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Friday, October 5, 2012

Best. News. Ever.

Things just got interesting. 

Ok, so its not public knowledge yet. And I can't even post this until Friday. I really have had a ridiculous amount of doctor appointments in the last month.. Those just happen to be coinciding with phone interviews and in person interviews for Loopy. I haven't said anything here or on facebook because I'm not allowed to and nothing was set in stone (and his current employer monitors even my facebook accout). Last week on Thursday while I had foot Dr. Appointment Loopy was on his way to an interview in Lake Mary, FL. My friend Adriana had the kids. 

He was shocked to learn that other companies have testing departments. Other companies have set dates for deployments weeks in advance so they can be prepared. Other companies don't have an unreasonable amount of work and irrational expectations. I tried to tell him this. What do I know? I have never worked in the corporate world. (Thank God, I'd go crazy on some people) He didn't know any different. Like I said, he's been there for 17 years. Its all he knows. I could go on but I won't. If you want to know how I REALLY feel, I drafted his resignation letter months ago but he won't let me send it, I'll forward it on to you. It is 8 pages long. 

Anyway, he nailed the face to face interview and tonight I was on my way home from picking up some awesome new bar stools around 8pm when his contact person called to say she had some good news. Naturally there was NO reception on my phone when I got home so he jumped in the car and drove away to find some cell signal. He came home with the biggest smile I have seen in a LONG time. He got a job offer. 

Friday he'll put in his 2 weeks and be done with that madness. I will know what time my husband gets home every day. I'll know that I don't have to walk on eggshells because he's angry at his work environment and takes that home with him. His kids can run to hug him after work without being deflected because dad's head is still spinning from the barrage of questions he gets all day. I will know that when I go to bed he can go with me and not leave for work at 11pm like he did last night and countless other nights in the last 5 years. We don't have to plan our family outings around whether or not a single line of code caused the company to screech to a halt. I could not be happier.

This isn't about me though. It about my amazing husband taking a chance to make himself happy and grow in his career. He is super nervous about taking a risk but is extremely giddy. I haven't seen HIM this excited about something in a long time. He wants to have the opportunity to succeed and feel accomplished. His current job pretty much forbids that nonsense. 

Here's to new beginnings!!!


  1. YAY! 'bout damn time he got some respect! Congrats my darlings!!!

  2. There is something about that company that saps your self confidence. But once you get away from it and into "the real world", you'll be surprised how much better he is treated.
    Congrats to you and Loopy. You both deserve it.