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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Stellar Week!!

I knew I forgot something..

First, Breakfast with Daddy!
The weekend before I went to Michigan we had some good ol' fashion Florida fun playing putt putt golf. Everything was moving so fast that week that I forgot to share some of the pictures. Mini-golf with young kids is like mini golfing with excited puppies. Its hard to keep them focused and keeping score is really a lost cause.

 Before starting the golf game, it's important to heed the warnings from signage. Such as wear flats, uneven surfaces... bla bla bla

 It's hard to be serious about starting our golf game when there is so much cool stuff to see!

Loves pirates

 Once we got started they were all OVER the place.Kendal needed to sit in the middle of the the green EVERY time and also find a place for her dinosaurs to watch.

Logan was balancing on the little bricks and fell down and scraped his knee on this hole. We had to make a quick getaway and received free passes for next time since we didn't get to finish. Score.. maybe when we go back we'll try the 'advanced coarse' and see how that goes.

Freedom weekend #1

This weekend was filled with nothing but stuff we like. There was no chance that Dad would get called into work and he certainly had no desire to go get some things done at the office because it was quiet in the house. Loopy is already more calm, relaxed and willing to participate in family functions. Saturday we went for a bike ride, a park, and Halloween costume shopping for Kendal. Sunday we had a birthday party at the local art studio. Loopy willingly went with us and helped the kids glaze their artwork. 

Nick and Logan painting their trucks

Daddy and Kendal painting a monster

.Later that night. I was relaxing and read a letter on THIS BLOG site. It was very fitting for the week. You can read the rest of it HERE. But my favorite quote from the letter was this: 
"And what hurts is the steadily diminishing humanity of those fighting to hold jobs they don't want but fear the alternative worse. People simply empty out. They are bodies with fearful and obedient minds. The color leaves the eye. The voice becomes ugly. And the body. The hair. The fingernails. The shoes. Everything does."
I hate that anyone has to do a job that doesn't make them happy. Its a sad reality but one that CAN change.

A week to unwind...

Monday I had my follow up podiatrist visit. My broken bone is healing and I was advised to wear the boot for another week. I didn't really do that so much, cause frankly its gross, stinky, and there is an unidentified funk in the bottom. BUT I stopped going for bike rides for the rest of the week. That counts as something, right? 

This family was spot on with "kid-isms'' all week.. Loopy even made the list a couple times. Would you like to hear some? Sure you would!! Which is your favorite?

1. Just overheard in the other room.
Loopy: No, Don't put that by your neck.
Kendal: Oh pwease, but I really love this.
Loopy: No, Don't, its sharp.. and deadly!
Kendal: but dad!
Logan: Oooh, lemme see what is sharp and deadly!

2. Loopy: Even Simon Bar Sinister, the most evil super villain of all time, still tests his diabolical machines. (Underdog reference)

3. Sitting at the table having dinner discussing how our days went. Kendal comes skipping into the room jumps into the chair and said "Hey, What's up Fuckers!?" I am hoping it still has something to do with Frogs..

4. Watching the kids play Indiana Jones in the back yard.. in their underwear. It involves, climbing on the outside of the swing-set, golf, running, lava, and coloring smiley faces on rocks... There is now sword fighting with shovels. Bets on who cries first?

5. Logan: Oh CRAP!
Me: What's the problem and don't talk like that.
Logan: no, really I found Kendal's poop..
Me: What? Where!?
Logan: In the potty!
Me: Kendal! That's awesome, why didn't you tell me?
Logan: Maybe she wanted to surprise you..
Kendal: Don't you love the surprises mom?
Me: Yes?

6. Teacher conferences on Thursday went great. Logan is smart, we knew that. He is easily distracted, we knew that. Overall a great report. When I got home Kendal was crying because that toenail she smashed with a ceramic elephant this summer finally started to fall off. She thinks her toe is broken. Logan was sad because he didn't get to see it. So I showed him and he ran to his room crying. Guess he didn't really want to see it after-all. Later that night she was visited by the "Midnight Nurse Fairy" to fix it up a bit.

7. Kendal learned to reprogram the contacts in my phone... sorry Tehgan..

Loopy, Kendal, and I met up with Uncle Chris for lunch at River Grill one day, I went for coffee with Adriana by myself and even late night coffee with Scott. Loopy had time to hit band practice twice this week and he also got a massage.

Last night was the highlight of  my week. We went to see The Rocky Horror Show. Nothing says classy entertainment more than a couple hundred people in fishnets and corsets pelvic thrusting to the Time Warp!
Our MC for the evening. 
Calling all Rocky Virgins!

This is what it looks like... 
Janet, Slut.

And I'll leave you with this:

Oh yeah

I should mention something about the apparent hurricane out in the ocean... Hurricane Sandy is here. 

Coming Soon!

An ESSENTIAL coffee date with friends I haven't seen in months.
Loopy starts his NEW job on Monday along with some other great opportunities for him.
My parents will be in town on Saturday for a few days.
More kid-isms guaranteed. 

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