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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meanwhile at the zoo....

January 25

Had breakfast with some friends this morning. I forgot to take a picture with Karry there. I'll catch her next time.

Kendal brought some of her elephants. She found a clover and decided that Horton needed it because of all the Whos on top. That clover quickly shriveled up and got lost. 

So we made a new one out of a puff ball and pipe cleaner. And of coarse a speck. Horton spends a lot of time saving the Whos from great peril. (That usually involves yelling and making huge messes) 

She also wanted her fingernails painted. Weirdest thing happens when she gets fingernail polish on. She instantly runs to get a baby doll and does girly things. The stuff only lasts a day because she is always picking at them but for like one day a month she wants her hair and nails done and she is maternal. 

She  recently started watching Dora (ugh) and gets SO pissed that Dora doesn't seem to get it. "Dora, I JUST TOLD YOU THAT!!" and "Nooo, stop asking that map again!" Dora is a moron and I really hate this show. Still better than Diego, but not by much.

January 26

The kids have discovered the wonder of books on the Nook. They are reading Horton Hatches an Egg. It makes noise and is animated. Whatever makes them snuggle and read together!! 

January 27

A few years ago Logan declared Jan 27th the day his best friend, Elephant was born. I didn't make a cake this year cause there are still cheese cake brownies in the fridge, We maybe went over board on the balloon animals .. and a balloon guitar, and lots of flowers and a heart...

 They are all over the house. I'm gettin' good at the different shapes. Guitar is my new favorite. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELEPHANT!!! you've been with us for So. Long!

Even Grubbs tried his had at balloon animals. Not bad for the first try! 

January 28

Enjoying some time relaxing on the couch with Kendal and watching The Lorax. I love this movie. Loopy is working from home today because his boss noticed he worked overtime last week. (a whopping 90 minutes) She told him to save on gas and time. I like when he works from home and he's listening to his headphones talking to himself... sometimes swearing at his computer.. sometimes whooping and cheering... Does he do this at work too? Also day 1 of no smoking. We'll see if the day keeps going well. 

Logan: Did you know that smoking is healthy? 
Me: what?
Logan: Cause it burns calories! Get it!? Because it's hot?... MAN I'm funny.

January 29

Daddy's princess

Had coffee with Loopy and Kendal at Starbucks this morning before his drive up to Savannah for an ENT appointment. Kendal is SUCH a daddy's girl and it's fun to see him wrapped around her finger ♥ 

Planning her escape.
How to search for toys in the top bin.

God made children cute so that we don't beat them. Kendal is trying to figure out how close to 'no longer cute' she can get. So far she has peed all over the playroom, jumped up and down on my nook, collected all her toys and started launching them at the sliding glass door (or me when I walk by), tried to kick my laptop off the couch, locked me out of the house, and she is currently running around the house holding her butt because she refuses to poo on the potty. WTF 3yr old!? Day 2 of not smoking is more stressful than day one.

The new see-saw/ merry go round. sorta lame.
Kendal's agenda for the afternoon was to pick up Logan at school, go to a park with a diggy thing, drink a squishy, find dad where we left him at Starbucks, and eat chicken. We finished the first part of the list. Loopy is almost home already and I'll make some chicken nuggets for dinner. This almost makes up for her psycho morning.

January 30

Today it was 80 degrees outside and sunny while our friends and family were dealing with an ice storm up north. I was determined that this would be a beach day. Logan is incredibly unmotivated after school. He likes to take his clothes off and play games in his underwear as soon as humanly possible. He wasn't too excited about this change in routine. Infact I forced him to get his suit on, toys loaded, and snacks packed so we could go have fun, damnit. He screamed all the way to the beach, Kendal fell asleep to block out the noise. It was not ideal. I won though and the kids snapped out of it as soon as we got there. There are a LOT of pics cause I love them all!! If you don't like pictures of cute kids and/or the beach, there is something wrong with you. Scroll fast. If you like the pics you can click 'em to make them bigger. 

Then we needed a car wash REALLY bad. So did the rest of Palm Coast apparently. If there was a competition for most pollen and bird crap on a car in line for a wash I'd win by a landslide. Some of the people come here with already shiny cars... Why?

January 31

To the girl in the SUV behind me everyday on Belle Terre: Yesterday you were putting on make-up. Today you were styling your hair with a brush and spray while brushing your teeth... Please knock that shit off. You almost rear ended me again at the light by Royal Palm. Also I saw your boob when you put on deodorant.

February 1

Logan dressed up like he is 100yrs old for his 100th day of school. I tried to turn his hair gray but I'm pretty sure he'll rub it out by lunchtime.

