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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week before the move...

March 13

A day that will live in infamy! Not really, but it was a particularly good day. 
Corey, Davida, Amber, Karry, Grant, Annalyn, Melanie, Kendal, Me

Kendal and I met a good lot of friends for coffee in the morning after dropping Logan off at school. I promised Kendal we could just snuggled under Care Bear blankets until it was time to get Logan again. 

A much needed and impromptu wine and playdate with Susan, Nick and Mia after school.

I think they were having a Cake Pop decorating competition or something.. 3yr olds and technology! (well Mia is 4)

To top off my most excellent day, My super awesome amazing sweet hubby brought me wine and chocolate for no good reason. Life is still pretty good!

March 15

This is the day we got the keys to our new house! Logan got so skip school for the day and Loopy took 1/2 day. 

Both kids were super excited to go up and down the stairs for HOURS! 

It took Kendal a while to trust us that she would not fall through the floor or bars on the loft. she army crawled around upstairs for a long time. 

Looking into the living/dining room from upstairs 
View from the dining room

Our master bath...

We went to Flippers for pizza
(which I HIGHLY recommend!)

Kendal asked for McDonald's since she hates pizza. We most certainly did walk in with a happy meal for the 3yr old. No Shame. She also wore that shirt to bed the night before. Yup. Sometimes parenting is about picking battles, people.

We had a little sleep over at the new place. And we quickly learned we are ALL allergic to something in the house. Upon closer inspection I realized it was likely the dust. I called the landlord and let him know the ducts need to be cleaned and headed out for a LOT of cleaning supplies. I scrubbed baseboards, blinds, and walls for hours to take off a couple layers of grime. Made a mental note to call a cleaning crew for the following week before we move in.

March 13

Second week of March means Bike Week in Daytona Beach. It is simply not in my nature to pass the festivities without stopping. Loopy had taken Kendal home earlier so I convinced Logan we HAD to go see the bikes. He was all about it.

Someday I'll own a bike and he said he'll have a little side car. We went on a hunt for a bike with a sidecar so he could show me what he has in mind.

We also stopped to see our friends at the Steak n Tater booth. That man there makes LEGENDARY steak. There is no way to describe it. Just go eat it. He also has a restaurant in South Bend, IN that I really need to go try. 

Sean's birthday party/ sleepover was that night so we hurried home, wrapped the present and packed up some bags to head out again. I made some balloon animals, scarfed some cake and left Logan with is buddies.
Loopy was at his brothers house making music. 
Me and Kendal went to help ''Grubbsie'' get a new car. (YAY!!)

March 17

We had another important birthday party in Daytona the next day. We were all pretty whooped so Kendal stayed home with Daddy while me and Logan headed to Nick's party. Logan was so tired that he slept in the car all the way there. Logan was a little crabby....

until the game cards got passed around.

GIANT Fruit Ninja, Plinko (won 100 tickets) and Laser Tag. It doesn't get much better than that for a group of 6 and 7 year olds!!

My big plans of sitting on my butt and blogging or lounging in the hot tub were smashed by the realization that we were down to 6 days until the move. I made Loopy join me in purging the attic. 

We found some good ole stuff! like this fantastic set of Poloroids of him and his BFF from high school. 

And his certificate of completion from his Co-op job in high school. That would be the job he recently walked away from after 17 years. Time flies and we move forward!

Speaking of which, Loopy's department had a deployment this weekend and he didn't get ONE phone call. Nobody needed him to hold their hand. He was able to enjoy a weekend with us uninterrupted! They had TWO WEEKS of testing and a no creeper feature rule. It was a moment of sanity if you will.. They told him to take 1/2 day on Friday because they knew we were getting the new keys. Told him to take all the time he needs to settle in. AND that is not even a back handed offer and he won't have to pay for it later. Life.Is.Good.

March 18

Today's todo list: (I hate lists)
Get cleaning quotes for the new house
Pray Logan gets into a decent school (won't find out til Wed)
Drop vacuum off to be repaired in Daytona 
Lunch with Shannon
Fold 5 loads of laundry
Pack rest of kids' stuff
Fill some nail holes
Pack my closets
we'll see how much I get accomplished. I should start with changing out of my pj's.

What I actually got accomplished: 
Vacuum at the repair shop
Lunch was a success(ish) 
Dishes done
Toy room EMPTY
Set up an event for goodbye party at HighJackers on Friday
5 more boxes packed
No call backs from cleaning services  
Going to save myself hours of work and replace the blinds there. Landlord said he might split the cost, better than nothin' I guess. 
Effectively avoided 5 loads of laundry

Here's a picture of the drive through smokes and liquor store in Daytona! Keepin' it classy on Mason Ave.

I was hoping to finish out this post until the end of the week but my computer won't let me edit pictures anymore and the preview button isn't working. I guess that means its time to call it a night. 

We'll get caught up soon, right? Yeah. Right. 

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