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Saturday, October 20, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

I got distracted.

Its time to get back to the grind around here. I am having a hard time doing the regular every day stuff that makes the household run smoothly. There is laundry everywhere. I have lost track of what was clean and what was dirty. The floors are in serious need of some scrubbing and it will take me a month to sort all these toys. Maybe this is what it feels like to be 'down'. I am generally a very happy person and I have every reason to be ecstatic right now. SO I will get my head out of the sand an plow forward. If only blogging magically cleaned the house. 

Sunday night

Loopy and the kids picked me up at the airport. Logan came running down the hallway and gave me a big hug. Kendal was super relieved to have found me. After talking to her a bit I figured out that she was under the impression I had left to go shopping at the Halloween store to get her monster costume. Poor girl was wondering what took me so long. AND I didn't bring back a costume. Oops. Loopy was just relieved that I was able to get Kendal to pee in a public restroom. 

We were hungry and needed a break from all the traveling and decided to hit Downtown Disney. It was crazy busy and an hour wait for Rainforest Cafe'. Luckily we know better. 1/2 the people that put in a reservation leave when they are told their kids will be sad and hungry for yet another 2 hours before food hits the table. We also know that we had an hour to roam and do fun stuff before they called our name. Kendal spotted the Muppet figurines she's been talking about and Logan found a tram toy.

Kendal and Daddy on the carousel. 

Better than a roller coaster?

Happy to not be on the carousel, they make him "feel spinny''

Logan's ceasar salad was 'too spicy' so he had to wait a little longer for them to make a special salad just for him. Someday he won't be this picky, right?

He then fell asleep in said salad

Even though we ate in the elephant room. Its really loud in there!

The kids were sleeping before we even left Disney property.

Monday, way less yuck than usual.

Monday was like any other day. (Except that Loopy was starting his last week at ACI.) I tried to get motivated to clean the house, do the laundry and everything else that needed to be done. The depressed feeling was looming over me making it hard to get moving. I got Kendal to put some clothes on. She chose the new handmade dress from my friend Jamie. We went outside to do some swinging and blow bubbles. Its hard to be sad and blow bubbles! 

Back of Dress. So cute!

Tuesday and Wednesday...

Went by without incedent and were also pretty typical. There were a couple highlights and kidisms. Like when I had this conversation with Kendal...
Kendal: I need to take a bath
Me: Why?
Kendal: This zebra said my butt is stinky
Me: Well we have to get Logan first. 
Kendal: Are you sure? Its pretty stinky though.
Me: Yup.
Kendal: Oh nuts.
Or when Loopy came home for lunch one day with a huge box of stuff from work. It was good to see that smile. I had missed that smile.
Kendal talked to Aunt Kris on the phone for a REALLY long time. I have NO idea what they were talking about but it was really funny and incredibly cute. I am grateful for technology so my kids can enjoy even far away family. And who knew Kendal was a phone talker?!


Reality was starting to set in that Loopy was ALMOST done and the mood was much lighter around the house. Things that used to annoy us or cause us to yell at the kids just didn't matter. I even found this sort of funny. EVEN though we were late to a coffee date with Adriana..

Next weeks potty training lesson "how much toilet paper is too much?" This is a good example of "Too Much"!!

This is also too much. Also no, elephant doesn't need more toilet paper.


This day was taking a REALLY long time. We manged to get though the day and pass the time by sleeping until almost noon and then going shopping for a new hair dryer and stopping at Dunkin Donuts where we had this winner of a lesson in potty training. It is important to cover all the bases!
Kendal: Mom, your purse feels cold, would you like me to pee on it for you?
Me: No, please don't.
Kendal: But it would warm it right up!
Me: We don't make things warm by peeing on them. That's not ok. 
Kendal: Really?
Yes, really! Also this explains a few things. Glad we cleared that up before it became more serious. Me and Kendal went to get Logan from school. She pouted because she didn't have her blankets with her. They must have felt cold this morning and needed some warming up, cause they were in the washer. After picking up Logan we got home...
Me: Logan, please get your uniform off my bathroom floor and put it in the laundry basket.
Logan: (unintelligible whiny noise) 
Me: Just go
Logan walking past with an armful of clothes: Mom, I really like you, but sometimes you make me do really boring things.
Me: Well, I'm glad you still like me anyway.
Finally it was time to go meet Loopy for his last time leaving "The Bad Place" We were all super excited to get it over with and move on. We threw a little celebration in the parking lot with whooping and hollering  Man that felt great. Loopy said giving his phone, VPN, and pass key back was like having the shackles removed. He took his belongings (keyboard, mouse) and walked out of "prison". Here he is with Logan moments after being released...

We had some dinner, got cleaned up, dropped the kids off, and went out to celebrate with friends.

Some of the people who came to the Freedom Party. Since I knew Loopy wouldn't be given a party, lunch, or even a card I figured we had to do it right with the people we love! And HERE THEY ARE!!

"Thinking of you"

After I took the first picture someone yelled "show em how you feel" or something to that effect.. and this group of adults spontaneously flipped the bird, some two handed. I love our friends!! After I took the picture someone said "title this one thinking of you on the blog!" I am not sure who said it.(From the look on Karry's face, it was her and surprised it was out loud) Either way, consider it done folks!

Here's some more pics of the night. I was sorta drunk after this, so sorry there aren't very many..

I LOVE Ian's excited face!

Loopy was inducted into the Survivors Club.


We heard the most amazing stories of freedom and what life is like on the outside. I am so grateful that the survivors were there. They calmed Loopy's nerves by talking about things like "Training", "Time to learn" and "advance notice of up to two weeks before being moved to a new project" I felt for the people that are still there. I was angry all over again hearing the lies they are told every day. Hearing that people got written up for commenting on things written on my facebook wall. The list goes on and I could totally write an entire part 5.. I asked when the anger wears off and was told that a year later its still simmering for some, but it will fade. I am so very thankful for freedom from it all! Everyone told me how happy and relaxed Loopy looks and sounds. How he's got the biggest smile they've ever seen. I am glad its back because THAT is the man I fell in love with. 

Next week... 

Things will be so different soon. I am excited for the changes and welcome them with open arms. But next week we'll be relaxing as a family. Just letting the dust settle and enjoying each other. Cheers everyone!! 

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  1. The anger will fade, replaced by cracking jokes about how ridiculous the "evil place" was.