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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Hate Lists

To Do Lists Suck.

They suck worse when you CAN'T do the stuff you need to do. It sucks when, in order to stay organized, they are required. Loopy is laughing at me because I have now added two list type apps to my Nook. Everything in my head looks like a list at this point. I hate lists.

Today's tasks: 

Logan to school. This was frustrating because:
  • His eyes are too tired to open
  •  He doesn't feel like it
  • I forgot I had to change out of my pajamas to meet up for breakfast with friends. 
  • Logan has decided he simply isn't going to school today. *too bad kid, I'll carry your screaming self to the car
Breakfast with friends. I was looking forward to this for a week. I NEVER get to hang out with these two beautiful ladies. It was moderately frustrating because:
  •  Kendal asked to go home every 3 minutes
  • She was mad because I didn't bring enough Lucky charms.(she only eats the marshmallows)
  • She is on another poop strike and refuses to dookie in a public restroom (or REALLY doesn't like to) 
 Pack some stuff. This did not happen because:
  • Kendal passed out on the couch and I decided my time was best spent on the phone scheduling utilities. 
  • I really really also wanted to be taking a nap
Call moving company and ask when our appointment was for today.
  •  I deleted that part of my list on accident. 
  • Shut it. I'm new to this.
Figure out what's up with Pennysaver's website and get an ad in for the garage sale on Friday 
  • Deadline of noon.
  • Today
Find out how to get Logan enrolled in the new school. 
  • This got REALLY freaking complicated. 
  • More on that later.

Logistics of moving

Our lease starts at the new place on the 15th. This complicated stuff just a little because we don't want the power/water/internet in our name before then and the current tenants hadn't turned off their service yet. The landlord needs them on in the interim. I had to just be patient for a week. I am not good at waiting when I want something accomplished. (Especially now that I have a list) Now that mess is sorted out and I am currently on hold with the electric company. Yes, RIGHT now. I was just telling Misty (who is impatiently waiting for a new blog post) that I really want a salad but as soon as I finish preparing it and take a huge bite, the next available representative will available to take my call.

1 hour later....


Our electric is set to be turned as of the 15th. Even though it will be in my landlords name up until the 14th I have to pay $505 for a deposit because it's "new service". Wait, WHAT!?! Yup.
"Would you like to pay that now for a convenience fee of $4.95? If you choose not to do that at this time please remember to call on the 14th and pay it at that time or your electric won't be connected on your chosen date." 
Oh for the love. Sure, whatever.


I set up AT&T U-Verse for our cable and internet. The super helpful person I was automatically connected with after Progress Energy recommend it over Brighthouse for a savings of $30 a month and faster internet yadda yadda yadda. Now keep in mind this was originally supposed to be Loopy's department. I know nothing about internet speed and all that. But he was busy and I wanted to surprise him with my mad organizational skillz.
If you have known me for any amount of time you know that AT&T is my nemesis. When the helpful woman (who is probably making a commission off that call) said they will look up my past history with AT&T I laughed and said good luck to you. Here is a brief overview of our history together

  • This one time they 'forgot' that I have long distance included in my plan (wait, don't they ALL have that) and charged me $1/min for every call I made outside my town as well as 50 cents a text. My bill was over $1500 that month and took 2 months to correct. 
  • Once, they actually 'misplaced this phone number in cyberspace' Their words, not mine. 
  • They refused to take off roadside assistance and eventually put me into a class action suit and sent me $100 or so last year to make up for $1.02 per month for 8yrs.
  • I dropped an average of 15 calls per day.
  • There were NO bars of reception in Palm Coast for a very long time.

ANYWAY. I pushed aside my disdain and agreed to a one year contract. Mostly to impress Loopy with my mad savvy money saving skillz.
This rash decision resulted in spousal frustration and I told him its his job to cancel if he wants, I'm out.


I contacted our current water department and asked them to send a letter of referral saying that we pay our bill on time every month. This will avoid a deposit for water/sewer at the new place. For the record, we have not always paid our water bill on time. This city is pretty well known for emailing you the water bill shortly after it was due. The guy sent me my letter anyway. Thank you helpful guy! The Lake Mary water department needs that delivered or faxed with the application for service. Also, now on Loopy's to do list. I tried.

Garage Sale

Moving right along! I have been trying for weeks to get into my Pennysaver account online. I am locked out and they can't send me an email with a new password because there are multiple accounts on that email. Oops! I called the local number and this REALLY nice and also helpful woman was able to pull it up by phone number, edit and help write my ad, and get it in by the deadline. YAY! Garage sale is back on for this weekend.


All over the country (as far as I'm aware) when you have school age kids in public school, you are zoned for a certain area and that is just the school you are to attend. Not in THIS area, NO! Someone decided to mess with the way things work and have a "cluster" of schools in a zone. From the looks of things I get to rate the 5 schools in our "cluster" according to my preference but it doesn't matter because they are going to place him according to availability and cultural diversity anyway. That seems screwy to me and I'd like to have more control over where my kid goes to school..  I'd hate for him to ride the bus for an hour passed 3 great schools to end up in a bad neighborhood in a school rated 4 out of 10. This is now on Loopy list of things to investigate because it is not something I can comprehend over the phone. I'll keep you posted on that fiasco.

Moving company

Crap, I forgot to call and find out when he's coming.. oops. He'll show up eventually right? And he did right about the time I sat down to eat my huge salad 4 hours later. I just carried it around and ate while I gave him the tour. 


I told Loopy I would move across the country and live in a box if that's what it takes to get out of here. Any crap I deal with in the next couple weeks is a cake walk compared to the crap we've dealt with over the last few years. I'm ready to go. Whatever it takes. 

Normal blog post coming later this week. I hope. 

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