February 2

Real world win of the day: One of Loopy's new co-workers said this as a joke.. Loopy said hey, I've lived that! They looked him like he was crazy.

February 3

Kendal woke up and said "I want to feed a giraffe today! CAN DO!! I like pictures. If you don't like cute kids and awesome animals there is something wrong with you. scroll faster. 

We love the Jacksonville zoo! I am pretty sure that we can feed giraffes at Tampa and other places too, so Kendal will still get her fix. She was shocked that we just got up and went! This is why life is good. 

February 4

Sometimes having so many miles between friends is incredibly hard. I wish that hugs were as comforting from here as they are in person. I need a teleporter like now. Sometimes all you can do is send Zotz. Lots and lots of Zotz.

My kid thinks that if he whines loud enough, cries hard enough and refuses to move that I will let him stay home from school. Its not a fight everyday but often enough that he should know better by now.

I feel bad for the poor guy on the phone trying to set a time to view a rental house while my kids were screaming and hitting each other. I might have accidentally yelled in his ear when I lost my shit and threw Logan in his room. Deep breath. week 2 of no smoking is also a bit challenging at times. Loopy laughed when he saw my notes for that house "call back and apologize for wild monkeys and yelling in his ear". I LOVE house hunting. I have been looking up and organizing houses to look at for hours. Is it really midnight already?! I need to pack lunch for tomorrow, take a shower, get the laundry off my bed and find Logan pants for tomorrow. OOops.

February 5

I am going to write a completely fictional article about (insert president, gun control, human rights, CDC, FDA, NRA ect) make is really fancy looking on a legit looking website. Then I'm gonna share it on FB and watch that shit go viral. I am pretty sure half the population already does this and there are lots of ads on those sites.. I bet its quite profitable!

On a happier note, this day was spent HOUSE SHOPPING!!

February 6

My sweet funny cute loving daughter is an emotional disaster. I think she's getting sick. Once minute she is laughing at a cartoon the next she is crying on the floor, shortly thereafter she is punching me in the face, followed by sadness in the bathroom resulting in pee EVERYWHERE. Now she is playing with Eeyore and jabbering away. Its only been 20 min since I stated keeping track.

The kids made an obstacle coarse of bean bags, an exercise ball, small chairs, pillows, the ottoman and a couple laundry baskets. It didn't end well and it ended long before I had a camera ready.

On the way home from school...
Logan: I need to bring change to school tomorrow. Don't let me forget.
Me: For the school store? I thought that was Friday
Logan: No, its for Madison.
Me: Why exactly?
Logan: There is something she really wants to buy but doesn't get enough allowance. So me Emmy and Ella are going to bring her money.
Me: Madison is soliciting for change?
Logan: What is soliciting? She just needs some extra cash mom.

Logan's feet smell like rotten death right now. *GAG* He loves these sandals but Oh. My. God. The shoes have been quarantined to outside, sprayed with febreeze and doused in baking soda. 


the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

February 7

Having a really happy day! Got to walk with Luci after coffee. Ran into friends on a walk around the lake, then shopping at Target (Kendal's favorite) Hoping our day keep being so awesome. Kendal took a nap and woke up in a good mood, and Logan told me a story.

February 8

Having a great day! Relaxing Coffee with Davida, Steve, Karry and Luke (even though Kendal tried to run into traffic) got Grubbs to work on time then a walk around the lake with Luci before lunch. Ran into Scott out smokin' and then Glenn on the way out. Olive Garden with Luci and Misty where Kendal was entertainment for everyone. My apologies to the table behind us... she tends to throw things when excited. I could use a nap but its time to get Logan. HAPPY FRIDAY!

We are always going out with my friends, but I am pretty sure that if Kendal could plan a tea party these would be her guests. And also Ian. She keeps telling me he's coming to her house because we saw him yesterday

This boy was in desperate need of a haircut!

Logan to the hair stylist: Did you know that if you live in Africa and you lose a tooth, the Tooth Fairy leaves you a chicken? Its true. I read it in a book at school.
The kids are planning to have a sleep over in Logan's room. Both in his bed. They are already arguing over space and how to be most comfortable.

Excited that he got EXACTLY what he wanted this time! 

Then we noticed there is another FroYo place RIGHT next to the Hair Cutterey so we had to try it out! It was our secret though, sometime we sneak out for ice cream. Sssh

February 9

Adriana took the kids bright and early in the morning because she loves us and we had some serious house shopping to do. We found a place that we LOVE and quite a few that weren't so great. Turns out a lot of those nice looking expensive rent houses are really crappy on the inside. A couple had either NO backyard or a very scary Spanish moss filled bug pit.

