. appointment. I was going to hang at the beach with the kids but Kendal was so determined to get home that she would't let us get separated for fear someone would get left behind. Also, I had one of those horrible parent-dreams where the kids get abducted and you can't find them and its horrible and you wake up freaked out and hold your kids hand until you fall back to sleep... I am sure it was just because Ben is missing and it's on my mind.. But I decided that a hospital waiting room would make us all feel more comfortable. Then things got a little stressful.

We were at the hospital cafe waiting for Loopy. Its right next to his Dr's office. I set them up in a corner with their toys and books and went to get my coffee and breakfast for everyone. I got to the front of the line and Kendal had to pee. Automatic flush sensors are a mom's worst nightmare. She jumped up mid steam and ran out of the bathroom. Got settled in back at the cafe, had to pee again. Brought a brochure to cover the sensor. Success. Back at the cafe I sent Logan to get a scone and she had to go again but was screaming cause she didn't want to. The old lady at the desk stopped me while I was running with a peeing toddler to ask me if I have someone in surgery. I must have looked at her like I was ready to kill and she said "this area is surgery waiting only" I muttered something obscene at her and kept walking, yelling to Logan I'd be right back. Seriously woman? No coffee, inconsiderate crabby old hag, soggy pants, Grumpy mom. I should have handed her the peeing toddler so I could go put the toys away and get our snacks (that we payed for IN THE CAFE) cleaned up. 

When we got back to our seats, Logan had his scone and was patiently waiting for us. I told him we have to pack it up because we got kicked out. He said he was being REALLY good and quietly reading his book and eating. I explained it was because this is apparently the surgery waiting room. (with a bar stools filled with doctors, nurses, an espresso bar, bakery, and grand piano) So out to the car we went.. Kendal refusing to walk in wet pants, me without clean ones in my purse, carrying soggy butt, coffee, and a backpack... 

Loopy's appointment went well. 

Home at last.

Potty trauma aside, we had a great time. My kid are homebodies and really happy to be home. Kendal immediately ran to the bathroom. I am pretty sure she hugged the toilet. Logan instantly stripped to his undies and turned on the Wii. Moments later it was like we never left. 

Back to the grind!

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