I was in a hurry to get home because I had a special date with Logan. He had the perfect suit picked out and knew exactly what dress I should wear. He even waited patiently for me to get ready! Sort of.

Logan is always so proud to go on a date with me. He hold doors open, orders my food, and offers to pay. (I give him the money) He told the girls behind the counter that he was on a date while I was getting my drink. He told them how pretty and nice his date was. They said "aaaww, who is she!?" And then they melted into sobby puddles when he said "MY MOM!!" I love him.

The nice old people we sat next to offered to take our picture.He told them he was having a special night too, and he was going to give me the booth side because it's more comfy. They also melted into puddles at his cuteness. If you have a son, take him on a date sometimes, its sort of magical. Little girls like it too, but Kendal doesn't get it yet.

February 10

Had a birthday party at the park. Loopy even came with and pushed Kendal on the swing for about an hour. I got my butt kicked by ten 3-7 yr olds in a bounce house and lived to tell the tale. They are scary in there!! I saw a sweet little blond girl stand on a little boys face. They tackled me and one started throwing punches to my head. You think your little prince/princess is just playing sweetly while you visit with grownups? Wrong. Its a mad house I tell ya!

 Look at those girls eyeballing Christopher's cake! 

Ladies man.
Happy birthday handsome!!

February 11

Submitted an application for the house we really liked on Saturday. FINGERS CROSSED!!

February 12

We got the house we wanted in Lake Mary. Let the packing/organizing/relocating begin! WOO HOO!!!

Its was a good day. Got some sun while walking with Luci and playing at the park with our littles. Kendal survived a couple fire ant bites, Logan had a 'wow' day at school. We got into the house we want. I started sorting and packing the garage and made a huge mess. More fabulous plans for tomorrow.

February 13

Yummy lunch with Luci, Mark and Mikey at Bob Evans to support Second Chance Rescue. Sadly, our afternoon walk got rained out. I could get boxes out of the attic and start packing.. I am not feeling that motivated though.

In other news, Kendal said there is a pink elephant in my pants and now I can't walk so I'll just have to stay put. There really IS a pink elephant toy in my pant leg. She wants me to stay on the couch so I don't bother her when she is playing Nick Jr. games on dad's computer.

She now carries so much stuff around with her that it requires a shopping cart. Like a bag lady. She has 2 blankets, 1 Horton, 2 Dumbos, 1 Beanie elephant, 1 little people elephant, 1 pink scuba elephant, 2 rubber elephants, 1 tiny pewter elephant from a board game, and 1 huge black elephant. Her bed is a little crowded 

February 14 

This year for Valentines day my hubby is signing a lease with me for a house in another town. He has worked his ass of for years so that we can have a family, food, and roof over our heads. Just having him here more and making an effort to balance work and family means more to me than chocolate and flowers. This month marks the beginning of our 13th year together. I am pretty sure it'll be the best one yet. ♥

Yeah, he got me a bouquet of roses, and a bouquet of balloons, and chocolates, and an awesome card. I WIN!! I cleaned out a spot for him to park in the garage and used this week's Swip Swap money to get us some take out hibachi from Sakura! Logan made Loopy a card and Kendal stole all my balloons. 

Here's a question for those of you with no kids. I understand that you don't have to clean as much and as often... BUT How do you get motivated to clean? I was sitting here, perfectly content with my coffee, blogging away, when Kendal came running across the couch to show me something. Coffee went everywhere. That means the covers came off the cushions and are in the washer, the crumbs that are normally hidden under said cushions are now vacuumed and it reminded me to make an appointment with the carpet guy. If I didn't have a 3yr old I'd still be sitting on dirty couch cushions. Yesterday Kendal dumped a cup of sweet tea on the floor that Loopy sopped up with paper towels, but its sticky. That means the kitchen will also get swept and mopped today. If it wasn't for kids my house would never get deep cleaned! I'd be incredibly lazy if my kids didn't make messes. I suppose its a glass half full kinda day.. partly because the other 1/2 the glass was spilled on the floor.

Also Kendal found a good use for the cushions while the covers were being washed. They were lily pads and we were pretending to be Elephant Frogs that say "RIBBIT HAWROOOOO" (that was supposed to be an elephant noise) We had to race across them and pick up a thing (my 'thing' was the rest of my coffee, hers was a cookie and car because our letter of the day is C) And run back before we sunk into the lake of foam. 


Thats all folks!
Happy Valentines Day from the Wroblewski Crew!!

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